The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Eliana’s attack

Eliana is to return to the Kingdom of Kalkstein tomorrow morning.

Even if she returns home, the Viscounts of Rattleyer will be arrested, and she and her mother will be forced to live on the streets.

By the way, Bern and Laseid didn’t understand me when I used the word “raid” to them.

It is commonly used in Japanese detective dramas, but it is a cryptic word that does not exist in this world.

A raid is “a search under official authority.” I explained it to them.

After Viscount Rattleyer was taken away, I couldn’t sleep well, so I went for a walk in the gardens and met Bern and Laseid.

They were discussing something in the gazebo, and Laseid beckoned me over when he noticed my presence.

“Oh! Mariel. What’s the matter? Can’t sleep? Is my little boy with you?”

“I couldn’t sleep. Ruria was already asleep; I didn’t want to wake him, so I quietly slipped out.”

I left Ruria and the others in their room; only Blanc, who is nocturnal, stayed behind.

“Marie, sit down. I’ll bring you some hot tea.”

Bern pats his neighbor with his hand. He wants me to sit down next to him. I do as he asks and sit down next to Bern.

“You must be tired today. After a cup of tea, go back to your room and rest.”

“I’m too agitated to sleep.”

I’m agitated from all the things I’ve been through tonight, but that’s the only time I can’t sleep. When I was Marie, I couldn’t sleep when I was agitated or nervous. I couldn’t sleep before excursions or school trips because I was too stressed.

“We’re getting engaged in three days, right? You’d better get some sleep, or it’ll be bad for your beauty and all that.”

“Does Laseid take care of his skin before going to bed?”

Does Laseid take care of his skin before bed? Some men take care of their beauty too. I hate to break it to you, but it’s a dragon, not a man.

“No. Layleigh often says that lack of sleep is the enemy of beauty.”

“Oh, if it’s Layleigh-san, that makes sense!

Suddenly, the shade of a nearby tree rustles.

“Who’s there?!”

Bern shouts into the trees. Someone is lurking.

“It’s me, the crown prince. Princess Mariel. I’m here to ask you a favor!”

It was Eliana who emerged from the shade of a tree.

“Oh, it’s you. I thought I told the servants not to let you out of your room. Oh, you’ve shapeshifted.”

Eliana can turn into a bird. She probably turned into a bird through the window, flew away, and came here.

Just as I thought, Eliana showed up again; I had a vague feeling of that.

“You are not allowed to enter the palace. But I will overlook it if you return to the inn now.”

“I’m not leaving! Please! Please let me see my Papa! I want to see my Papa!”

Eliana cries despite Bern’s warning. I’ve never seen Eliana’s genuine tears before.

“No! Viscount Rattleyer… your father committed a crime. I will not allow you to see him, even if you are his family.”

“That’s a lie! My father has done nothing wrong!”

Eliana believes that Viscount Rattleyer was arrested for a crime he did not commit. It’s a heartbreaking cry.

“It is not a lie. Viscount Rattrayer has admitted his guilt. Now, I’ll have you escorted back to your lodgings, and you can go home.”

“…I’m asking so much, yet you…”

Eliana is looking down and shaking her fist.

The next moment, Eliana’s body trembles, and in a flash, she is transformed.

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