The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Audience with the Emperor

The palaces of the Crotalion Empire have the shape of a bird spreading its wings, with perfect symmetry.

Is this type of architecture called Baroque? I don’t know…

The magnificent castle is quite different from the fairy-tale castles of the Kalkstein Kingdom.

Both countries are big, but for some reason, you can feel the difference in national power.

The decoration is made of… Is it real gold?

“It’s real. Do you want gold?”

Bern’s voice brings me back to myself. I was so taken by the palace’s beauty that it came out in my voice.

“Did I say that out loud?”

“Yes. Does Marie like that kind of decoration?”

“I think it’s pretty, but frankly, I don’t like it.”

Japanese castles are my favorite.

“Well, let’s rebuild it to Marie’s liking.”

“Kidding. I think it’s a very majestic and nice palace.”

Perhaps because I glossed over it, the grammar has become strange.

“You’re kidding. Well, that’s not really my thing, either. But you see the outer court at the front; the royal quarters are further back. The place where Grandduke Rosenstone and his family are staying has been prepared for them in the Crown Prince’s Palace.”

“The Crown Prince’s Palace.”

Foreign guests usually have their own palaces.

“The palace for foreign guests is far from the Crown Prince’s Palace. It’s inconvenient to go and see Marie.”

“… Why don’t you just use your signature transfer magic?”

He can use transfer magic as far away as the kingdom of Kalkstein. I’m sure he can do the same in his own palace.

“The wards of the first empress, who was a saint, are still active to this day in places in this palace. If you use magic carelessly, you’ll be blown away.”

“But Bern has always used transfer magic to go to the Grand Dukes of Rozenstone, hasn’t he?”

“I did say in places, didn’t I? The wards of the Crown Prince’s Palace have broken a long time ago.”

“Did he… The first empress won’t be happy. That her descendants have broken the wards, she worked so hard to establish.


After resting briefly and being shown the room prepared for me in the Crown Prince’s Palace, I went with my parents to the audience hall to have an audience with the emperor.

Since my unveiling as Bern’s fiancée will take place after the engagement party, only the Emperor’s family and Grandduke Rosenstone’s family will be present today.

When I was led into the audience hall, the emperor and his family were already seated on their thrones.

I’ll glance at the Emperor’s family as I make my way to his presence.

In the center of the throne sits Crotalion Emperor Klaus III. Bern’s father, the emperor, is more of a military man than a regent.

The dark-haired beauty sitting next to the emperor is Empress Rosaline, Bern’s mother.

The two standing behind the Emperor are Bern and the Second Prince Reinhardt. I’m sure Bern told me that His Highness Reinhardt is the same age as me. A fool? He looks very much like Bern and seems very wise…

As Granddukes and relatives of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Kalkstein we are still of lower rank than the royal family, so our family must show our utmost courtesy.

“Raise your head, Grand Duke and Duchess, and Princess Mariel, you have traveled far to see us.”

The Emperor’s baritone voice echoes through the audience chamber.

Will Bern sound like this in the future?

“Your Majesty. I thank you for the invitation.”

A few words are exchanged as a matter of courtesy, and then the Emperor chuckles.

“It has been a long time. Rudolph. I never thought your daughter and my son would get married one day.”

“You never know where you’ll find a connection.”

Otoo-sama’s tone suddenly turns casual.

Do they know each other?

I turned to Bern, and he shrugged his shoulders. It seemed that Bern had never heard of it before either.

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