The Presumed Villainess Is Being Married Off to the Ugliest Man in the Country – Chapter 7

Chapter 7

“Hey, have you heard about the punishment for Duke Baytree’s daughter?”

“Oh, right. It was a three-month house arrest, wasn’t it? Seems a bit lenient. . .”

“That’s not the point! That’s the punishment officially announced by the country and the temple, right?”

“Huh? Is there something else?”

“Do you know that she was removed as the crown prince’s fiancée? And they’ve already chosen the next fiancée. The partner is none other than the ‘Colorless Margrave’ Rudy Santorina!”

“That’s. . .such a cruel. . .”

“Yeah, you think so too, right?! Sure, it’s unacceptable that she bullied the beloved child of the goddess, but from what I’ve heard, all she did was some petty harassment.”

“If someone had thrown powder at their own fiancée, they might do something similar. It just happened that the other party was unfortunate. But for someone as beautiful as Ojou-san to end up marrying someone like that. . .”

“They really went too far, didn’t they?”

“Hey, you two, it seems that’s not the case.”



“It seems that there has been a discussion for a while now about marrying a high magical power princess from the royal family to the Margrave territory.”

“Oh, well, that place is at the forefront in every sense. The current Margrave is said to be incredibly strong even with little magical power, but for the next generation, it’s better to have someone with magical power who is undoubtedly stronger.”

“That place is an important base in many ways, so it’s reassuring to have a strong connection with the royal family.”

“That’s right. Considering all that, I heard that the daughter of Duke Baytree volunteered for the sake of the country.”

“Well. . .she’s not exactly a ‘villainess’, is she?”

“On the contrary, she’s quite. . .a good person?”

“She gave up the position of the crown prince’s bride for the sake of the country and is marrying that Margrave-sama. She’s more than just a good person.”

“. . .Maybe it’s because her relationship with the crown prince had already cooled off, and she’s not the type to get carried away with romance. She’s always been serious and stoic, so maybe that’s why.”

“. . .I hope she finds happiness, Emmanuella-sama. Well, the Margrave may not have a good appearance, but he’s probably wealthy. . .”

“The Margrave’s territory is a wealthy land. Although it’s a place where violent monsters are more likely to appear, it’s also a place where rare and powerful materials can be obtained from those monsters.”

“They have active trade with neighboring countries and seem to be making a lot of profit. Strong adventurers also gather there, and it’s thriving. Oh, by the way, did you hear about. . .”


Two weeks after the (?) condemnation event.

I, Emmanuella, also known as Duke Baytree’s daughter, who is currently under strict house arrest and has no idea what rumors are circulating, am currently secluded at home, enjoying correspondence with my fiancé, Rudy-sama.

Being completely infatuated with my first romance, I send love letters to him every single day. And Rudy-sama, faithfully, replies to each one. I think it’s because I, with too much free time and magic power, create a set of reply letters that automatically return to me through magic and send them together.

His replies are always simple, summarizing as “Thank you for the letter. Today, this happened here. I’m looking forward to the day I can see you.” But even though the phrase “I’m looking forward to the day I can see you” has become a standard closing, I still find it incredibly delightful. I’m completely overjoyed.

I can learn about life in the Margrave territory, and I can’t stop. I can’t stop at all.

“Emma-chan, are you reading Margrave-sama’s letter again?”

As I read Margrave-sama’s letter with a grin in the salon, which has a good view of the garden, my mother suddenly passed by and said so with a slightly exasperated voice.

I smiled and nodded at my mother, who sat down on the sofa in front of me.

“Yes, Okaa-sama. I really love Margrave-sama’s handwriting. It’s so neat, beautiful, and dignified. . .If I were to receive a love letter in this handwriting, I might be so happy that wings would sprout from my back, and I would fly all the way to the Margrave territory.”

Hmm, as I sighed and stroked his handwriting, my mother sighed as if tired.

“Wow, to be so captivated by letters that are nothing more than standard greetings, like a boring report. . .If it were me, I would have been angry and stopped corresponding a long time ago.”

“I can’t help it. I want to marry Margrave-sama precisely because he is Margrave-sama. But from Margrave-sama’s perspective, he probably just needed a lady with high magical power for the engagement.”

My words made my mother pout in dissatisfaction.

“But look here. Lately, there have been parts in the letters that show concern for my well-being!”

As I said that and pointed out the part written in the latest letter in front of my mother’s eyes, she stared at it for a while and tilted her head.

“. . .’For the protection of Miss Emmanuella, I plan to send several knights from here in the near future’. . .This seems to be saying, ‘Don’t try to escape. We will soon send surveillance personnel,’ or so I can read it.”

My mother said that with a displeased tone, but I don’t think so.

No, if the Margrave does indeed have such possessive feelings towards me, I would be happy about it.

“No, it seems that they received some dangerous rumors about the extremist faction of the beloved children of the goddess in the Margrave territory, and they are very worried. As proof, they seem to be planning to send quite a few elite individuals. When I looked at the list of those who are scheduled to come, Otou-sama muttered ”Excessive force. . .”

“Hmm? The rumors within the country should be somewhat under control at the Duke’s house. . .But I wonder if they haven’t reached over there yet? Recently, I received reports that sympathy towards Emma-chan had been increasing among the people. . .”

My mother tilted her head in wonder, but I continued in my excited state.

“Anyway, it shows that he cares about me. While the letters may give a slightly cool impression, the items that are sent almost every day were all carefully chosen with me in mind.”

“Well. . .I suppose so. I think it’s worth appreciating the praiseworthy nature and financial power that sends you suitable items, Emma-chan.”

“Oh, Okaa-sama, you. . .”

As I chuckled, my mother turned her gaze away with a pouting expression.

My mother, in an attempt to somehow pour cold water on my excitement, is relentless in finding fault with Rudy-sama every day.

However, she has never criticized Rudy-sama’s appearance, which is considered the biggest issue.

I think my mother and I have quite similar sensibilities.

Although she often jokes, saying things like “Men aren’t about looks, it’s about wealth and tolerance,” I know that she occasionally gets captivated by my father’s handsome face. I haven’t confirmed it, but it seems like she wants to keep that aspect, which would be considered unique in terms of beauty standards in this world, a secret.

So, I believe that she appreciates Rudy-sama to some extent, considering that his appearance, apart from his color, is perfect and there’s no room for complaints about his other qualities. Maybe. Hopefully.

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