The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 25

The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Praise

His profile after drawing out the Holy Sword was dignified and there was not a trace of unreliability.

The aura of a seasoned veteran, the grace of a strong person.

Even as a novice in swordsmanship, I could feel the atmosphere surrounding him.

The Holy Sword shone as if pulsating.

There is no mistaking his current appearance.

Truly the appearance of a hero, one chosen by the heavens.

Zion-kun sheathed the Holy Sword.


Suddenly, he began apologizing in a loud voice.

“I broke one of the Knight Order’s equipment! I’ll make reparations, I promise! But I don’t have much money! I’ll do anything, just spare my life!”


The dignified appearance just a moment ago was nowhere to be found.

The atmosphere changed as if he was a completely different person when he drew out the Holy Sword than when he was his usual self.

“Calm down, Zion. I gave the order. There’s no need for you to compensate, and besides, a wooden sword is a consumable item anyway.”

“S-So, I don’t need to make reparations?”

“That’s what I said. Geez, sorry for the trouble, everyone, and thank you for your cooperation.”

The knights bowed their heads in gratitude to His Highness.

The profiles of the knights looked a little regretful.

Everyone went back to their respective training.

“Then, I’ll be going too…”

“You stay.”


He is grabbed by the nape of his neck and freezes up like a cat.


“It’s not ‘why.’ I told you I came to scout you.”

“A-And I joined the Order!”

“That’s not what I’m talking about. This is a new matter. I want to borrow your power.”

His Highness extends his hand to Zion-kun.

A request from His Highness directly.

If it were me, I would gladly take his hand.

“W-What are you going to make me do?”

However, he is cautious.

Or rather, he seems to be doubting himself too much out of fear.

“It’s a survey of a certain ruin. There is a limit to the number of people who can participate. Since we don’t know what kind of dangers there are, we are gathering people who are skilled and trustworthy.”

“T-Then  I’m not a good fit. I’m weak and like this.”

“Listen…don’t call yourself weak. Then, were all the knights you fought weak?”

“N-No, that’s not it! I think everyone trained harder and is stronger than me.”

“Well, they’re not weak. If you say that you, who defeated them, are weak, then it’s disrespectful to them, right?”

“Uh…I’m sorry.”

It’s rare for His Highness to lecture someone.

Looking at the downcast Zion-kun, I suddenly feel the urge to comfort him.

“Anyway, you’re strong enough to say that you should be more confident! Have some self-awareness! You’re a hero!”

“Even if you say that…”

“Having awareness is difficult.”


Unexpectedly, what I was thinking in my head slipped out of my mouth.

The two of them focus their gazes on me.

“Oh, sorry! I spoke out of turn.”

“No, it’s fine. You should speak your mind. Especially in front of me, don’t hold back.”

“Yes, um…I think you don’t have self-awareness because you don’t have self-confidence. I’ve been… I’ve been like that for a long time. I used to think, “Why can’t I do this?”

I’ve been compared to my sister, who can do everything flawlessly.

More often than not, I can’t do it.

My sister is excellent, and I’m a failure.

That difference has been shoved in my face constantly.

I never thought I could be proud of the only Rune Magic I could do.

“Recently, I finally gained confidence. His Highness praised me for doing something amazing, and I was able to produce results… Thanks to His Highness, I was able to think about what I could do.”

“I haven’t done anything, though. I just gave you a word of encouragement.”

“That was important to me. Surely, Zion-kun feels the same way.”


I look at Zion-kun.

My face reflects in his beautiful emerald green eyes.

It’s a strange feeling.

Me, being able to comfort others or convey something…

“It’s good to be praised a lot. If you show something amazing, work hard, and get recognition for it… You will surely gain confidence. It was like that for me.”



I am surprised by the words that leaked out of Zion-kun’s mouth.

“W-Well, I didn’t mean it in a weird way, I meant it from the heart!”

“My heart?”

“Yes. I can see your heart… You’re the first person I’ve seen with such a beautiful heart.”

“My heart is…”


I wonder what he sees.

I have never imagined something as formless as a heart.

But being praised for it rather than my appearance…

“Thank you, Zion-kun.”

It feels good to be praised for my heart.

I wish I could see it too.

I wanted to know how I looked to those beautiful eyes.

“I-I’ll do it!”


“Oh, did you suddenly get motivated?”

“Yes! Well, I… I also hated myself like this and wanted to change. That’s why His Highness told me to join the knight order…”

“Oh, I see.”

His Highness looks at Zion-kun with a gentle eye.

What was Zion-kun doing before joining the knight order?

“If there’s something I can do, I’ll work hard! So, if it goes well…I want you to praise me.”

“Oh, I’ll give you plenty of praise. I’m expecting great things from you too.”

“Y-Yes, sir!”

I hear a lively response.

“From now on, please take care of me, Zion-kun.”

“Yes! T-Thank you very much! I-I’ll do my best!”

Today, I met the hero.

It’s still a long way off before he can truly be called a hero.

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