The Presumed Villainess Is Being Married Off to the Ugliest Man in the Country – Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Is it really okay for the villainess’s condemnation event to be this low-key. . .?

On this day that I prepared myself for with some determination, the first thing I felt was just that.

Today, in late February, when the country is becoming peaceful and it seems like we’re approaching the ending, the place I was summoned to was the reception room of the royal palace.

However, although it is located in the back of the castle, it is a relatively small room used for small tea parties with close members of the royal family.

The participants are me, Emmanuella Baytree, the presumed villainess, my father, Duke Baytree, Crown Prince Fortunato Delphinium, who is still technically my fiancé, Delina Larkspur, the baron’s daughter who is the presumed heroine and the beloved child of the goddess who saved our country, and His Majesty the King. That’s all.

. . .Isn’t it customary for such events to be held in a place where the public gathers, exposing my sins loudly and delivering a striking annulment and condemnation. . .?

Well, that kind of thing is just for dramatic effect, and in reality, decisions are often made in quiet meetings like this, with only the parties involved. Let’s think that way.

Now then, what will be my verdict?

I would be happy if it could be settled with just being banished from the capital.

Currently, as His Majesty the King reads out my charges, I hardly have any idea about most of them.

It seems that there were incidents at the academy, where I, Emma-sama, the presumed villainess, spread rumors of hiding things, telling lies, and bullying Delina-chan, the presumed heroine. I hardly know anything about it, though.

However, I do recognize the names of certain individuals associated with each charge, such as ‘using someone’ or ‘ordering someone to do something’. They are all either close friends of mine or children from families who share the same faction as mine.

I have no recollection of using or ordering anyone, but if it really happened, they must have done it for my sake.

It is true that my fiancé’s heart was stolen, but our engagement was purely political, and there was no special affection between us. Moreover, as the villainess destined to lose in an otome game, I had given up early on.

To be honest, it was just unnecessary meddling. However, everyone must have acted for my sake. Probably.

It’s also possible that someone did those things and conveniently blamed everything on me, thinking, “Wouldn’t it be funny if that person did it?” 

But in any case, it means that our faction lost in politics. As the eldest daughter of the Duke family, who leads the faction, I have to take responsibility.

Since it was revealed that Delina-chan is the beloved child of the goddess, there must be some retribution for her being underestimated all this time.

In order to celebrate the grand marriage of the two blessed by the goddess, ‘No, no, it’s not a plundering situation. It’s because the previous fiancée was such a terrible woman. She had her engagement broken off because she was deemed unworthy of being the crown princess’, they probably want to say that.

It can’t be helped. This is also a responsibility that comes with this position.

“‘. . .The above is the crime of Emmanuella Baytree, and the temple seeks strict punishment from the country’. . .This is the entire text of the letter sent to me from the temple.”

However, after saying so, His Majesty the King carelessly threw the stack of papers he was holding (apparently a letter sent from the temple) onto the desk.

“Really, it’s so ridiculous.”

To the king, who grumbled with a displeased expression and snorted, I couldn’t help but tilt my head in confusion.

Huh? Could it be that His Majesty doesn’t really agree with the temple that is trying to condemn me. . .?

“It’s true! Emma-sama didn’t do anything wrong! About 90% of the recent letter was about ‘teaching incorrect manners and customs, leading the beloved child to failure’, it’s all purely my self-destruction! Neither Emma-sama nor anyone else did such a roundabout harassment!”

As the presumed heroine, Delina-chan, said angrily, her dark brown hair and eyes, which only shine pink when she uses the power of the beloved child, have an interesting nature. My confusion deepens even more. Perhaps due to her anger, her face is slightly turning pink.

Well, actually, Delina-chan, who grew up freely in the not-so-formal Baron household in the countryside, didn’t really acquire noble manners and customs.

Moreover, she acted somewhat thoughtlessly, so she often caused trouble energetically before I could stop her.

Rather, as classmates, while I was helping her with the mess she made and teaching her the correct way, we became so close that we started calling each other ‘Delina-chan’ and ‘Emma-sama’ as nicknames.

But hey, don’t you realize that I’m in a position where I can’t afford not to be properly condemned. . .?

“I’m sorry, Emma-sama. It’s because of my ignorance and stupidity as a foolish country girl that you’ve been falsely accused. . .”

As Delina-chan said that, her large eyes became teary, and I was taken aback.

“No, it’s not like that. . .”

“No, really. In the letter earlier, I realized, ‘Oh, I made so many mistakes,’ and I felt embarrassed. Ah, should I copy down the letter to properly reflect and learn from it?”

Interrupting my objection, Delina-chan tilted her head and gently hugged her shoulders. Sitting next to her was Crown Prince Fortunato.

“If it’s you, the beloved child of the goddess who has now become a position even higher than the royal family, there are many things that are not necessarily wrong. I don’t think you need to use such malicious and ominous materials for learning.”

I averted my gaze somewhat from his sweet voice. It’s too sweet. 

Too sweet. Please spare me.

“Well, then I won’t do it!. . .But, things really change a lot, huh? It’s difficult. . .!”

Delina-chan said energetically as if there was no sweetness from the Crown Prince, and I couldn’t help but let out a wry smile as she groaned and held her head.

“Delina-sama, it’s quite a sudden change in your position. . .”

I unintentionally said that, and Delina-chan quickly raised her head.

“To call me Delina-sama. . .! It’s lonely! Please call me Delina-chan like before. . .”

She said while on the verge of tears, and although I managed to brush it off with a wry smile, I couldn’t let her say that.

“People from the school who used to call me ‘almost a commoner’ or ‘hey, you there’ suddenly started calling me ‘beloved child of the goddess’. . .It’s not like I need that. As for me, I’m just ‘that person.'” “That’s enough.”

I interrupted Delina-chan, who made a statement that I couldn’t just let slide, and continued with what I wanted to say since she called herself ‘an ignorant country girl’.

“Delina-sama, if I may humbly express my thoughts. You have manifested the power of the beloved child of the goddess of love and healing, and revived the country’s guardian dragon. Thanks to you, this country has been saved. Please consider how many lives you have protected and how many people are grateful to you.”

Delina-chan seems to be attentively listening to my usually stern and strict words. I continue.

“You, who have shown miracles that trace the foundation of this country, have become a noble figure in this country more than anyone else. Treating yourself with low regard is an action that belittles not only us nobles but also all the citizens of this country. Please understand that it is an act of mocking all those who are grateful to you and worship you.”

After firmly stating this, I think to myself, ‘I wonder if I’ve added another charge by saying something meddlesome’. 

Well, it’s fine. It will probably just change from around 100 to around 101. It won’t make much of a difference.

“I also agree with Miss Emmanuella.”

The Crown Prince, with a gentle and wry smile, says so, and Delina-chan, who seemed somewhat dazed, slowly nods repeatedly, as if reminding herself.

“. . .Somehow, with what you just said, it feels like all the things I’ve recently been taught have suddenly connected. I see. That’s why I have to behave in a way that won’t be underestimated, I shouldn’t try to do everything myself, I shouldn’t apologize casually, and even when expressing gratitude, it should always be from a position of superiority. Ahh. . .!”

In the end, while holding her head, it seems that she has somehow come to an understanding.

“. . .Thank you. . .No, thank you, Emma-sama. If you hadn’t clearly stated it, I would have continued to belittle myself.”

Delina-chan awkwardly manages to say so. Her attitude of trying not to use honorific language towards me is admirable.

However, that includes me in it. Well, such minor details are something the instructor will teach from now on.

For now, let’s just be genuinely happy that her posture has straightened and she exudes a hint of dignity.

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