The Presumed Villainess Is Being Married Off to the Ugliest Man in the Country – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Perhaps, I think I might be what they call a reincarnated villainess.

I, Emmanuella Baytree, am a so-called isekai reincarnator who came to this sword and magic fantasy world from modern-day Japan.

In this world, my noble family is the Duke family, and my fiancé is the crown prince, who is also my cousin.

He has a form that is said to be the most beautiful in the country and is blessed with magical talent.

Furthermore, his proficient magic is ice and darkness.

With these specs, it feels like I fit the typical villainess archetype. At least, that’s how I felt.

Naturally, that means I should avoid the path of destruction. However, there was one big problem.

There was one major problem.

This is also the reason why I can’t confidently declare, “I have been reincarnated as the villainess!” or “I am indeed the villainess!”

I, in fact, knew absolutely nothing about this world. . .

Well, I had a vague feeling that this world resembled an otome game, based on the setting and the events that were happening. So, I made some assumptions like, “Maybe it will turn out like this?” But that was just a tentative guess.

However, I had no specific knowledge about the story or the characters. This world itself was completely unknown to me.

No matter whose appearance I saw, no matter what names I heard, no matter how memorable the conversations were, and even when a major event occurred that shook the country and seemed like the main story was progressing!

I didn’t have a clue about anything. Not a single thing.

Well, because I actually didn’t know, it was such a peculiar otome game.

Yes, this world is a bit, no, quite, maybe even ridiculously, strange.

The reason is that in this world, the sense of beauty and ugliness is significantly different from what I know.

Well, when you think about what is beautiful and what is ugly, it can vary with time and culture, and it’s hard to put into words. It’s like, a feeling of balance or something like that is beautiful. . .? It’s a bit difficult to articulate.

Nevertheless, I can assert that the rules of this world are strange.

It may be very simple and easy to understand, but I can’t help but feel strange. After all,

In this world, beauty = dark hair color.

In this world, ugliness = light hair color.

That’s how it is.

Well, there is some kind of basis or cause for it, I remember.

The reason is that in this world, hair color is considered a manifestation of the gods’ blessings.

In reality, people with certain colors, like red for fire and blue for water, are good at magic related to those elements. Moreover, the stronger the color, the stronger the magic they can use. Individuals who can use multiple elemental magics have hair colors that combine those elements. And when it comes to the ultimate, black-haired individuals, they can pretty much master any kind of magic.

So, it might be that hair color is truly influenced by the respective gods who govern those elemental aspects, rather than just a joke or something.

No, I don’t know the reason why magic can be used, it’s just speculation.

But at least, in the religion of this country, it is believed to be like that.

Well, that’s fine.

But I still can’t quite understand why that becomes the criteria for beauty and ugliness.

The first thing that felt strange to me was the public’s evaluation of my current parents.

My mother is a bit chubby but a cute and cheerful person, and my father is an unnecessarily handsome and stylish man, at least that’s what I think.

However, the public’s evaluation seems to be that my mother is a glamorous beauty, the Duchess, and my father is a clever Duke who secured his wife with his slightly challenging appearance, excellent status, intellect, and wealth.

The reason is their hair color.

My mother has glossy black hair and chestnut-colored eyes.

My father has flaxen hair and black eyes.

While hair is mainly used as a criterion for beauty and ugliness, it seems that eye color also plays a role, with darker eyes being more preferred by people.

Therefore, my mother becomes a peerless beauty, and my father, taking into account the slight cover provided by his eyes, becomes slightly below average in terms of ugliness.

No, no. No, no, no.

My mother has a soothing appearance, but I don’t think she’s that much of a beauty. . .?

My father, even though he’s my father, is unnecessarily sparkling and handsome. . .?

While it’s fine for my father to passionately praise my mother’s beauty, I wonder why the public is so infatuated with her. . .?

The fact that my mother returns love to my father without caring about his appearance is considered her beauty, while the public thinks my father is ugly.

To the extent that beauty and ugliness are determined solely by color. . .

Like a peacock?

The sense of beauty and ugliness in the people of this world is at the level of birds or insects.

I have a memory of thinking that when I was young and learned this fact.

Afterward, when I asked the people around me why facial features and body size are not considered in the evaluation of beauty and ugliness, I received various reactions like “Why do you care about such things?” or “Did the previous king choose his queen based on the roundness of her ankles?”

My sense of beauty and ugliness is treated as a peculiar fetish on the same level as the “roundness of ankles.”

No, it’s more accurate to say that facial features and body size are treated as ‘things that don’t matter’.

Yes, I’ve truly been reincarnated into a completely different world.

If this world were an otome game, the boys who seem to be the capture targets would be considered wonderful mainly because of their hair color. They all have hair that is close to black. I can’t help but think that it was a plan pushed through by someone with an extreme black hair fetish.

Well, they all have powerful magic and their faces are generally good-looking, but when I think about whether they resemble the capture targets in an otome game. . .Honestly, there are people with somewhat mob-like appearances standing proudly among them, so I can’t help but think it’s a ‘peculiar otome game’.

Moreover, my fiancé, who was ultimately captured by the presumed heroine, the Crown Prince himself, has a somewhat mob-like appearance.

To me, his gentle and unassuming facial features give a sense of calm, but since his hair and eyes are almost black, he is apparently incredibly handsome in this world.

He is an incredibly handsome (in terms of hair color) prince.

So, as evidence that I resemble the villainess, I mentioned ‘the most beautiful in the country’, but in other words, like him, I am ‘the most beautiful (in terms of hair color)’ in the country.

Inherited from my mother, my black hair that can be recognized as blue under the sun is truly the most beautiful (in terms of hair). 

Oh, and my father’s black eyes, which are inherited from him, apparently add some points, so it’s more accurate to say that I am ‘the most beautiful (in terms of color)’ in the country.

Anyway, it’s truly empty.

Truly empty, but well, in this country, I am blessed with favorable specifications. 

Flawless beauty (in terms of color), an origin that people envy, and a wealthy family. I have enjoyed a luxurious and happy life, fully benefiting from these blessings until this day.

Considering that I had a weak body and died young in my previous life, just being able to learn and move my body to my heart’s content was already something to be grateful for, but beyond that, I am aware that I have been given an unparalleled life.

So, it’s enough.

Even if I am judged as the villainess from now on and face what is considered a disastrous ending, I have been given magical talent and received advanced education that has allowed me to fully develop it.

I haven’t committed such grave crimes.

As a punishment, it might involve being disowned by the Duke Baytree family and having my noble status revoked, spending some years doing social service at the temple, or worst-case scenario, being exiled from the country.

Regardless of which, I have the ability to live happily, and that has already been given to me.

With that determination, today, on this day, I, Emmanuella, the villainess Duke Baytree’s daughter, have reached the day of my condemnation.

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