The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: If you are the one, please take care of me as soon as possible

Lala-san blushed and fidgeted with her hair, avoiding eye contact.

“That’s not true. It was just a tantrum.”

I inwardly chuckled at Lala-san’s denial. She was somewhat fastidious and stubborn.

“You always intervened and protected me when I was about to be hit by Kasdar, didn’t you?”

“It was just a coincidence.”

“. . .It’s because you ate the food Kasdar left behind, saying it was a waste, that you gained weight and ate more at night, right?”

Lala-san opened her eyes in surprise.

“You noticed?”

“Yes, actually.”

I nodded.

“That’s why I reduced the amount of food and made it less flavorful for you, Lala-san. But adjusting the nutritional value was still difficult. I’m sorry.”

“D-Don’t apologize! I’m also a poor country girl, so I just don’t like wasting food. It’s not for your sake, it’s just my own selfishness.”

Lala-san dramatically crossed her arms and turned away. Her cheeks were red. I liked Lala-san’s personality of never saying “I did it for you.”

“Lala-san, you’re kind, you know that?”


“To be honest, when you and Synovidos agreed to my expulsion, it was a little hard for me. But now I understand. . .you pushed me away strictly to help me separate from Kasdar.”

And now, there’s one more thing I understand. 

After leaving me at the carriage stop, Demon King-sama came to rescue me soon after, thanks to Synovidos’ consideration. Synovidos had somehow arranged for Demon King-sama to take care of me after my expulsion.

ーーI was always protected by Lala-san and Synovidos.

“I was always saved, so. . .that’s why I didn’t mind even if Lala-san took it out on me a little. It’s just that it made me feel uncomfortable.”

“Hmph, that’s why you always get treated so well! Enough already!”

Lala-san let out a deep sigh and then looked down at her tea.


“. . .What?”

“Thank you very much.”

“I came to apologize. I don’t remember anything worth being thankful for.”

“Then forget about the thank you. I’ll use a different word.”

I tightly held Lala-san’s hand, which looked awkwardly at me.

“Please come and eat a lot again from now on. And if I have any trouble, can I rely on you?”

“Hiira. . .”

Lala-san blushed her tired cheeks and smiled confidently like she used to.

“Of course. Come and eat as much as you want. Be prepared.”


After enjoying tea together for a while, Lala-san stood up.

“Thank you for the meal. I should be going now.”

“You’re going to meet Kasdar now, right?”

“Well, yeah. I’m honestly tired of it, but I have nowhere else to go.”

Lala-san thought that, unlike me, she was a Baron’s daughter with a place to go. She was also a talented witch who graduated from the magic school in the top three.

To my surprise, as she descended the stairs, Lala-san revealed something shocking to me.

“If the party disbands, I’m destined to become a noble old man’s second wife.”

“S-Second wife?”

“Yeah. That’s why I’m clinging to the Kasdar Party and have to find my next place while there’s still glory.”

“That’s tough. . .”

“Hmph, it’s the path I chose, so I have no choice but to do it.”

Lala-san descended the stairs with a thud and turned to me with a smile.

The magic support accessories on her hair and body sparkled.

“I’ll carve out my own destiny. I won’t lose to Kasdar. I’ll find my own place like Hiira. Watch me.”


Synovidos welcomed us happily as we descended to the first floor together.

There, Lala-san stopped and looked at me.

“By the way, Hiira. What about you and Synovidos?”

“What do you mean?” 

I look at Synovidos. There is no movement from Synovidos. If there is no movement, I have no idea what kind of face is behind the mask.

Pointing to the motionless Synovidos with her thumb, Lala-san said.

“Just get together with this guy already.”

“Eeeeeh?! We don’t have that kind of relationship.”

“You mean you’re not interested in him?”

Lala-san is always pushy, and I’m happy about it, but I’m at a loss for words at her question.

“. . .That’s because I’ve always been Kasdar’s fiancée, so I never really thought about it. Um, yeah.”

“So, you’re saying there’s a chance.”

“Eh, well, but someone like me is not someone to be interested in, right?!”

“D-Don’t reject me, milady~!!”

Synovidos covered his cheeks and ran away.

Lala-san looked at Synovidos and then smiled and murmured to me.

“. . .You two really look alike.”

The air between us is soft.

The scent of freshly baked rosemary bread wafted through the air.

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