The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 21

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The next day, we discovered the silk cloth had mysterious healing powers.

We talked for a long time, nine of us, including Isabelle-san, Hakeem, and Chana. And we came up with a theory.

Everything boils down to the rain.

If the rain I’m sending down has healing power, the drinking water that collects from it, as well as the vegetables, fruits, and mulberry leaves that grow by absorbing the rain, will accumulate healing power.

Mulberry leaves absorb healing rain and store it as healing power. Silkworms are raised on mulberry leaves.

Cocoons are made from the silkworm’s own body threads that have accumulated healing power. Many of these cocoons were collected and spun into thread, and the cloth was made of these threads.

The secret of the silk cloth’s power is that the rain’s power was concentrated on multiple levels. This brings me to my conclusion.

It’s all conjecture, but given the effects on our farm’s plants, it all makes sense.

Chana’s health improved, Isabelle-san’s knee improved even before the silk cloth was applied, and all of us are tireless and extremely healthy.

When we arrived at the conclusion, my father abruptly declared, “Let’s not make any money with this silk cloth. We’re already doing well enough without relying on it.”

“Are you sure? Oto-san.”

“Yes—If you make money from this, you’ll be in even more trouble than if they discover the rain’s secret—the source of the silk will be sought after by the wealthy and powerful.”

Isabelle-san gave a nod.

“Sigh. That is entirely possible.”

“Then I’d like to use this cloth’s power to help the poor.”

“As expected of Alesia-san, I knew you’d say that!”

Chana’s eyes have been sparkling ever since we started talking about this. By the way, last night I told Chana and her mother that Chana’s recovery was due to medicine and nutrition.

“But don’t wealthy people suffer from illnesses that money cannot cure?”

Hakeem said something surprising.

“Wouldn’t it be a shame if rich people and aristocrats were barred from using silk because of this? There are good people among the wealthy. When I was a water vendor, such people frequently bought water from me.”

Everyone in the room looked at Hakeem with a stunned expression on their faces.

Hakeem was probably the person in the room who had struggled the most with money. His father abruptly stopped coming home when he was very young, and he worked carrying heavy water for his sick sister from the age of six or seven. If the water sales were poor, he would have to skip dinner to save money for his sister’s medication.

I was thinking to myself, (“There are people in this world whose hearts are never clouded, even if they struggle with money.) Since the first time I met him, Hakeem’s heart has always been beautiful.

“You are right, Hakeem. However, many people in this country are suffering as a result of a lack of money. Why don’t we help them first?”

Everyone nodded, and it was decided that the silk cloths would be used for the poor for the time being.


The first was the child of a woman who worked in the market’s butcher shop. Her ten-year-old son had been immobilized since he was a baby when he had a high fever due to an epidemic.

The woman and my parents are acquainted, and she occasionally expresses her concerns about her son’s future.”

“As long as my husband and I are healthy, it’s fine. But I can’t help but wonder what will become of him if both of us die.”

I also can’t bear thinking about it. So we decided it was a good idea also because Isabelle-san had never been to this location before.

TL: They used Isabelle-san as a stand-in.

First, my parents asked where their house was, saying, “Perhaps next time I’ll bring some leftover fruits and vegetables,” and ten days later, Isabelle-san went to their house with a silk cloth.

Can such a difficult condition really be cured? If we can’t cure it, what should we say? Everyone was concerned. But in the end, Isabelle-san said, “At that point, I’ll just make it through with the wisdom of my years.” So we waited restlessly for Isabelle-san to return.

Isabelle-san returned to the farm at night.

“They didn’t believe me at first. But I told them, “I don’t need money, and if there are sick or injured people in this house, I’d like to pray for them,” and they let me in.”

Isabelle says they were quite suspicious of her.

However, she was allowed to enter the house thanks to her good talk, and while chatting with her son about this and that, she draped a silk cloth over the boy’s entire body and said, “This is a piece of cloth that my grandson lovingly woven. I wish I could share some of his strength with you.”

“I was drenched in sweat on my back. If nothing else had happened, I’d be nothing more than a crazy old woman.”

But then, in the midst of the suspicious looks, their son moved his legs.

His toes began to move on the tips of his thin, fleshless feet, and when he touched them, “I can feel them touching me!” The boy cried out and moved his legs slightly in front of his parents, who were in disbelief. Isabelle-san also cried when she saw the boy and his parents crying with joy.

“He will be able to walk normally if he practices walking. This cloth had a terrifying effect.”

As a thank-you, the boy’s parents gathered all the money they had in the house and attempted to give it to Isabelle-san.

“Didn’t I tell you at the start that I wouldn’t take any money? The only condition is that you keep my identity and the cloth a secret.”

She stated that she would not take any money from them, but instead remained silent about the cloth and returned.

“However, they insisted on taking a lamb home with me.”

That night, the nine of us said, “Thank God,” “It was useful,” and ate a lot of the lamb.

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many thanks
I’m glad they’ve met good people. hope it continues that way

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I am excited for more, so I will be back. I am glad she is surrounded by good people.

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Its good they only met nice people so far but i dont think that’s gonna be the case all the time. Thank you for the chapter

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i know this is supposed to be a fluffy and light novel but.. maaaann.. I’m having a little bit of anxiety here. i really hope that they only meet good and reasonable people.

thanks for the chapter.

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