The Presumed Villainess Is Being Married Off to the Ugliest Man in the Country – Chapter 6

Chapter 6

“. . .We have received a response accepting the proposal we made for the engagement. Miss Emmanuella is to come to our territory in late May, after her suspension is lifted, and intends to immediately register our marriage and start living here,” 

Rudy murmured while looking at the letter he received from Duke Baytree’s family in the study of Margrave Santorina’s residence.

Upon hearing Rudy’s words, the elderly butler who had served his family since his father’s time tilted his head in disbelief. 

“I, I don’t think that’s possible. . .”

Rudy nodded deeply in agreement with the butler’s words and looked back at the unbelievably written contents of the letter, reading it for the 17th time. However, no matter how many times he read it, it still said the same thing.

There were two documents. One was a document recognizing the engagement between Emmanuella and Rudy, bearing the signatures of Duke Baytree and His Majesty the King. The other was a letter written by Emmanuella herself, which could almost be considered a love letter, expressing her joy for the engagement and apologizing sincerely for the delay in the wedding due to her suspension, promising to come to Margrave Santorina’s territory in three months.

“If you don’t see it with your own eyes, you wouldn’t believe it. Even I can’t believe it. . .You should read it too.” 

Rudy quietly handed over two letters and the old butler quickly skimmed through their contents. 

With doubts about ambiguous expressions that could be interpreted differently or deceptive wording intended to mislead, the butler cautiously continued reading. 

Occasionally, amidst Emmanuella’s overly excited and flowery praises that made him suspect if she had a field of flowers blooming in her brain, he managed to read every corner of the letters. 

“. . .Indeed, it seems to be written that way, and I can see it too.” 

With a voice that revealed a hint of fatigue, the old butler acknowledged it. 

“. . .What should we do?” 

“. . .We have no choice but to hurry with the preparations. We must make arrangements to welcome Oku-sama within three months. . .”

After exchanging these words in a somewhat calm tone, both master and servant finally grasped the unexpected situation that served as the premise, and they both became flustered.

“Well, isn’t this strange?! Weren’t they supposed to be resisted and delayed more?!”

“Of course! We assumed that with excuses like not having enough time for preparations, lacking education, family illness, or personal misfortune, she would find some pretext to break off the engagement without coming here for about three years. . .!”

“That’s right, that’s true. Actually, wasn’t it the same with my father?”

“Yes. As a result of repeating that several times, the marriage of the master was delayed, and Rudy-sama’s birth was also delayed, resulting in Rudy-sama becoming a Margrave at such a young age and still unmarried. . .”

“Father already had a terrible appearance, but I surpassed him. . .So, they’ll try to make unreasonable demands like waiting for another month, and then, of course, there will be resistance, so we will make numerous concessions, aiming for a marriage within a year. Isn’t that right?”

“That’s the understanding we have.”

Confirming each other’s understanding, Rudy and the elderly butler let out a deep sigh together. 

Then, they looked at the letter that contained the unexpected situation that greatly surprised them once again. With a serious expression, Rudy opened his mouth.

“Could it be that Miss Emmanuella doesn’t know that I am colorless. . .?”

“What are you talking about? There is no one in this country who doesn’t know about your reputation. Besides, you have met her directly and had several conversations. I clearly remember the day you came back, deeply moved, saying, ‘Even though we had a conversation with this ugly face of mine at close range, she didn’t frown or cry.’ “

“That’s right. That’s why when I heard that she was being accused as a villainess and her engagement was being broken off, I couldn’t stand it and volunteered to become her new fiancé. . .But still, I can’t imagine that she would agree to marry someone like me unless she doesn’t know that I am colorless. . .”

“In that letter, you were praised with words like ‘resembling the brilliance of the moon.’ Miss Emmanuella, she undoubtedly desires a marriage with the ‘Colorless Margrave’ to such an extent. In other words. . .”

“In other words, it means that the current situation that person is in is so difficult. To the point where she has to bestow such praise upon someone like me.”

After the word “in other words,” Rudy clearly voiced the continuation of the butler’s words, which had stumbled.

“. . .Perhaps. Considering that she wishes to move immediately after the end of her confinement, maybe she feels her safety is at risk in the capital. If she can escape and be protected here, it wouldn’t matter if they were colorless.”

Saying so, the old butler wiped away the tears that welled up as he thought about the person his master had feelings for, who was being pushed into such a terrible position.

“To push that compassionate and thoughtful young lady to such an extent. . .!”

Rudy clenched his fist tightly and muttered, his eyes filled with anger and hatred towards the people of the capital who had cornered Emmanuella.

While suppressing the same emotions from welling up in his own eyes, the old butler delivered his message.

“We must quickly arrange everything so that Miss Emmanuella doesn’t face any inconvenience here.”

“Yes, let’s prepare in a hurry. No, maybe we should send something comforting so that she can spend these three months comfortably at the Duke’s residence. Please make arrangements for that as well.”

“Understood. If she cannot leave the Duke’s residence, I believe it should be safe for the time being. However, depending on the situation, we may consider sending some escorts from here.”

“Yes, first, let’s write a reply to the letter and try to gauge the current situation over there.”

“. . .Please do not give an embarrassing and hasty response based on words such as ‘secretly admiring’ or ‘respecting from the bottom of my heart’ mentioned in Miss Emmanuel’s letter.”

“I understand. I am interpreting everything as ‘I need immediate help’ and ‘I am truly in trouble.’”

“That is a wise decision, young master. . .Ah, I mean, should I start calling you ‘Danna-sama’ from now on? Unless you have a long-standing relationship with Danna-sama and know his inner self, it is impossible to believe in things like ‘love at first sight’ as mentioned in the letter.”

“I know, don’t say it again. However, even if it’s a lie, her writing it like that must be her kindness. For the sake of her compassionate and beautiful self, I must do everything I can. . .!”

The young Margrave, who made up his mind and started to hurry, and his faithful old butler didn’t know. 

The praise for Rudy written in Emmanuella’s letter and the words that resembled a confession of love were completely sincere, with no falsehood whatsoever. 

From the day she arrived in the Margrave’s territory, there were more surprises in her behavior that were beyond what was written in the letter, and she would gradually be more of a handful. 

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