The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 58

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“Why don’t we give each of the neighboring countries, except Farrill, a roll of silk cloth? In exchange, they must agree to work with us in the event of an emergency. If they realize the strength of the healing silk cloth, they may join hands and work with us.”

“…I see, but if the silk cloth is linked to Alesia, they’ll be after you, and If anything happens to Alesia, we lose everything.”

“No. By distributing it to each country, I believe they will be able to check each other and make it more difficult for them to get their hands on me. Even if several countries collaborated, one country could not share one person with multiple countries. We could make an agreement to give them one roll of silk cloth every year in exchange for their cooperation.”

“So, regardless of which country invades, we can rely on military assistance from other countries. We can, however, sell the healing silk cloth. It’s not necessary to give it to them.”

He’s tough.

“Yes, you’re right. Because our country is suffering from a lack of exports, we can use the country’s healing silk cloth as a diplomatic material in due course.”

His Highness Mark listened and nodded.

“If the country is capable of producing healing silk cloths, we can export them as a specialty. This will result in our country’s acquiring foreign exchange. We can also encourage international cooperation. Every country will want the cloth if it can cure serious diseases and injuries. Even our poor country could spend some of the proceeds on its children’s education.”

[Knowledge is power] Right?

“… Alesia can communicate in Balwala?”

“Yes, thanks to the royal family for constructing the library.”

His highness’s expression hardened for a moment. I was wondering what was wrong, but now it’s time to talk to the bigwigs about my suggestion first.


Following Alesia’s proposal, a meeting was held between the King, His Highness Mark, and the Ministers.

“First of all, do you agree that each country should be given a healing silk roll to strengthen cooperation with our Laminbo Kingdom?

“Yes. First, the messenger shows a sample of the silk cloth and only provides a roll if he is confident that the other party will cooperate. One ten-meter roll of healing silk cloth can save the lives of seven or eight seriously ill or injured people.”

The Foreign Minister appears to be impressed.

“Being able to put healing magic into a silk cloth is very convenient—Wizard-sama does not have to go out by herself, and the other people can use it whenever they want.”


The ministers are impressed.

Alesia’s proposal was approved by the top brass, and a “seven-nation delegation” was quickly dispatched to the six neighboring countries, excluding the Kingdom of Farrill. The mission was made up of soldiers who acted as security guards and people from the Foreign Ministry, and they set out for each country disguised as merchants.

The Foreign Minister met with the Interior Minister later that day.

“Isn’t Alesia-sama a peasant girl?”

“Yes, but… the manner in which she speaks and the contents…”

“She sounds like a general.”

“I’m curious if all wizards are like that.”

“I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

“Perhaps she was just born that way.”

They sigh in that spot.

“My grandfather told me that when Aura, the daughter of a lower nobility, became betrothed to the king, she struggled with her status.”

“But a peasant is…”

“But isn’t that something His Majesty’s will can change as well? She can use magic like that, and she’s a brilliant woman.”


It’s been about a month since then.

The six countries around the Kingdom of Farrill suddenly announced, “The Kingdom of Laminbo and our country, as allies, want to increase exchanges and promise military support in times of need.”

The announcement reached the Kingdom of Farrill’s royal castle.

“What in the world is going on?! How come this message did not reach our country?”

“Your Majesty, it appears that the Kingdom of Laminbo has secretly dispatched delegations to six different countries. And it appears that no one has heard anything about it except the leaders of those countries.”

After thinking about what the Prime Minister said, the King of Farrill called the fourth prince, Herrud.

Herrud is in the difficult position of not only being sent back to his homeland after only a short time, but also being unable to bring the “souvenir” his father desired.

“Herrud, what can the girl do? You met her, didn’t you?”

“…I believe she has the ability to make it rain.”

“You think? Is that it?”


“I was already aware of that! It can’t be just the rain! There was something so valuable in that country that six nations would agree to Laminbo’s proposal. And you were sent back so quickly without knowing whether it was her power or not! You useless dastard!”

Urgent orders were sent to Farrill’s agents in the countries, [Find out what kind of deal happened behind the official announcement.]


Farrill’s agents used their contacts and money to obtain the information. Despite their efforts, they received very little information.

[A deal was struck in exchange for something far more valuable. Even the nobles were unaware of what it was. But it was something that the king and all of the ministers welcomed wholeheartedly.]

It was the same as not knowing anything. What can a country offer when it cannot even provide enough clean drinking water for its people?

“Your Majesty, come to think of it, I’ve heard that the wizard invented a cure for the medama fly disease.”

The medama flies are only found in arid regions. Due to a lack of water, they target the eyes of animals. However, no medama fly outbreak can be found in the six countries that have declared their support for the Kingdom of Laminbo.

“Are you saying that what they offered them were the best eye drops you could find? Certainly not! There is no outbreak of eye disease in any of the countries.”

Finally, none of the infiltrators were able to obtain solid information from any of the countries. But, there was only one report from the Kingdom of Hartha, which is located southeast of the Kingdom of Farrill.

“The second prince of the Kingdom of Hartha had been deafened by a high fever as a child, but he has recently recovered and can hear well. This happened soon after the delegation’s visit.”

With this information in mind, Farrill contacted the agents in Laminbo.

“The wizard who recently appeared in Laminbo may be able to use healing magic—Could the wizard have come secretly as part of a delegation?”

The agents in the kingdom of Laminbo replied, “No,” to the king’s question.

“The wizards produce water in the palace every day.”

“So, how did the Laminbo put together their coalition! Herrud’s incompetence is infuriating!”

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