The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: I Have the Dragon

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I’m still not sure why I was reborn as Mariel again.

Is God playing a prank on me?

To be honest, the first Mariel Rozenstone was the worst “villainess” there ever was.”

She was blonde, blue-eyed, and stunning, but she was also an abuser, an attempted murderer, and a total jerk.

She was not deserving of God’s mercy.

True, it was planned that way…

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by the vicious Saint Eliana.

The Grand Dukes of Rozenstein are an aristocratic family from the Kingdom of Kalkstein, one of the continent’s two largest kingdoms.

I was born as the Grand Dukes’ only daughter, and at the age of six, I, Mariel, was betrothed to Edward, the kingdom’s first prince.

The reason for this is because I am Okaa-sama’s daughter.

Okaa-sama is a great magician and the Kingdom of Kalkstein’s chief court magician.

When I was six years old in my first life, war broke out with another great power, the Crotalion Empire. Many wars have been fought between the Crotalion Empire and the Kingdom of Kalkstein over the years.

Okaa-sama offered to join the army as the leader of the logistical support magician corps.

During the war, however, Okaa-sama was killed while protecting a boy who was being attacked by demons in the forest.

Fortunately, this incident resulted in the end of the Third Battle of Cryna.

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Because the boy Okaa-sama saved was Bernhardt, the Crotalion Empire’s Crown Prince.

Peace was initiated by none other than the Emperor of the Crotalion Empire.

The Third Battle of Cryna ended with the two countries signing a peace treaty at Cryna, the war’s final battlefield.

The female heroine who brought peace between the two countries. The great magician who saved the enemy country’s crown prince.

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“Cryna’s miracle” became a word of praise for Okaa-sama.

The daughter (I) of Okaa-sama was the perfect match for Prince Edward, who would eventually become the Crown Prince of Kalkstein. The engagement was set up by royal decree.

Shift your focus Leave the situation, turn around, walk out of the room, or go outside. Dehorty suggests doing this exercise to give yourself more time to make better decisions. “When we are anxious or angry, we do not think clearly; we engage in survival thinking.” This is fine if our lives are in danger, but if they aren’t, we want our best thinking, not our survival instincts,” he adds. Have a centered object. When you’re anxious or angry, you expend a lot of energy on irrational thoughts. Find a “centering object,” such as a small stuffed animal, a polished rock you keep in your pocket, or a locket you wear around your neck, when you’re calm.

But, despite being Okaa-sama’s daughter, I didn’t have much magical power.

That’s how I got the moniker, [Princess Clunker].”

“Aren’t villainies supposed to have high-spec abilities?”

“What did you say, Princess?”

Sofia, the maid, looks puzzled as she places a pitcher of water on the bedside table.

“Nothing—by the way, Sofia, why am I holding?”

I just woke up, and I have an egg-shaped object in my hands. Something the size of a grown-up’s fist.

“Well, the princess refused to let go, so Her Highness (Madame) asked to leave it where it is because it must be very important to the princess.”

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It’s a lovely blue-colored stone, but for some reason it’s warm.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been holding it, but it’s getting warmer and warmer.

As I watched it closely, a crack appeared.

The crack grew larger and larger until it finally broke.


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Something comes out of the stone. No. Something hatched?!

Sofia goes to call Okaa-sama after being startled by the sudden birth of something.

I was stunned until Okaa-sama appeared.

Upon observing the creature, Okaa-sama has her hand on her cheek, pondering something.

“Dragon… I wonder?”

Okaa-sama concludes by looking at what I’m holding.

What I was holding was apparently a dragon egg?!


The tiny dragon tilted its head.

Visualize yourself being calm. This tip requires you to put the breathing techniques you’ve learned into practice. Close your eyes and visualize yourself calm after taking a few deep breaths. Visualize your body relaxed, and imagine yourself navigating a stressful or anxiety-inducing situation by remaining calm and focused. You can refer back to your mental image of what it looks like to stay calm when you’re anxious. 6. Give it some thought Have a mantra ready to use in stressful situations. Just make sure it’s one you’ll find useful. “Will this matter to me this time next week?” says Dehorty. or “How significant is this?” or “Am I going to let this person/situation steal my peace?” This allows the mind to shift focus and allows you to “reality test” the situation. “When we are anxious or angry, we become hyper-focused on the source of our anxiety or anger, and rational thoughts leave our mind.” “These mantras allow us to allow rational thought to return and lead to a better outcome,” Dehorty explains.


The blue body of the kitten-sized dragon is complemented by ears shaped like angel wings. His wings are still small. He also has lovely, dull eyes.

The tiny dragon rubs against me and pampers me.

“Arara—does he think Mariel is his mother?”

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It’s known as imprinting. It’s the moment when you recognize the first thing you see as your parents.”


In any case, he’s adorable. I’m still a little girl, but I’m beginning to feel maternal love.

Well, I have the memory of having lived here for 18 years and on Earth for 25 years, so I’m mentally an adult…

“I want to raise this child, Okaa-sama!”

I’ve become a little possessive.

“It’s insane to raise dragons!” I expected her to say that, but―

“Well… He’s still a baby. It appears to be a rare type of dragon, and if we release him, he will just be hunted down. Alright. Let’s do it.”

Under certain conditions, I may raise this tiny dragon.

“I have to name him… Uh-um—how about Ruria?”


I’m not sure if it’s a boy or a girl. It sounds like a girl’s name, but Ruria sounded happy despite the fact that his name sounds like a girl’s name.

Thus, I got the dragon I wished for.

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