The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Drowning Man, Drowning Woman

“. . .I’m tired.”

After dancing with several people, Lala, feeling exhausted, headed alone to the beautiful balcony illuminated by moonlight. Suddenly, she saw a figure moving in the hallway.

She quickly recalled the dark color that was too plain for a young lady and the familiar color of the tuxedo.

(That person again. . .)

Kasdar was fooling around with one of the maids again.

It seemed that there was no convenient woman to take money from and send it home today. 

Lala didn’t want to see it, so she turned her back to the hallway and took a sip of champagne in her hand.

Drinks were expensive in Lala’s hometown, so she had a decent tolerance for alcohol.

After drinking the moon-melted liquor, Lala leaned on the balcony railing with un-ladylike gestures.

“Lala-san, all alone?”

A sweet voice that sounded like sugar, whipped cream, and honey mixed with melted butter.

When she looked up with a heartburning feeling, she saw Vivian, dressed in a white lacy dress. With her large chest and buttocks and needle-like high heels, she approached with a unique wriggling movement.

Lala tried to hide the champagne glass she had just chugged, but Vivian seemed to notice it immediately.

“You’re strong with alcohol. Amazing.”

“. . .You’re making fun of me, aren’t you?”

Although she knew it was jealousy, Lala felt offended by the remark from a young lady who could drink as much safe water as she wanted. 

Even with Lala’s prickly attitude, Vivian smiled with a carefree smile.

“That’s not true~. I admire you because Vivi never had alcohol before.”

“Oh, really. . .”

While talking, Lala couldn’t help feeling heartburn as she stole glances at Vivian from head to toe.

Vivian’s dress was made of delicate lace that emphasized her slender décolletage and fit her body perfectly, showcasing the extravagance of haute couture. Lala, who wore a semi-custom-made dress adjusted by hand sewing, lived in a completely different world from Vivian.

“Isn’t Vivian popular with men because she’s so skilled? I mean, there are plenty of gentlemen waiting for her even if she doesn’t laze around here with me.”

“Well, Vivi doesn’t really think about engagements or anything like that.”

“Huh? So you’re just here to make an appearance?”

“Yes ♡.”

“. . .Really, what a privileged life you have.”

Vivian is the daughter of Duke Paswest’s family. The Paswest family is a prestigious family deeply connected to the church that has produced many priests and contributes large amounts of donations every year to maintain connection with the church.

At first, it was hard to understand why such a girl from such an influential family became Kasdar’s saint at his party. But now it makes sense. Vivian is too ignorant and innocent; she lacks worldly experience. She must have been ordered to become at least one of Kasdar’s famous fiancée candidates as a dropout. 

“Lala-san, you’re doing great. I’ve been watching your dance since earlier.”

(It’s frustrating to think that a woman like her is watching me desperately trying to find a husband.)

“You don’t care about me. More importantly, Vivian, as a noble lady from a good family, shouldn’t you avoid going on a demon king castle subjugation?”

“Well, but with Saint’s talent, my father told me to do my best.”


(In other words, it’s just a game. It’s nice to be able to play as a saint.)

Lala, who was waiting desperately for a witch scout or a marriage proposal, felt empty.

“But when will Kasdar go on to the next subjugation? Before, Hiira used to urge him to go and conquer it regularly.”

“Vivi doesn’t know either.”

“Ugh. . .I’ll have another drink. I can’t stand it if I don’t drink.”

Lala headed back to the venue where light snacks were served, leaving Vivian behind. As she received champagne from the server and drank it, she noticed Kasdar’s strangely refreshed face and almost vomited.

Their eyes met. The champagne suddenly tasted bad.

“Stop it already.”

“It was perfect.”

“You’re the worst. . .by the way, when are you going to the demon king castle next? Since the embarrassing retreat last time, you’ve been hanging around at social events here.”

“Don’t rush me. I’ve already reached the demon king’s throne room and injured him, so my career is decent. Let’s take it easy until Vivian gets used to combat.”

“But. . .”

“Who are you trying to persuade, haa?” 

Kasdar looked down at Lala, and his face was instantly dyed with anger. Pierced by his murky green eyes like stagnant algae at the bottom of a river, Lala froze instinctively in fear.

“. . .I’m sorry. My bad.”

“If you’re going to talk back to my orders, I can send you back to the countryside.”

“I’m really sorry. . .I said too much. Please forgive me.”

Kasdar spat on Lala’s chest and then suddenly put on a smiling mask.

With that smile, he walked towards the young ladies, and they showed restless movements.

“Scum. . .”

Wiping off the spit on her chest, Lala’s eyes became hot with embarrassment.

She couldn’t stand being made to cry by such a man, so she took another glass of champagne and drank it all.

(But today, I’m glad it wasn’t “her” who was spat on.)

The night grows late.

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