The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 27

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In Mark’s room, Princess Edna was sobbing.

“Stop crying so much. I’ll bring you something as a souvenir.”

“…I’m not looking for a souvenir. I’d like to go as well! I’ve never been to such a fun place. Onii-sama is cheating! I want to eat good food at the farm too!”

Even when he says no and after repeated pleadings, his younger sister begs in tears. Mark had never seen his sister so insistent before, and he was deeply troubled.

“I’m going to be sent somewhere to get married, and then I’ll never be able to sneak out again Uwu~uuu.”

Princess Edna, who appeared to be having breathing problems from crying so much, said a sad thing in a stifled voice while crying, “wuuu.” In fact, everything she says is true, and Prince Marks sighs deeply.

“Okay. So, no more sobbing. Just this once. I can’t keep taking you out like this.”

“Sniffle, sniffle… all right.”

“And don’t hide in the closet anymore, and don’t eavesdrop. Understand?”



It’s been a while since Gil-san and Al-san came to my house for lunch.

I turned eleven years old. The rain zone has expanded to a little more than two kilometers in diameter. It now rains five days a week in the slum area next to the farm.

Because no one else arrived, Al-san and Gil-san appear to have kept their promise not to tell anyone about us. They simply ate a middle-class meal, paid their bill, and exited. So I was taken aback when Al-san showed up with his sister that day.

“Hello! My name is Donna. I apologize for disturbing you!”

The lovely doll-like girl bowed and looked at me with curiosity.

“I’m sorry, Alesia, I broke my promise. My sister wanted to tag along, and she cried so hard.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Onii-sama was talking about going out for a nice meal. Listening to him, I felt sad because I could hardly go out!”

When I looked up at Al-san and said, “You talked in front of your sister, didn’t you?” He panicked.

“I didn’t do it! I didn’t talk about this place in front of my sister. She overheard my conversation behind my back. Besides, this is the first time she has been so unreasonable in her life. I sincerely apologize for everything. But I also want her to eat well here, so…”

I feel bad for Al-san, who is sweating and looking miserable. Besides, she already brought her here.

“I understand. I can’t make anything too complicated, okay?”

“Of course, Alesia, thank you!”

“Thank you, Alesia-san.”

Donna bowed gracefully. She’s dressed very nicely. A pale pink dress lies beneath the sunshade, which completely covers her head. It’s comfortable and stylish.

Chana and I light the oven fire and cook the vegetables and lamb in the broth before toasting the spices. We removed it from the fire and placed it in a pot when it smelled good. We grilled the pita now. More pita was baked, and more pita was piled on top of each other.

Since Donna-san was here, I decided to prepare the marinated chicken for dinner.

I baked it until the fat oozed out of the skin and it was crispy. Cut it into pieces and serve it with a sour-sweet-spicy sauce. The herbs were freshly picked by Chana. I also took out the mulberry jam, ponka jam, and nekta jam I was making.

“I can help you with something,” Al-san said, so I asked him to bring me as many eggs as he had from the henhouse.

Six eggs were combined with camel milk, palm sugar, and salt. I cooked them on the grill with finely chopped scallions and sliced intestines. I made another batch of the same mixture because there were so many of us.

When everyone returned for lunch, they were surprised to see Donna-san, but when I told them she was Al-san’s sister, they all smiled and said, “She looks so much like him” and “She’s so cute.”

“Yummy!” Donna-san ate her petite with jam, and Al-san gave her a taste of everything else. Benita-obaasan asked, “Is your tummy okay?” because she was concerned about her stomach after eating and drinking so much.

After lunch, everyone else went back to work.

Donna-san asked, “Can I look around the farm for a while? I’ve never seen a farm before.”

Donna-eyes san’s were red, and her eyelids were slightly swollen. She must have shed a lot of tears.

“Donna-san doesn’t get out much?”


Donna-san sighed and looked down.

“I’m going to have to get married when I’m fifteen. I’ll never be able to go out again once I’m married. This is only temporary. That’s why I sobbed in front of Onii-sama. I apologize for bothering Alesia-san.”

I’m sure she’s a good Ojo-sama. I see what you mean. Daughters of nobility are raised as if marriage is their duty.

I was taken back to my previous life.

The more prosperous a girl’s family is, the less freedom she has. They have no idea about the bustle of the city or the chill of the night winds in the wasteland. They are never allowed to leave the grounds alone when they marry. The higher your rank, the more you are a caged bird for the rest of your life.

“Donna-san, you’re welcome to come back any time! I’ll make sure to have plenty of Donna-san’s favorite jam on hand if you let me know ahead of time. I’ll also make some food that you might enjoy!”

Donna-san gave me a surprised look before hugging me tightly. “Thank you so much, Alesia-chan; I love you.” Her voice was slightly teary.

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