The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 41

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Isabelle-san’s statement stunned everyone into silence, and His Majesty the King responded.

“In the third year of our country’s founding, the document said that the agreement between the two countries was to send the wizards, your husband, and son back home after five years of service, but your husband and son deserted after less than three years.”

“A long time ago, a former soldier from there came looking for me, posing as a merchant. He told me the truth and was carrying a memento that my husband had requested before he died.”

His Majesty explained the situation to me and my parents, who were completely unaware of what was going on.

“I heard that the former king, after much thought, agreed to Farrill’s request.”

According to His Majesty, the Kingdom of Farrill was looking for wizards who could use healing magic during a time when the kingdom was fighting war after war with its neighboring countries in order to grow.

The Kingdom of Farrill, which had only recently re-established diplomatic relations with our newly founded country, and had not yet solidified, asked us to lend them a healing wizard.

“I remember that when Aura was caught and put in jail, all the other healing wizards had already left for other countries, leaving your husband and son as the only ones left.”

“Yes, but my husband told me, “My son and I are healing wizards, we can’t hurt anyone,” which was a huge mistake.”

“…Our country is rebuilding, and had we not complied with Farrill’s demands, he would have started a war. We would have had no choice if that had happened. That’s why, despite his reservations, my father agreed to lend Farrill both Isabelle-dono’s husband and her son.”

“During the war, Aura-sama defeated many of Farrill’s soldiers. There was no way they could feel good about wizards from such a country. My husband and son were not allowed to complain right away that they had run out of magic and had been overworked to the point of collapse.”

When a wizard runs out of magic, his/her life span decreases gradually. You must try to use as little magic as possible. I discovered this in my previous life after losing consciousness several times.

A former soldier from Farrill said, [Your husband and son were a great help to me. They worked me until they often lost consciousness and collapsed. many times] Before the end of the third year, my son, who was still a boy, died, followed by my husband.”

“So it was true… It is indeed…”

His Majesty the King closed his eyes and murmured quietly.

“The Farrill Kingdom stated that they did not exhaust them to death, but that my husband and son deserted. Those who came to my house, on the other hand, saw for themselves where my son and husband had died. They came all the way across the border to see me and told me that [having been saved by them, I owe it to you to tell you the truth].”

Isabelle-san was wearing a silver bracelet around her wrist.

“…I understand. My father had no choice but to accept Farrill’s statement in silence, and I deeply regret your loss. Even though these words will not bring you any comfort, I apologize on behalf of my father. I’d like to offer you a token of my condolences—please accept my sincere apologies.”

His Majesty, the King, rose and bowed. The queen followed suit, standing up and quietly bowing.

“No, please don’t. This is not your Majesty’s fault. However, state officials of the time said that “we are a family of useless people who deserted”.  I vowed at the time that I would not expect anything more from state officials. I’ve worked myself to death since then. I cannot face my husband and son if I am in state custody. I apologize, but I refuse to live in the royal palace or accept any token.”

I killed so many of Farrill’s men without question. I’m curious if that’s why Isabelle-san’s family was hated and mistreated… I couldn’t bear looking Isabelle-san in the eyes.

“Alesia. What’s the matter? You look awfully pale.”

When I heard His Highness the Prince’s voice, I panicked and looked up, but the room became distorted, my vision became dark, and stars began to fly in my vision. Oh, no! I can’t possibly collapse here.

“I apologize. Let me lie down for a while…”

I was groggy on the floor and couldn’t finish what I was saying. I slid out of the chair to avoid collapsing, but… It did not turn out the way I had hoped….


My parents were looking down at me from above when I opened my eyes.

“Thank heavens. Alesia, you appeared relaxed, but you must have been tense.”


“You’re anemic. You’re fine now, but you should get some more rest.”

“Where is Isabelle-san, Oka-san?”

She just got home a few moments ago. She was worried about you.

“I see.”

“Alesia. When you sleep, you really make it rain. I was surprised to see it with my own eyes.”

A voice could be heard from the window in the far corner of the room. It’s the queen!

“Your Majesty! I beg your pardon.”

“Oh, it’s fine. Continue to be where you are. I ordered His Majesty and Mark to leave the room where you were sleeping. They were, however, also taken aback. It does rain while you sleep. And it has now stopped raining.”

While making a vague smile, I was thinking about something else.

(I want to apologize to Isabelle-san, but I can’t… Isabelle-san, I don’t make stupid judgments anymore. That’s the least I can do. I’m sorry, Isabelle-san. I’m really sorry.)

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