The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Monster Battle

Eliana takes on the form of a dragon. The black dragon opens its jaws wide.

[Papa didn’t do anything wrong!]

I thought he was going to breathe out a breath, but then she spoke.

I’m strangely impressed that she can talk even in dragon form, but I’m convinced that it’s only natural since Laseid can talk in dragon form too.

Eliana cries and runs all over the garden like a spoiled child.

The trees around her are falling down, and the wind is howling.



Bern quickly holds me up to protect me.

“Bernhardt! Mariel! Get on.”

Bern and I jump onto Laseid’s back as Laseid changes into his ancient elemental dragon form.

Laseid flies upward to escape the rampaging Eliana, and we see Eliana rise into the sky in pursuit.

“Laseid, don’t fly as fast as you can. Just fly as fast as she can keep up. We’ll lure her into the middle of nowhere and catch her.”

“I know. Don’t tell me what to do.”

I’m impressed. I’ve always thought they were both selfish boys.

“Why doesn’t Eliana use her breath? If she hit Laseid-sama off, it would be easy to catch up with us.”

“Hey! Are you trying to kill me? Well, I’m the strongest dragon in the world, and no dragon can match me.”

“What about Layleigh-san?”


He’s at a loss for words. I guess even Laseid is no match for his wife.

After a while, Laseid begins to speculate about Eliana’s magic.

“She seems to be able to trace any kind of magic, but I doubt she can duplicate the dragon’s abilities. And since she hasn’t used any other magic, she can only use the magic she most recently copied.”

“If Laseid’s guess is correct, then in my first life, Eliana copied the sacred magic from someone else and became a saint.

“If there’s a risk of being copied, it’s probably best not to use magic. Then we would have to physically capture the girl…”

Bern crosses his arms and ponders.

It’s hard for humans to physically capture that giant body…

Suddenly, looking down at the ground, you can see unexplored land.

It’s not likely to cause any damage there.

Laseid seems to have had the same thought and descended into the land.


The two giants are grappling right in front of us.

Laseid, an ancient elemental dragon, and Eliana, in dragon form. It’s like watching a monster movie.

Bern made a plan on the way down here.

[Only the same dragon can physically restrain them. So, Laseid, I’m asking you.]

[What, you’re just going to leave it up to me?! The little girl is here because of you!]

I cast a spell on Laseid, who is angered by Bern’s commanding tone.

[Laseid-sama, please. In exchange, I will give you a year’s supply of macaroons.]

[All right! I’ll take care of it!]

Phew! That was easy. I know Laseid has a sweet tooth.

Bern and I hid behind a rock and watched the fight between Laseid and Eliana.

“Hey, Bern… Can’t we let Viscount Rattleyer and Eliana get together for a bit?”

“Not at the moment. But Viscount Rattleyer is a noble of the Kingdom of Kalkstein. We cannot punish him here, so he will be repatriated to the Kingdom of Kalkstein. Also, there’s the question of whether he can or cannot meet his family upon his return to his homeland.”

The charge against Viscount Rattleyer is treason. He will probably be sentenced to death.

When a nobleman is condemned to death in our country, he is given a [death with honor], but in reality, it’s a death by poisoning. The poison is taken in the presence of the executioner.

And you won’t see your family until the day before your execution.

” …Yes.”

I felt a little sorry for Eliana, even though I had suffered so much in my first life.

As I turned my gaze back to the two giants, something unusual happened.

When Laseid swung his sharp claws at Eliana, her form was distorted, and she turned from dragon to human again.

“Watch out!”

I found myself taking action.

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