The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 34

Chapter 34: the hand creeps up on Mariel

After an audience with the emperor and his family, we had dinner together.

While I enjoy the exotic tastes, which are different from the cuisine of the Kingdom of Kalkstein, His Highness Reinhardt, who is sitting diagonally opposite, looks at me curiously.

We’re a little overzealous, aren’t we?

“What did sister-in-law Mariel like about my brother that made her get engaged to him?”

“Sister-in-law? Aren’t you a little quick-tempered?

What did I like about Bern?

I can’t just say It just happened. Well, what can I say?”

“As his younger brother, I think he’s good-looking and smart, but he has a flawed personality.”

I think it’s normal to lift your family up, but you’re too honest, brother.

“I’m sorry for my brother, Marie. Just ignore him. he’s an idiot.”

“His Highness Bernhardt makes me feel safe.”

Although he makes a terrible first impression and is an egoist, Bern is quite easy to get along with.

Ruria and Luna are very fond of him. There is not a bad person who likes Fluffy… I think.

“Being with my brother makes you feel safe? I get it.”

He is impressed by something.

His Highness Reinhardt smiles.

“You’ve found a good, if rather odd, match, brother. Sister-in-law Mariel, please take my brother to the end of the rainbow.”

At the end of the rainbow is used incorrectly. It is a place where deceased pets wait for their owners.

“Reinhardt… that’s a long time to say that.”

“What! Aren’t rainbows glorious?”

Reinhardt, you are either a genius or, as Bern says, an idiot. It’s a fine line between the two…


Today, as soon as I arrived in the Cryptarion Empire, I had an audience with the Emperor and his family and had dinner with them, among many other things that made me tired.

It’s probably mainly fatigue.

Tired but unable to sleep, I decided to take a walk with Ruria and the others through the gardens of the Crown Prince’s Palace.

I got permission from Bern to go for a walk with my Fluffy friends.

Today is a full moon, so it is light at night.

The moon hovers over the ornately carved fountain.

“It’s a bluish moon. It’s beautiful.”

I look into the fountain, and suddenly the image of a girl appears on the bluish moon.

I look up and at the same time, Ruria and the others suddenly start roaring.

“Ki ~yu!”



The girl smiles gracefully.

Good evening, Lady Rozenstone. It’s a lovely evening.

No way?!

She may look young, but I recognized her face.

Golden brown hair, violet eyes.

” Eliana?”

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