The Presumed Villainess Is Being Married Off to the Ugliest Man in the Country – Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Epilogue

Now, a week has passed since the day I woke up from my unconscious state after the capture drama of Rudy-sama’s mother’s second attack, today. 

Rudy-sama and I were sitting side by side on the sofa in the conversation room, not having an elegant afternoon tea time, but rather in a tired state, lacking even the energy to straighten our backs, nibbling on sweets and sipping tea. It was so sloppy that it could only be described as such. 

“Ah, you finally came back, huh. . .” 

“I can’t say such things to the Duchess, but well, I’m glad you didn’t take Emmanuella with you. . .” 

Saying that, Rudy-sama and I exchanged smiles, as if congratulating each other’s efforts. 

A few days ago, my father, and until just now, my mother, finally couldn’t take it anymore traveled to this place.

The reason being that Duke Baytree and his wife, my parents, took my near-death experience seriously and were trying to take me away. 

Although the mastermind has been captured, there were still remaining attackers, and that mastermind is Rudy-sama’s relative. 

I think it’s understandable that my father and mother couldn’t leave their daughter in such a place. 

Including the fact that the journey that would normally take a week was literally bypassed by borrowing a wyvern owned by the royal family and they arrived the next day, I was slightly moved by my parents’ feelings for me. 

However, I don’t want to be separated from Rudy-sama, with whom I have finally been able to connect with my heart. 

I also have the pride of having come to this land as his bride. 

So, I resisted. 

Even if my father scolded me and my mother cried, saying things like “When you come back, I’ll prepare everything you love,” it didn’t matter. 

My father, who couldn’t pay attention to me because of work, relatively quickly, and my mother, until today, finally gave up and returned, persuading them together with Rudy-sama. 

Well, it was more like persuading, mainly because Rudy-sama worked hard to capture all the attackers, dealt with the secret passages, and increased my guards, including those from the Duke family, to a state where my mother could be satisfied. 

However, if it hadn’t been properly conveyed that I wanted to stay here and that Rudy-sama cherishes me, even if the conditions were met, I don’t think my mother would have backed down. So, it was necessary to persuade her. 

“We didn’t need to increase the guards, I feel. . .” 

As I said that, Rudy-sama gently lifted my hand. 

“Of course, from now on, I will protect you firmly. But, Emma is my one and only, so it’s okay to strengthen the protection as much as possible, right? I want to cherish you, my beloved.” 

He firmly held my hand and said that while looking at me with a serious gaze, and although I thought it was overprotective, I couldn’t complain. 

Lately, I feel like Rudy-sama has come to understand well that I’m weak to his face. 

Being called by a nickname, it feels like I’m being loved in a teasing manner, rather than being worshipped and revered. . .

Well, it’s not a bad change. 

“Rudy seems to have gained confidence, which is great. If it were a little while ago, you would have probably told me to go back with my parents.”

“Yes, that’s right. A wonderful woman like Emma is too good for someone like me. Especially since I couldn’t protect her. . .I’m sure she thought she would be happier if she went back there.” 

Rudy-sama replied, even though it was in the past tense. I leaned on him heavily.

“I decide my own happiness. I want to be by your side. . .Will you grant any wish I have?”

“Yes. I am at your service, my goddess. I am grateful for the miracle of you wanting me.” 

He said with a blissful smile, even though I was glaring at him. 

. . .Damn it. He’s handsome.

“If we were together in that other world, it would be me who wouldn’t get any attention. . .There are too many people who will admire Rudy, I might not even be able to get close.”

Caught off guard by the dazzling smile at such close range, I couldn’t help but say that and gently stood up.

“No matter what world it is, I want you. No matter who else is there, no matter how the world sees us, you are my only one. It means nothing if it’s not Emma.”

While looking straight into my face as I sat back properly on the sofa, Rudy-sama said that. 

“I feel the same way, my only one, my beloved. It means nothing if it’s not you. Don’t ever say ‘someone like me’ again.”

For a moment, Rudy-sama looked surprised by my words, but as he understood their meaning, his cheeks gradually turned red and he smiled shyly.

There are people who pity me as the presumed villainess and say, “She was married off to the ugliest person in the country.” There are also those who mock me.

But for me, having this person laugh and be by my side in the days to come, this is undoubtedly the happiest ending.

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