The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 20

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The children walked away with the silk cloth.

Isabelle mumbled to herself as she looked out her window chair at the street, a habit she had developed over the years.

“I’m surprised. I had no idea Chana could weave so well. She’s been sick and unable to play outside since she was a child. She developed into a fantastic weaver.”

Chana’s mother says she has been doing well since she started drinking the farmer’s water and eating the food he gives her.

“They never told me what the disease was, but I’m guessing it was the nutrition that helped her recover?”

Isabelle believes she has completed her task and stands up, clutching the arms of her chair to protect her knees.

“Oh, my?”

Her knee, which had been feeling better recently, was now completely pain-free.


My knee’s stabbing pain, burning discomfort, and stiffness were all gone.

“What exactly does this mean?”

I make my way around the room. I can jump, bend, and stretch without discomfort.

All I can think about is the silk scarf I just wrapped around my knees, unless the girl is a very good healer.

No way.

But it’s the only thing that comes to mind.

She neither cast any spells nor approached me.

After about a dozen or so exchanges with her, I concluded that it had to be that cloth.


Isabelle was conversing with her husband’s memento bracelet on the cabinet.

“Perhaps it could be. The vegetables and the silk cloth are a mystery.”

Isabelle lovingly stroked the bracelet.

She then went to Hakeem’s house that night when he returned home.

“Isabelle! Did you walk here? Is your knee okay?”

“Look. I’m fine.”

Isabelle jumped up and down in place.

“Hakeem, I need to talk to you.”

“Y-Yeah. Okay.”

“Hakeem, where’s the silk?”

“She intends to sell it.”

“Ask her to wait.”


“That silk is more than just a nice piece of fabric. Simply spreading it across my lap healed my knee. Someone would pay a hundred large gold coins for its power if you priced it correctly.”

“…Isabel… Are you okay in your head? Are you sick?!”


Isabelle stood up and slapped Hakeem on the forehead.

“My head and knees feel fantastic! Go get a rental horse! I have an urgent trip to the farm.”


“So, Isabelle-san, you say this silk cloth can cure knee pain?”

“That’s right. I felt responsible for the pricing. That’s why I came over late.”

“I see. It did happen.”

Serio sighs and turns to face his wife, Hilda. Alesia remains silent, her gaze wandering, unsurprised by anything.

“Wait a second. Do you believe in everything?”

Serio unexpectedly bowed to Isabelle.

“I do believe you. That is why I am pleading with you. Can you keep this silk cloth hidden? If word gets out about your knee, we will most likely abandon the farm and flee. That’s all I have to say for the time being.”

Hakeem listened to their conversation and realized that everything he had been wondering about was related.

There were numerous strange things to consider.

It rains more frequently in this area than in others. It only rains at night. Rainwater tastes better than freshly tapped spring water, Chana’s health is improving. It stands to reason that “magic” exists on this farm.

(I have to say something.)

“Serio-san—this farm saved my life. I’m telling you this because my sister has recovered from a lung disease. The medicine didn’t work very well, and I was worried that Chana would die soon. But the water and food provided here have greatly improved her condition. I am thankful. I’m not going to say anything to anyone.”

Alesia’s parents hung their heads in silence. Alesia looked at the walls with distant eyes before opening her mouth.

“If word gets out about this, Isabelle-san, people will probably come to our house, and we won’t be able to stay here. I really want to use the power of the silk cloth to help people, but I’m not sure how.”

“I understand what you’re afraid of. So here’s what I’m going to do. I can keep Alethea safe by claiming this silk cloth. I, who appear to others to have nothing to do with you, will assist.”

Isabelle’s suggestion to return the favor of fixing her knee pain was listened to seriously by everyone. Alesia bowed her head toward Isabelle.

“Thank you, Isabelle-san; this silk scarf’s power will not be wasted.”

“Alesia, I would be happy to be of service to you.”


Hakeem thanks her as they return to the rental horse.

“Isabelle, thank you.”

“No, my knee was accidentally healed without my knowledge—this is my way of thanking you—and, since I won’t be around for much longer, I’d like to be useful to someone.”


Alesia’s parents had a lengthy conversation in bed that night. The rain is getting heavier. There’s also the issue of the silk cloth. Alesia’s power may no longer be concealable.

“Even if we can rely on Isabelle-san for the time being, I’m not sure it’s right to keep Alesia’s power hidden… Alesia is a surprisingly strong young girl who wants to help others, isn’t she?”

“Yes, she does. Thinking back, Alesia was very desperate when she hired Hakeem.

“I was halfway between agreeing and being concerned. But Alethea had already decided she wanted to help people. I’m not sure why she feels such a strong desire to help others.”

Serio’s wife gently stroked his cheek.

“You’ve always gone out of your way to protect Alesia. It’s fine. Hakeem and Isabelle-san, who was related to Hakeem, were both nice people.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

“She’s no longer a child, dear. I believe it is time to observe how she lives her life.”

As they fell asleep, they encouraged each other.

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