The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 26

The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: That question, I’m confused!

“Z-Zion. Nice to meet you!”

“It’s the second time, isn’t it?”

“Nice to meet you.”

Zion-kun bows deeply towards us.

Zion-kun has joined us as a member of the ruins exploration team.

We moved to the reception room in the Order’s barracks and explained the situation to him face to face.

“Zion, you’ll be joining us to investigate the ruins.”

“Yes. Um, is it the ruins of Laurier?”

“No, we’ve already finished with that one. Thanks to the excellent Rune Magician beside me, we were able to discover a new ruin.”

“Meiana-san found a new ruin? T-That’s amazing!”

Zion-kun straightens his back and praises me.

His Highness also looks proud.

Even though I have experienced it many times, the feeling of superiority from being called excellent never gets old.

Especially when it comes from two people who are truly talented, it’s bigger than when someone else says it.

“W-Well, does this have anything to do with the Order moving around in the royal castle?”

“Oh, you finally noticed. That’s correct. The ruins are located underground beneath the royal castle and the entrance was found by Meiana. You can descend from the fountain in the courtyard.”

“The fountain? I see. Even though I go there often, I didn’t realize it.”

“Me neither.”

“It was hidden by runes. Also, the fountain was big, so you wouldn’t notice the runes on the bottom unless you observe it carefully and with intent.”

Ordinary people would just think it was some kind of pattern.

I was able to notice it because I was familiar with runes and touched them regularly.

His Highness explains further.

The stone tablet of Laurier described the location where the Demon God was sealed and the possibility that it would be revived in due course.

That ruin is located at the end of the fountain.

The entrance is heavily guarded and difficult to destroy or unlock in time.

The right to enter and leave is only held by the four bracelets with runes engraved on them.

“Your Highness, Me-Meiana-san will also participate, right?”

“Yes, of course.”

“I’ll do my best not to be a burden.”

“I-I see.”

He mutters a small “thank goodness”.

Zion-kun seemed relieved to hear that we would be together and showed it in his expression.

And notice.

“Um, what about the other person…?”

His Highness and I look at each other and then back at Zion-kun.

“It’s not decided yet. It’s just the three of us at the moment.”

“I-I see…”

“Yeah, we still need one more person.”

His Highness puts his hand on his chin and takes a posture of thinking.

He must be thinking of someone other than Zion-kun, but it doesn’t seem to come to mind immediately.

It’s understandable that there aren’t many talented people beyond the Hero.

“The last one should also be a capable person. We already have two magicians. If it’s going to be a sealed relic of the Demon God, there’s a high possibility that demon beasts are living there. We need someone to fight with Zion…”

“How about recruiting from the Knight Order?”

I suggest a safe opinion to His Highness.

The people from the Knight Order know Zion-kun and are trained hard every day.

I’m sure we can find the right person for the job, but His Highness’s reaction was subtle.

“Not bad, but the Order is troublesome in various ways. Zion is an exception.”

“What do you mean by troublesome?”

“Well, you know. The knight order is an organization that protects the kingdom, and they’re not my direct subordinates. The right to give orders is held by the royal family and ministers. Zion is not a problem because I brought him, but there is a person who’ll make a fuss if I personally recruit other members.”

The prince shook his head with a sigh.

I tilted my head.

I understand that the Order does not belong to His Highness alone.

However, His Highness has the right to give orders, and investigating the ruins is one of the important missions.

If the Demon God is sealed there, I think it’s also the knight order’s job to prevent a crisis before it happens.

I wonder who His Highness meant by the person who makes a fuss.

It feels different from the king.

If that’s the case, it’s someone from the same royal family, perhaps the prince’s older brother…

“For now, let me contact a few people. The two of you will have to wait during that time. Sorry about that.”



“I’m sorry. I forgot and needed to attend a meeting with the knight’s order as soon as possible. Can you wait here for me? It should be over in about twenty minutes.”

His Highness stands up looking busy.

“Understood. I’ll wait here.”

“Sorry about that. Well, it’s a good opportunity for you two to talk and get to know each other.”


His Highness waves his hand lightly and quickly leaves the reception room.

He’s still as busy as ever.

As a highly skilled magician himself, he is counted as one of the valuable forces for the kingdom.

He also occasionally participates in the knight’s order mission.

That must be what these meetings are for.

Now then…

With His Highness gone, silence envelops the reception room where only the two of us are left.

Just the two of us in a large room.

Sitting opposite each other across the table, we can see each other’s faces when we look forward.

Though His Highness suggested talking, I myself am not very good at conversation.

Especially with someone of the opposite sex and with an age difference.

Zion-kun is probably shy too.

He looks nervous and uneasy.

As an older sister figure, I thought I should do something to lighten the mood…

“Oh, um!”

Just as I was thinking that, Zion-kun unexpectedly called out to me.

Summoning his courage.

Although I was a little surprised, I wanted to give a solid response since he had beaten me to it.

What’s wrong?

“Um, Me-Meiana-san, why is your heart so…beautiful?”


The question he asked was very difficult to answer.

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