The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 16

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At the library, I looked up how to make silk threads.

They appear to use caterpillars that form cocoons on mulberry trees.

Libraries are so convenient! As long as you pay a fee, knowledge is available to everyone, regardless of status. I applaud the current royal family for establishing this system. I have no fond memories of the royal family, but I believe the current royal family has done an excellent job.

The method of raising silkworms appeared simple, albeit laborious and nerve-racking. If you put the caterpillar in an open box and feed it clean mulberry leaves, it will cocoon in about 28 days when the moon is full. Keep its stomach full and clean. Raise it with caution and keep an eye on it. It’s similar to raising chickens or camels.

Caterpillars that I would have screamed at in a previous life became accustomed to me as I cared for them, believing they were the material for silk threads. I diligently collected the caterpillars the next day and placed them in a closed basket with a lid.

“What are you doing, Alesia?”

“I’m thinking of collecting these and making silk thread, Ethan.”

“It’s going to be silk? Isn’t silk a very expensive fabric?”

“Yes, it spits out the thread that was used to weave the pricey fabric.”

Ethan is surprised to learn that the most expensive silk is made from threads extracted from the mouths of insects. Nonetheless, he worked hard to collect the caterpillars from the mulberry.

“Oh, you’re rearing silkworms.”

“Do you know anything about silkworms, Oto-san?”

“I’ve never done it, but I’ve heard good things about it. Alesia, did you look it up in the library?”

“Yes, I’ll repay Oto-san for the money he gave me when I can make silk!”

“Hahaha. I can’t wait for the day when you can make that much money.”

My father thinks it’s childish, but I’m not kidding.

I know silk products are popular among wealthy aristocrats, so I’m confident I can recoup my investment.

My nine-year-old body is incapable of assisting with farm work. Sericulture, on the other hand, will do me good.

I eagerly took more and more branches from the mulberry tree. Mulberry trees are required in large quantities if silkworms are to be grown on a large scale. I can save money on seedlings if I grow more mulberry trees from cuttings!

While I was thinking, Ethan warned me.

“Hey Alesia, I don’t think you’re aware of it, but you’ve been looking weirdly at work lately—you look like an oba-san who enjoys making money through bad business.”


I tried not to laugh as I looked at Hakeem, who was standing nearby. Wow, truly? Isn’t that a bit much?”

“Thanks for saying that, Ethan. I’ll be careful.”

“Yeah, be careful. If someone sees your face like that, you can’t get married.”

Geez. I never thought I’d be warned by this kid about getting married.

My rain has gradually grown in size, reaching nearly two kilometers in diameter.

A nearby farmer stated

“We used to have horses and people pumping water from the wells, but that is no longer necessary.”

They are all very happy about it.

The rainfall range will continue to expand.

As time passes, determining the cause of the rain will become increasingly difficult. Our farm can now proudly plant more mulberry trees. I wish that not only my family, but all farmers could make silk.

Hakeem said at dinner,

“My sister has recently been able to stay awake without the use of medication. I believe it is due to the water and food available here.”

“So the water and food are like medicine, huh.” Ethan said.

“Well, no one in my or Alesia’s family has ever been ill,” said Nathan-ojisan.

“A small cut heals quickly if washed with rainwater.” said Benita-obaasan.

“Even though I work hard every day, my back doesn’t hurt,” said Oto-san.

“I don’t even have stiff shoulders at my age,” said Oka-san.

No, no, wait.

That kind of power cannot exist in the rain I send down.

I was a water wizard in a previous life, but I was unable to use healing magic at all.

Everyone except Hakeem notices my alarm. No, I don’t have that kind of authority, so I can’t tell you.

“Hm?” said Hakeem. “Is something wrong?” He is completely clueless.

“Ahen.” And my father swallows and clears his throat.

“Whatever the reason, it’s good that Hakeem’s sister is improving. I hope she comes to visit us soon.”

“Sorry. Actually, my sister has been begging me for a long time. She wants to see all of you at once. She wants to thank you. She also wants to see the farm.”

“Okay, next time I go to the library, I’ll take the camel. How about we pick up your sister on the way back, spend the night at my house, and bring her home the next day?”

“That’s a great idea. We can do that once your sister is feeling much better.”

Hakeem looks happy that my father gave his permission.

I’m happy as well. After all, I have no female friends or even acquaintances in this life. My only friends are Ethan and Hakeem.

The first step to helping others was my family and Ethan’s family.

I’d be happy to help Hakeem’s family next.

I check the silkworms in the box every night before going to bed.

Silkworms are molting and expanding. I hear “shak-shak-shak” when I put my ear close to the box. It’s the sound of them chewing on mulberry leaves. I can’t wait until I can make silk thread from cocoons. A single silk thread is enough at first. May you be successful.

I later noticed that the mulberry tree was rapidly growing.

Even after the leaves have been removed, new sprouts appear and quickly spread their leaves.

“Mulberry trees grow fast.” I was told by a nursery-ojisan, where I bought the seed.

Silkworms consume the rapidly growing mulberry leaves and quickly construct cocoons here and there inside the box.

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