The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 0



My hands and feet are cold.

I can feel my body losing heat.

That’s right. I was involved in a car accident.

Today was my monthly “love your fluffy fluffy day (pet cafe), but I’ve been extremely unlucky.

My consciousness is fading.

Am I gonna die soon? I don’t want to die…

It’s so aggravating… My dream was about to be fulfilled next month.

Aah! Damn it!

If I’m reincarnated, I want to have a dog, a cat, and an owl!

And a dragon would be fantastic!

Eh? A dragon?

Why does a dragon appear in a dying wish?

That’s where I lost consciousness.

Something wet is dripping down my cheek.

“Mari… Marie… Mariel!”

A gentle tap on the cheek.

It’s too loud.

“Open your eyes! Please!”

I just died. Just let me rest in peace.

“…My lovely daughter, wake up.”

My lovely daughter? Me? Is that my parents screaming at me?

No way. My Japanese parents are toxic. They’d never say something like that.

I haven’t seen my parents for years.

But did they come running when they heard their daughter had died?


“What?! Did you hear that?!”



Mariel? Who’s that?

My name is Marie.

But I remember hearing it somewhere.

Where did I hear it?

Oh, I remember!

Mariel Rozenstone!

But that was my previous name before I was reborn as Marie Setouchi of Japan.

My life as Mariel is over…

With trepidation, I lift my heavy eyelids.

The first thing I see is a familiar face.

“Go get Rezerotta; Mariel’s regained consciousness!”

Mariel… In other words, this is Archduke Rudolf Rozenstone, my father.

He’s much younger than I recall.

The last time I saw him, he was only thirty-eight years old, but his blond hair had turned gray and his face had aged, giving him the appearance of an old man.

His blue eyes were wet with tears as he looked at me anxiously.

“Where is Mariel?!”

“Oh, Rezerotta! Mariel is awake.”

“Mariel. My lovely daughter. Thank god.”

A beautiful lady with straight golden hair and green eyes embraces me. This is my mother, Rezerotta.


Wait? When I was six years old, as Mariel, my mother died.

That means…

No way?!

“How old am I now?”

I hear a small voice. That’s coming from my mouth.

“Mariel just turned five—today is your birthday.”

I knew it!

“Huh! You don’t think Mariel has amnesia?!”

“Calm down, honey; she’s simply confused; she fell from a great height.”

It’s my father who is confused.

Is it true that I fell from a great height?

In that regard, I can see the Grand Duchy of Rozenstone’s castle from down the cliff.

How did I survive? Oh that’s right, thanks to my mother.

“Because Mariel didn’t wake up even after you used your healing magic.”

“Even if I use healing magic, it doesn’t mean she’ll wake up right away.”

That’s the final confirmation.

I died as Marie Setouchi and reincarnated as Mariel Rozenstone “again”.

And time travels back to a five-year-old girl…

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