The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Fictional Ball

“Look, Kasdar-sama.”

“You look so dignified and wonderful today too.”

“Have you been attending more social events lately?”

“I heard you have been appointed to the Royal Guard next season. Isn’t finding a new fiancée more important than defeating the Demon King now?”

“That’s right. Especially since the previous unremarkable fiancé is gone.”

The hall was filled with glamorous chandeliers, sparkling high-end leather sofas, glasswork and jewels scattered throughout, and an orchestra playing popular music in a sea of light.

Gentlemen and ladies before marriage were all dressed in magnificent costumes, and tonight’s banquet was being held.

Every time Kasdar walked, the shining eyes of women in evening dresses gathered on him. The silver-haired blue-eyed prince responded to their gazes with a glance, as if giving them what they wanted. The ladies each let out a hot breath behind their fans.

“. . .You’re very popular, Kasdar.”

Lala muttered in a disgusted voice next to Kasdar.

“Of course. I’m already a free man without a fiancée.”

Kasdar, dressed in a pale high-end tuxedo, laughed through his nose. Lala felt like she wanted to complain, knowing how much of a scumbag this man was, and yet everyone was giving him admiring glances. But thanks to her title as a witch of the Kasdar Party, she couldn’t complain about being able to participate in the capital’s ball like this.

“Well then, I’ll go have fun with the ladies. You just enjoy yourself without causing any trouble, okay? 

“Without causing any trouble? Hiira is not here anymore.”

“You’re so annoying, shut up.”

Kasdar dismissed her with his chin and headed towards the young ladies with his polite smile and demeanor.

Lala watched his unnecessarily dashing back with a sense of disbelief.

“Geez, he may look good, but he’s trash on the inside.”

(I was once infatuated with him for about three days, dazzled by his appearance, polite smile, and status. But now, that time feels like a dark history.)

Lala switched her feelings and headed towards the table where light snacks were placed. She wore a black dress that emphasized her ample cleavage, with accessories resembling stardust scattered in her proud bright red hair. She had applied eyeshadow and glitter on her décolletage and hands, and wore thin anklets that swayed with every step like silk threads.

Lala was dressed up to the nines. Thanks to Kasdar, she stood out too, so she wrapped herself in the latest fashion to avoid looking inferior even slightly.

She also calculated that being a little too flashy for men’s taste would prevent other women from seeing her as a rival for Kasdar’s affection and help attract male attention to secure marriage.

(If I’m with Kasdar, I can’t afford to be seen as his plaything like Hiira.)

The young noblemen’s gazes were entwined with Lala’s every move.

(Please notice me. Invite me to dance skillfully and propose to me.)

Lala murmured in her heart with a prayer-like feeling while tilting the champagne glass handed to her by the server, conscious of the gazes.

Kasdar seemed to have started dancing with a flashy busty beauty right away. 

(I wonder if she’s going to play with fire tonight. No way, right?)

Please don’t cause any trouble and damage the honor of the Kasdar Party.

While hoping for that, Lala waited for a gentleman to invite her to dance.

――Lala is the child of Baron Stavicute’s mistress. However, her father made a mistake in his business by expanding too much and had a considerable amount of debt. Therefore, he forcibly married off Lala to an older nobleman as a stepmother, hoping to use it to raise money.

It was no joke for Lala.

So, she polished her magical skills, won scholarships, achieved top-class grades as a witch, and received a grace period until her 19th birthday, which her father had set as a deadline, to spend as a witch of the Kasdar Party.

――But that’s only half a year away now.

Lala wants to get a job as a noble family’s exclusive witch or engage with a nobleman while she still has the honor of being a witch of the Kasdar Party.

“Baron Stavicute’s daughter, Lala-dono. Have you decided on your partner for tonight?”

Suddenly spoken to, Lala made a shy smile on the angle where her mole, which she prides as her charm point, is visible and looked up with a shy expression.

“I am Listok Count’s third son, Tova. Would you like to dance with me?” 

A man with amber hair dressed in the attire of a palace guard approached her. He had a gentle demeanor, but his eyes were filled with the pride and confidence of a noble.

“With pleasure, Tova-sama.”

Lala heard the bell of the match ringing in her heart as she was led to the hall with a smile.

(Oh Tova-sama, please take me away like this. Fell in love at first sight, please.)

She danced the waltz while making her wish.

As Tova struck a pose that seemed reluctant to leave, another prince came running towards Lala.

It was busy, but it was a serious match for Lala. 

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