The Presumed Villainess Is Being Married Off to the Ugliest Man in the Country – Chapter 31

Chapter 31

I vaguely sensed that the door to Rudy-sama’s bedroom, where I was sleeping, had been opened, due to the faint sound and change in the flow of the wind. 

Almost simultaneously, Lilyria, who was probably sitting on a chair right next to my bed, seemed to have stood up. 

“Margrave-sama, as of now, no one has come here.” 

Judging from Lilyria’s words, it seemed that Rudy-sama had entered. 

“I see. The butler said that the attacker is likely a professional based on the traces. Since there shouldn’t be anyone capable of such skilled work around him, they probably hired someone. I have no obligation to accompany the foolish act of returning to the crime scene in anger. Well, even if they don’t come, we will definitely capture them all.” 

Indeed, Rudy-sama’s voice saying so was gradually getting closer to me. 

That person came back “to the crime scene in anger”. . .Does that mean my curse was activated? 

“Yes, let’s definitely capture them. Although considering the trouble, it would have been better if they had come. . .In the first place, this mansion is heavily guarded, and it would be difficult to invade without using secret passages. . .If they’re not coming anyway, I should have stayed there and beaten that damn bastard until her face was unrecognizable.” 


Even for Lilyria, who is usually sharp-tongued, her words were too rough, and I was quite startled. However, Rudy-sama didn’t seem to mind and approached without hesitation, with firm footsteps. 

The two stood right next to me, continuing their conversation. 

“The face. . .I caused some injuries because there was resistance, but I didn’t intentionally damage the face.” 

“Tch. That face, Emmanuella-sama must love it. It should have been beaten to a pulp.” 

“She is currently unconscious, so I left her in the care of the knights. However, if she wakes up and starts to rampage, there is a possibility of her face getting injured. I’ll let you know to be careful.” 

In contrast to Lilyria, who didn’t bother hiding her frustration, Rudy-sama calmly said those words. . ..There was a slightly strange implication in “be careful,” I couldn’t help but feel. 

No, it should be fine, right. . .? 

He means to be careful not to cause any injuries. . .? Maybe even to stop Lilyria’s assault, at least. 

After all, she is Rudy-sama’s mother. And her face is so well-kept. 

“Although she is unconscious, how is her condition regarding the injuries?” 

When Lilyria asked in a somewhat calm voice, Rudy-sama answered calmly. 

“Ah, well, the resistance was quite intense. I had no choice but to hit her on the head with the scabbard. That’s what made her lose consciousness. Before that, she struggled a bit, so I may have fractured her leg, dislocated shoulder, and some bruises on her abdomen. There might be some damage to her internal organs as well. Oh, and to prevent her from chanting magic, I had to dislocate her jaw.” 

S-So much. . .He caused that much commotion. That person. 

Well, she seemed quite hysterical and the type to misuse magic. 

But it’s hard to believe that she went on such a rampage that she couldn’t be neutralized without resorting to that extent. 

I wonder what happened? Did Lilyria provoke her with her sharp tongue? 

Rudy-sama must have endured quite a lot to remain unharmed. 

. . .Unharmed, right? Neither of them has said anything about that. 

It’s scary. . .

As I secretly trembled at the unexpected intensity, Rudy-sama’s refreshing voice echoed. 

“Well, normally even criminals would receive treatment before being escorted to the capital, so it shouldn’t be a problem. It falls within the scope of a legitimate response to intruders.” 

“But if, unfortunately, the arrangement of a priest doesn’t work out and she is escorted all the way to the capital, it will surely be painful. Dislocations, if not properly treated, can become chronic. . .” 

“There are priests in this area too, but compared to the central region, there are some differences. It seems that sometimes they need to redo the treatment due to the rough handling here.” 

After exchanging such a conversation, Lilyria and Rudy-sama laughed happily, saying “Ufufu, Ahaha,” but for some reason, I felt a chill. 

I can only hear their voices, so I’m not entirely confident, but it seems like they are genuinely worried about that person who got injured. . .? 

I’ve heard that pain in the jaw, being close to the brain, can be tough. . .

“. . .I can’t really tell Emmanuella-sama about this. She’s a kind person, so even if it was unavoidable, she would worry.” 

“Yeah, that’s true. She’s already someone I don’t care about, but she’s still my mother by blood.” 

Rudy-sama agreed with Lilyria’s words. 

Sorry, both of you, I can hear you perfectly. . .

Well, I didn’t expect to be able to hear so many things in this state of pseudo-death. 

My body doesn’t move at all, and even my breathing and pulse are not influenced by my will or emotions, but for some reason, I can hear with my ears, and I can think about various things like this. It’s a strange feeling. 

Suddenly, the slightly firm touch of fingers gently brushing against my cheek made me feel a little startled, as if they were Rudy-sama’s fingers, but my heartbeat remained steady in reality. 

“. . .Lilyria-san, Sir Gladiolus, could you please leave Emmanuella and me alone for a moment?” 

When Rudy-sama said that, I immediately sensed Lilyria’s movement. 

“Understood. I’ll go and check on that damn woman’s condition. I’m going, Callan.” 

Ah, Callan was here too?! 

I didn’t feel like he left, but it was so quiet for a long time that I thought he had disappeared. 

He must be good at concealing his presence. Maybe it’s a skill of guards or knights. 

While I was thinking about such trivial matters, the presence of people in the room gradually diminished. 

Wait. Are we really alone? 

No servants, no one else. Are we truly, truly alone? 

Ah, the door closed! I heard it firmly shut! It’s completely closed! 

Well, it’s fine because we’re a married couple, but it’s my first time being alone in a room with someone of the opposite sex, especially here in Rudy-sama’s bedroom. I wish I had mentally prepared myself a little more. . .! 

Even though my body couldn’t react at all, I was starting to panic internally. 

“Emmanuella is truly beautiful. . .Watching her stay still like this, she seems like a completed work of art. It feels like she has surpassed the realm of beauty that humanity can reach. . .” 

Rudy-sama said with a sigh, causing the awkwardness and tension to escalate. 

What on earth is he talking about? 

I’m just an ordinary human being and your wife. I’m not some enchanting being. 

Certainly, in this world, I may be considered beautiful, but I hope you get tired of me after three days. 

Well, I do find myself captivated every time I see Rudy-sama’s face. But that’s beside the point. 

“When you wake up and show various expressions, you exhibit even more charm, which is bad for my heart. Thinking that way, I might not have many opportunities to calmly face and gaze at Emmanuella like this. . .” 

Rudy-sama repeated such incomprehensible soliloquies, took a deep breath, and then creaked as he sat down on the chair that Lilyria was probably sitting on until a while ago. 

“I will now express in words what I can say because you’re not listening, so that someday I can convey it to you.” 

Upon hearing his declaration from a closer position than before, I tilted my head inwardly. 

Huh? Hmmm? 

No, I can hear it just fine, but is it okay?. . .

What could he say that he couldn’t say because I couldn’t hear? Is it something like dissatisfaction. . .? 

Even though he probably didn’t intend for me to hear it, his tone switched to the one he usually uses when speaking to me, and it seems like he has something he wants to convey to me. . .? 

“. . .I also love you. Please become my true wife.” 

In that moment, all doubts, confusion, and impatience vanished, and my heart strangely calmed down. 

In the next moment, the joy that welled up from the depths of my heart exploded, enveloping my entire being. 

Unable to scream in frustration from being so happy, I bit my lip, and in that moment, Rudy-sama’s voice reached my ears, gently speaking to me. 

“. . .I’ve fallen in love with you. Originally, I thought I loved you, but perhaps the feelings I initially had for you were more like admiration or something. At least, it wasn’t love.” 

I had a vague feeling about that. 

As Rudy-sama spoke, using past tense for everything, I felt relieved, as if he was speaking directly to me. He continued. 

“I don’t know when my feelings turned into love. I realized it when I felt jealous of that man who called you ‘Emma.’ Even though I know I have no right to do so, if someone as beautiful as you, it’s only natural for everyone to love you. But still, I couldn’t help but think, ‘Even though you’re my wife’. . .”

No, it’s fine. That’s how it should be. I’m actually happy.

However, I couldn’t comfort him, who continued to express his feelings in a voice that seemed like a confession of guilt. It frustrated me to no end.

“. . .The moment I thought that, I realized how terrifying I was and that I shouldn’t direct such obsession towards you. So, I left the mansion.”

No, I don’t care! Obsession is more than welcome!

Even if I’m envied or restrained, wouldn’t you be happy to know that you’re loved that much?!

I want to shout that, but I can’t do anything. Rudy-sama continues to speak to me calmly.

“However, Lilyria-san and Lord Gladiolus came over there. . .Hehe, Lilyria-san scolded me, saying, ‘Please don’t judge Emmanuella-sama’s happiness on your own.’ We talked about various things. . .but above all, seeing the two of them, I thought they looked really happy.”

For a moment, I panicked, thinking that Lilyria said something rude, but in a gentle voice that even feels pleasant, Rudy-sama continues. 

“To be honest, I was envious. It made me want to know you too. Above all, Sir Gladiolus looked genuinely happy with Lilyria-san. If I were to fulfill your request, I wondered if you would smile like that. . .Above all, I realized that your happiness is the most important thing.”

“Even if it’s a lie, even if there may come a time when I’m abandoned, if it makes you happy now, then it doesn’t matter. If you can smile like that, it’s my wish. Yes, I truly thought so. I can suppress my jealousy and obsession for the sake of your smile. I will suppress them. I have decided to dedicate only the beautiful part of this emotion called love to you and return here.”

With a firm and determined voice, Rudy-sama changes his tone and gently strokes my cheek as he declares so. 

It’s not a lie, I won’t abandon you, and it’s okay to be jealous and obsessed. I wish you would do all that for me. . .

I want you to show me all of that love, even the parts you consider dirty. 

However, unlike Callan, who clearly states his preference as “valuing strength and the effort leading up to it more than appearance,” and the premise of “the clan and his nature,” I haven’t talked about “my past life” that is based on the premise of “face and personality matter, and honestly, color and magic don’t matter.” I’m sorry. 

Because I haven’t properly explained that you are my preference, it’s understandable that my love is not fully believed, and the possibility of me going somewhere else comes to mind. I’m sorry. 

“. . .And yet, when I heard that you had collapsed before I returned. . .It felt as if my heart had frozen. It was as if all the colors in the world had disappeared. . .I realized that I can’t even breathe without you anymore.”

Rudy-sama’s voice, as he spoke with a strained tone, was trembling faintly. He might be crying. 

I feel even more apologetic. I want to jump up right now and prostrate myself. But I can’t. 

“I realized how happy I was until now, and I regretted not cherishing it. . .So, I’ve decided that I don’t care about anything else. Even if it’s impossible, I will believe that you love me and cling to you. I will make efforts to continue being loved. Yes, I’ve decided.”

It seems that Rudy-sama’s earlier statement of ‘even if it’s a lie, even if I may be abandoned someday’ was resolved by my near-death experience, without waiting for the disclosure of our past lives. 

Well, it could also be because if I wake up with Rudy-sama’s kiss, it would be proof of mutual love. Maybe I only realized the things that were truly there when I thought they were lost. 

I feel both apologetic and happy that he has become more positive. 

His fingers, which were gently stroking my cheek with such delicate feelings, stopped, and his palm gently rested against my face. 

“I won’t lose to anyone, no matter what kind of person they are. Because I love you more than anyone else. I will do anything for you. Above all, I will respect you. I can’t do anything about my appearance. . .But I will make efforts in other aspects to keep you by my side.”

As he made this declaration, his voice, his presence, and even his breath were getting closer to my face. 

“So, I believe that you will wake up, and that we are in love. I will give you a kiss as proof.”

Shortly after that declaration, a soft sensation gently overlapped with my lips. 

The hand that was resting on my cheek, and probably his lips that touched mine, were slightly cold and trembling. 

It feels as if his tension and fear are being transmitted to me. 

If I don’t wake up. 

I might just die like this. 

It would also mean that I don’t love him. 

That would surely be a terrifying thing. 


A gentle warmth spreads from my lips, caressing my entire body. 

The sensation of blood gradually circulating. 

It feels as if the parts that were touched by something are returning to being mine. 

Behind my closed eyelids, I sense a cherry blossom-colored light, and my eyes open. 

“Emma. . .”

“I love Rudy-sama too! Let’s be happy together!”

I cling tightly to the person in front of me who called my name with joy, and I shout loudly. 

There are many things, really, so many things I want to say, but the most important thing to convey is. 

“Um, um. . .?”

I gently moved away from the bewildered Rudy-sama and, despite feeling a bit dizzy from suddenly moving after being asleep for a long time, I forced myself to overcome it and sat up on the bed, straightening my posture. 

“First, I apologize. I didn’t have a means to communicate, and it wasn’t intentional, it’s just an excuse. . .I heard everything. I’m sorry.” 

“. . .Everything?” 

Rudy-sama tilted his head and stiffened. 

“Everything. Yes, everything. Mother-in-law, you caused quite a commotion. I was surprised. And your jealousy and obsession are very welcome. It becomes a nuisance only when it’s one-sided, right? I would also feel incredibly jealous, and because I’m obsessed with you, it’s mutual, a mutual love, no problem at all! That’s what I mean!” 

While I piled on my words, Rudy-sama’s face gradually turned red. 

“E-Everything! You heard everything?! Oh, no. . .!” 

He covered his face with both hands and groaned. 

So cute! He’s cool, but cute! I love him even more! 

Honestly, I wanted to say that, but I thought I might embarrass him even more, so I pretended to be a bit coy and gently conveyed my feelings in a calm voice. 

“I was happy to hear your true feelings, Danna-sama.” 

“. . .If Emmanuella is happy, then that’s all that matters.” 

Rudy-sama glanced up from his palms and saw my beaming smile. His eyes were slightly teary, but he did say that. 

He’s truly adorable. My love for him is overflowing. 

Savoring the joy of being able to finally have a conversation with him and the love I feel for him, I gathered my courage. 

“Well, in exchange for hearing what you wanted to hide. . .not that it’s the same thing, but I’ll tell you one of my secrets. . .Will you listen?” 

“A secret, you say. . .?” 

Rudy-sama raised his face with curiosity, still blushing, but his expression turned serious as he straightened his posture. 

It seems he intends to listen seriously to my secret. 

“I’m not entirely satisfied with the sense of beauty and ugliness in this world. And that’s because I have memories of living in a different world from here――” 

That’s how I began my long, long story. 

It would be hard to believe, but Rudy-sama listened attentively, interjecting with a few questions. He neither doubted nor laughed it off, but accepted it. 

In the end, he said, “Well, if not, I can’t explain why you love me.” and shed tears for my past life that ended prematurely. He vowed to fill this life with happiness from now on. 

With his kindness, I fell in love with him all over again. 

And so, on this day, we became a couple who understood each other’s true hearts.

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