The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Who started the fire?

When I was Marie Setouchi, I had no recollection of Mariel.

But, for some reason, I have memories of the first Mariel and Setouchi Marie in my second life as young Mariel.

Marie didn’t put all her money into surprises for her grandparents, but she divide it between her monthly [Fluff Love Day] expenses and her one and only hobby, which she kept separate from her savings.

“It’s dangerous, Luna; stay away; Ruria, look after Luna.”


I’m building a bonfire in the fireplace.

The reason I’m building a bonfire is that I’m practicing to camp outdoors.

“You’ve started doing strange things again, haven’t you?”

Prince Bernhardt, who has come to visit as usual today, calls out to me from behind.

“I’m just practicing my bonfire skill.”

“In the fireplace?”

If you make a bonfire outdoors, it will be mistaken for a forest fire because of the smoke.

The last thing we need is Sofia nagging at me.

“This is the safest place.”

Even if a bonfire is lit indoors, carbon monoxide poisoning is unlikely because the smoke from a fireplace is exhausted through the chimney.

“Why are you even practicing bonfires?”


When I was Marie, my only hobby was camping.

And I camped alone, as in “solo camping.”

My grandfather advised me to sleep in the car because camping in the wilderness alone was dangerous for a woman, but that was the whole point of camping.

I slept in a sleeping bag wrapped in a tent.

“Camping? Will you be a soldier in the future? “

Camping is not common here; instead, tents are pitched as part of an expedition.

“No, sir, it’s for my own pleasure.”

Being in nature, cooking your own food, and spending as much time as possible playing with your fluffy friends…this is what I call the slow life!

For starters, I intend to go solo camping in the woods with Ruria and my other fluffy friends.

“Hey, would you like to go camping with me? I can pitch a tent.”

“Why does the Crown Prince have to learn how to pitch a tent?”

“I may one day stand on the battlefield as army commander.”

The Crown Prince as commander?

“Don’t tell me you’re going into battle as a child?”

“No, maybe when I reach the age of majority, but as the crown prince, I might be able to witness some real combat in the rear guard.”

I was curious as to why the Crown Prince was fighting in the Third Battle of Kureina. It makes sense if that’s the case.

“The Kingdom of Kalkstein and the Empire of Crotalion have been at odds for many years; they are currently at peace, but it is possible that they will become enemies sooner or later.”

“…Yes. My father, on the other hand, advocates friendship with Kalkstein. And…because Kalkstein has Mariel, I’m with my father. I don’t want to cause any problems.”

“…For me… you don’t sound like a rival country’s crown prince.”

The Crotalion Empire’s current emperor has no intention of starting a war with the Kalkstein Kingdom. So, who started the conflict in the first place?

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