The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 17

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The book says that the cocoons are put in a pot of hot water for a short time and then pulled apart to make threads.

The silkworms’ fine, thin threads are stronger than expected. They can be pulled out of a cocoon that has been floating in water for hours without breaking. We were all impressed by the fact that cocoons are made from a single strand of thread.

I combined several strands into a single strand, which Ethan wrapped around a piece of board. Many of the cocoons were bright yellow, but when they were boiled, the color lightened.

In increasing quantities, white threads were wound onto the board.

“The silk thread is so beautiful.” Ethan was taken aback. “They’re smooth and gleaming.” Hakeem runs his fingers through the threads and is impressed by how smooth they are.

At dinner, the adults were ecstatic when I showed them raw silk.

“I assumed it was to eat mulberry fruit, but you’ve created something incredible!”, “Selling the thread will be more profitable than selling the mulberries,” my parents explained.

“I wish we could weave cloth with it,” Ethan’s Oka-san remarked.

That’s exactly what I’m aiming for! Make my own silk fabric.

“I’ll look into weaving cloth in the library as well.”

Hakeem muttered when I said that.

“If we collect a lot of threads, we can weave with a loom (a weaving machine), right?”

“Loom? Have you ever tried your hand at weaving on a loom?”

“No, I haven’t. I recall an oba-san from the neighborhood telling me that her family used to weave silk in another country.”

“Wow. I want to meet her!”

“Okay. Tomorrow, I’ll take you there.”


“Weaving silk? That is a significant amount of work.”

Hakeem took me to meet Isabelle. She is from Halya, which is well-known for its silk weaving.

“I’d like to check to see if it’s possible.”

“Is this Ojo-san’s pastime?”

Isabelle wore loose-fitting trousers and a blouse that covered her waist—her white hair was cut at her shoulders. The small house was neat and tidy, with tasteful plates decorating it.

“My physical strength is insufficient for farm work. I reasoned that if I could raise silkworms and produce silk, I could earn more money than helping out on the farm.”

“Are you going to make silk yourself, from silkworms to silk cloth?”

“Not at the moment.”

Then Hakeem interrupted.

“Teach her, Isabelle. I owe this girl’s family a great debt of gratitude. Please!”

Isabelle-san laughed.

“You’re always bringing me vegetables. Surprisingly, I’ve been feeling a lot better since I started eating those. Are those vegetables from Ojo-san’s family by any chance?”


Hakeem fidgets.

“I’m sorry, Alesia. I shared some with Isabelle because we get something every day and can’t eat it all.”

“No problem at all.”

Our vegetables arrived at an unexpected place.

“If you want to try it, I’ll show you how. My family used to weave silk. Everything you need to know, I can teach you.”

“Thank you!”

“Then, will you continue to share your vegetables with me?”

“Yes. Without a doubt!”

As a result, an experienced weaver taught me how to weave silk cloth.

Hakeem apologized to me as we rode back on the camel.

“I’m sorry for sharing the vegetables—Oba-san was suffering from knee pain and was having difficulty shopping. However, she only requires one meal per day.”

“That’s all right,”

“By the way, are those vegetables, by any chance, just vegetables? Are you providing them with a special fertilizer?”

I’m at a loss for words. I’m not sure if vegetables have a healing effect, but if they helped Chana and Isabelle-san, I suppose that’s what it means.

It would be fantastic if my rain had such power. I guess healthy people don’t notice it because Chana, who was sick, said it took two months for the effects to become apparent.

“You’re a really nice boy, Hakeem.”

“What’s that all of a sudden?”

“Of all the men I know, you’re the nicest.”

Hakeem chuckles.

“However, Alesia’s only male acquaintances are Serio-san, Nathan-san, and Ethan.”

“Eh? T-That’s right.”

Yes, I should have stopped counting the men I knew in my previous life.

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