The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 59

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The Kingdom of Laminbo is experiencing peace as a result of Alesia’s proposed mission.

Because they still don’t know what they get, the Kingdom of Farrill is hesitant to cause trouble with the allies.

In each country, only a few people are aware of the healing properties of the silk cloth. If the information spreads, the suspects will be limited. Nobody wants to miss out on the miracle cloth’s benefits for themselves or their families. As a result, the secret was closely guarded.

Alesia reached the age of adulthood in this country when she turned fifteen. Her highness Edna, who was the same age as her, married the second prince of the kingdom of Balwala shortly after turning fifteen. It is said that some in the Kingdom of Balwala objected to the marriage to the poor Kingdom of Laminbo, despite the fact that they were blood relatives, because it was not in their best interests.

However, following the delegation’s visit, the Balwala’s royal family overruled all such objections.

“Having a second prince’s wife from Laminbo is a great blessing for our country.” The King stated this publicly. And Princess Edna is said to be cherished.

Princess Edna addressed a letter to Alesia.

[I am very well taken care of by the people around me, thanks to Alesia-chan. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful gift. As a small token of my gratitude, I’m sending you a dress and some accessories from a popular Balwala store. I’m overjoyed that I can finally provide Alesia-chan with some accessories!]

Dresses, shoes, and accessories that look like they cost a lot are sent to the farm by the Prime Minister.

“I’m grateful and happy, but I have no idea where I’m supposed to wear this…”

Alesia was asked by her parents to try them on. When she wears them, her mother and father are in tears.

“W-Wait, why are you crying!”

“Because you resemble a bride.”

“Your mother is pleased with how well Alesia has grown up—you’re so beautiful.”

“Don’t cry now…”

The farm was also hosting a party.

Hakeem was getting married.

“I’m surprised. Who’s the lady, Hakeem?”

“She works in the vegetable store in the market. She lives in my neighborhood. Her father died when she was a child. My family does not have a father either, so we supported each other. I’ve saved some money since starting here. And we agreed a long time ago that we would marry when we had enough money to rent a house and live together.”


Meanwhile, in His Majesty the King’s private chambers.

“Father, I have told you many times that I need more time to get engaged.”

“But, Mark, I prefer Alesia to any noblewoman. Don’t worry, I’ll speak up if anyone complains.”

“Alesia is the best thing that could happen to you. She’s also a fantastic wizard with a wonderful personality.

Mark remonstrates with his parents with a troubled look on his face.

“Do the people and the nobles know that Alesia the Peasant is the Wizard? Besides, Alesia’s feelings are…”

“Mark, why is Alesia so hesitant to reveal that she is a wizard?”

“I can think of a number of reasons, but I am confident that neither she nor her parents would be pleased if they were forced to do something by royal authority.”

Moshe, the second prince, joined them.

“You didn’t tell Alesia how you really felt about her, did you? If you’re too slow, she’ll be taken from the side, won’t she? Aren’t there two young men on the farm?”

“Don’t worry about Ethan; he’s like Alesia’s little brother…”

But he doesn’t know what Alesia thinks of Hakeem. Hakeem is a man of integrity and dependability that women seem to like.

“Mark, get married and show me your heir. Your father has no idea how long he will live.”

“I’m sure Father will live a long time because the silk cloth that the country produces will be woven soon.”

Mark stands up.

“Give me a minute to go to the farm.”

“Have a good day, Mark. “

“Good luck, brother.”

“I’m hoping she’ll announce that she’s a wizard.”

“Please don’t, I just want to talk to Alesia!”

Mark, along with Gil and the guards, arrives at the farm and is about to knock on Alesia’s door when his fist comes to a halt.

The broken conversation coming from within startled him.

[Bride…Alesia…beautiful… Hakeem…marriage…living together…]

(Huh? Marriage to Hakeem?)

Prince Mark is standing at the front door. His brother’s words reverberate in his head.

[If you’re too slow, she’ll be taken from the side.]


The door opens from the inside, and Alesia’s parents appear. They are taken aback to see Prince Mark standing dazed at the front door.

“Your Highness! I beg your pardon. Go ahead, Alesia is just wearing a dress, so please take a look. She’s breathtaking.”


Prince Mark walked into the house with a blank face and saw Alesia looking at him with a worried look on her face. She was wearing a light blue dress and a beautiful necklace.

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