The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 40

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“Alesia, from what Mark has told me, I have a general idea of your powers…you literally bring the rain of blessings and healing, but you can’t control it?”

“Yes, Your Majesty. I can’t get it to fall freely. However, I intend to use this power to benefit the people of this land. So, if the Kingdom of Farrill is keeping an eye on me, I hope you’ll protect me.”

“Alesia, after last night, I ordered my guards to watch their every move—they won’t be able to get close to the farm as easily as before. I’ll also station guards around the farm. I’ll make sure they don’t do anything selfish while they’re here.”

“What if Farrill formally requests something from you regarding me? It’s not like they won’t find out more about the rain sooner or later.”

His Majesty King Isayal spoke up.

“For that matter, how much information does the Kingdom of Farrill currently have on you? Farrill is a water-rich country if you can just make it rain, but they won’t think much of you if you can’t make it rain at will.”

“However, father, if they learn of the rain’s power, they may threaten to use force to force us to give them Alesia.”

“That’s the issue, but what are the chances of the secret leaking out from those who have been under the cloth’s care?”

Isabelle-san was the first to speak up.

“All I can say is that no one has leaked the secret in three years. First and foremost, the people to whom I delivered the silk cloth are unaware of my identity or the location where the silk cloth was woven, and they are all unaware of the causal relationship between Alesia’s rain and the silk cloth.”

“Isabelle-dono, you’re the one who needs to be extra cautious from now on because you’re carrying the silk cloth all by yourself. They will notice that the people you visit have suddenly recovered their health if they follow you to the farm. Why don’t you stay at the palace for a while if you live alone? It would be less noticeable and safer than having a guard in your home if you live alone.”

“I’m very sorry, Your Majesty, and I beg you not to do that.”

Both families agree that “that’s the safest and surest thing.”

Isabelle-san repeatedly said, “Please don’t do this. It’s not right. I don’t want to stop because visiting the sick and injured with a silk cloth is now my reason for living.”

“Then…When you visit with the silk cloth, you must be escorted by an escort dressed as a commoner. Otherwise, you can live in peace in the palace.”

“I hope you will report to me on a regular basis—I’d like to hear about the silk cloth, as well as what you’ve seen and heard on the streets.”

The king and queen’s conversation had been so well orchestrated that Isabelle-san’s life in the royal palace appeared to be secure. Isabelle-san, on the other hand, flatly refused the proposal.

“I am deeply sorry, but I am unable to accept your offer.”


I called out her name in a questioning tone of voice.

“Without you, Isabelle-san, there would be no one to carry the silk cloth. Hakeem, like Isabelle-san, would be unable to use the cloth without suspicion, and they would know where the silk came from… Except when transporting silk, it would be safer for you to stay in the royal palace.”

Isabelle-san chuckled bitterly at my voice.

“I began this as a thank you for repairing my old knee, but I refuse to serve the royal family. I have my own pride to protect.”

“…However, Isabelle-dono, our royal family has a responsibility to protect our people. If the people of the Kingdom of Farrill learn the value of the silk cloth you carry, they may come after you.”

“I will demonstrate my resolve if they target me and demand that I tell them where the silk comes from. I will protect Silk’s secret even at the cost of my life. So please rest assured.”

“Why are you being so hesitant, Isabelle-san? Why don’t you just get a room in the palace where people of comfortable status live?”

“Alesia—there are some factors that make that impossible. If I stay here and am looked after, I will be betraying my husband and son, who died in the Farrill Kingdom.”

Prince Mark, who had been quietly listening in, overheard the conversation and chastised her.

“Isabelle-san, are you saying that your husband and son’s past has something to do with our royal family?”

Isabelle-san looked Prince Mark in the eyes and replied, “Yes,” before looking away without expression and continuing to speak.

“I know I’m accused of impiety, but I have to tell you something. Your grandfather, the previous king, sent my husband and son to Farrill as a tribute. Farrill exploited my husband and son so much that they died as a result. I was left behind, and officials in this country cursed them, saying that my husband and son were useless men who deserted in the middle of their duties.”

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