The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Gil’s friend, Al│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

The “Serio Farm” now has a sericulture shed.

“It makes it easier to work, doesn’t it?”

“Thank you, Oto-san, even if the silk cloth isn’t profitable…”

“N-No. Earning a living isn’t everything. And, thanks to you, your father is well-off. It’s fine—God sees everything.”

“Yes, God has determined that your power is required for everyone.”

Then a husky voice cuts in.

“Don’t worry about it. The silk cloth is very effective and beneficial.”

Isabelle-san’s knee has improved significantly, and she now walks to our house once or twice a week. “I’m happy if I can have lunch here with everyone,” she says, and she helps us with sericulture and weaving for free.

My mother also told Isabelle-san, “You can eat with us if you want.” She also gives Isabelle-san some vegetables and food to take home with her.

On Gil-san’s second visit, he said, “I will buy fruits here and pay for the food, so please let me have lunch.” My father politely declined. Gil-san, on the other hand, did not give up.

He was a soldier of the royal palace, and when he told his friend that he had eaten a petite the other day and enjoyed it, his friend said, “I want to eat it, too.”

“I’m sorry, but could you please let my friend try the freshly made petite?”

Gil-san, who appeared to have had a good upbringing, bowed down and asked for it, and so finally my father couldn’t refuse, so Chana and I ended up making the petite for Gil-san and his friend.

“Hello, my name is Al. Thank you for allowing us to eat here. I appreciate it.”

Al-san, who greeted us, was also a soldier dressed in civilian clothes like Gil-san. He had long black hair tied back with a leather strap, blue-green eyes, and appeared intelligent.

(They must be important nobles to be riding such beautiful horses at such a young age.)

“Would you please keep our meal a secret so that the story doesn’t spread any further? I asked and they accepted my condition.

It’s a little cheeky for a ten-year-old farmer’s daughter to impose conditions on a nobleman, but I used a weapon only available to children: I made a half-crying face and said, “I’m ten years old, and I can’t make that much food. Also, Oka-san and Oba-san have a lot on their plates working in the fields.”

Chana and I made pitite and fried them fresh, and Gil-san and Al-san ate them quietly. The two of them had completely consumed the six petites in no time. Other dishes eaten by everyone on the farm, such as salty bean and potato soup, leeks with eggs, and braised lamb with leafy greens, were also described as “delicious.”

“They were all very delicious. I heard that you learned how to make petite from a book?”

“Yes, Al-san.”

“Do you frequently buy and read books?”

“N-No. I read them at the library. Isn’t the library fantastic?!”

Al-san appeared surprised that a farmer would go to the library.

“…And the water in this house tastes exceptionally good.”

“P-Perhaps it’s because the filter contains a lot of charcoal.”

My family’s most prized sword(excuse) is the Charcoal . To get through everything, we always say, “We use a lot of charcoal.”

When they left, they handed over a large silver coin with the words, “Here’s your payment.” But my mother said, “We can never accept such a large sum of money,” and only two small silver coins from each of them.

I assumed that was the end of their meals, but Gil-san and Al-san would occasionally return after making reservations.

When Gil-san and Al-san lowered their brows and made a sad face like [I really want to eat], they made us feel like we were being mean to them because we kept refusing.

So be it. It’s not like there’ll be any more work for the two of us. Besides, they appear to be having a good time talking to everyone, and it appears that everyone on the farm has grown accustomed to them and doesn’t mind them visiting.

The rains have already surpassed our farm. We are no longer the only ones in the neighborhood who are suspicious. Maybe.

Furthermore, I was pleased that they praised my mother whenever they ate any of her homemade dishes, exclaiming, “It’s delicious!”.

They appear to be well-off, so they could have dined at any number of upscale establishments.

When I told them, Al-san laughed and said, “No, it’s better and more enjoyable to eat here than anywhere else.”


After a meal at the farm one day.

The more Prince Mark seems to enjoy his time on the farm, the more thoughtful he is on his way home.

Gil cast a glance at his Lord as he led his horse slowly so as not to damage the nekta, ponkas, and mulberries he had bought during the meal.

The Lord wants to learn from them and share what he learns so that this country can benefit.

But he’s not sure if it’s that kind of knowledge, or if it’s some kind of magic that only they have, or if they’ll flee and disappear when they find out who they are.

(I suppose he wants to avoid using his authority as much as possible.)

Gil believes this is the Lord’s gentle and thoughtful side.

—Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com—

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1 year ago

I was very distrustful of everyone when they were introduced and this prince guy too.
many thanks

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Same i cannot trust them so easily.

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Thank you for the chapter, its making me hungry😣

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