The Presumed Villainess Is Being Married Off to the Ugliest Man in the Country – Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Hmm, it’s not suicide, but. . .

As Rudy-sama said, thieves entered through a hidden passage and tried to kill me.

Because I still love Rudy-sama the same, if he would just kiss me quickly, I would wake up.

If that happens, I can testify about the culprit as well. . .

. . .I should wake up, right? Rudy-sama loves me, right?

I wonder if Callan and Lilyria were able to successfully clear up Rudy-sama’s misunderstanding. . .

Even if the misunderstanding is cleared, the fact remains that I hurt Rudy-sama deeply with my reckless words and actions. I still haven’t been able to apologize directly.

I might have ended up being hated.

If that’s the case, then. . .oh, no, but it’s true that it wouldn’t make sense to be resurrected in a world without someone to love, just as the goddess intended. Instead of relying on my mother’s familial love, I’ll think that if he doesn’t work out, then it’s just not meant to be.

Well, neither Lilyria nor Rudy-sama himself particularly mentioned any doubts about Rudy-sama’s love, so I’m sure it’s fine.

For now, I’ll just believe in him and wait. They say all I can do is wait.

In this eerie state of pseudo-death where only my consciousness is awake while my body remains asleep, I reflect on the events of last night when I was almost killed.


After refusing dinner in the evening, I returned to my room and lazily sat on the sofa, forgetting to change out of my dress. I ended up dozing off. 

When I suddenly realized it, it was already late at night. 

The room had become completely dark, possibly because the lamp had run out of fuel. In the dimly lit room, as I stretched my creaking body, they arrived. 

After seeing it only once from Rudy-sama, I had completely forgotten about the hidden passage, without any particular use for it. 

The wall decoration serving as the key emitted a faint light, and silently, the wall next to it moved, revealing a gap wide enough for a person to pass through. 

In the next moment, smoke, likely created by magic or a magical tool, flowed out from there into the bedroom, spreading throughout the room with a puff. 

There was a scent that almost made me lose consciousness, along with a strong presence of dark magic. 

Reflexively, I tried to create a barrier to defend myself, but my groggy mind and weakened body from the past few days didn’t cooperate well. 

Ah, no. Even if I hold my breath, it feels like the smoke is draining the strength from my limbs. 

“Ugh, damn it. . .!” 

Despite that, I managed to muster a small resistance and it seems that my own high magical power automatically protected me, allowing me to maintain consciousness. 

However, strength drained from my limbs, and I sank back onto the sofa. 

Ignoring my sudden abnormal situation, the smoke slowly, slowly disappeared as if dissipating. 


The sound of hard shoes echoed strangely. Following that, there were several presences that failed to completely suppress their footsteps. 

Someone, or rather multiple people, were coming into this room through the hidden passage that only the successive heads of the mansion should know about. 

Eventually, what appeared were four, five. . .? Within my visible range, there were five individuals, all tall with a good physique, but it was difficult to determine if they were men due to their robes that obscured their body lines and concealed their faces. One of them was holding a lamp. 

And standing at the center of the group, as if being protected by them, was a woman wearing a flashy dress that exposed a lot of skin. She was probably the cause of the loud footsteps from earlier, wearing high heels. 

“Wow, she’s incredibly stunning. Is she a Hollywood actress?” 

The moment I saw that woman, my thoughts seemed to overlap and I, who was apparently confused, unintentionally blurted out the words that came to mind. 

The common sense that I shouldn’t verbalize my knowledge from my previous life, as well as the Duke’s daughter persona that should have been ingrained after years of pretending, had completely fallen away. 

“Huh? What is she saying? And why is she able to speak?” 

The woman at the center said irritably, then kicked the person in front of her around the thigh area. 

The person who was kicked bowed their head meekly without uttering a word. From the silence of the surrounding people, it seemed that the group was wary of me hearing their voices. 

Nevertheless, she’s so beautiful that being kicked by her might even be a reward. 

She appears to be in her 30s, maybe even in her 40s. With long limbs, purple hair, and sapphire-colored eyes.

Despite wearing flashy dresses and accessories that could be considered vulgar, her overwhelming good looks and perfectly symmetrical features only serve to enhance her beauty.

She even has a slightly sadistic charm. You could call it villainous allure.

Oh no, this is not the time to be captivated. The person in front of me is likely an intruder with hostile intentions.

“I specialize in dark magic. Magic is difficult to penetrate for opponents of higher rank than the caster, you see?”

“Tch, what an unpleasant woman.”

I tighten my focus, readjust my facade, and provocatively challenge her with as much composure as possible, so as not to let her realize that I’m on the verge of being done in. The beauty clicks her tongue with genuine disgust.

“I believe this is our first meeting. . Have we had any significant encounters in the past?”

No, definitely not. I would never forget meeting such a beauty even once.

While thinking that, I cautiously inquire, and the beauty snorts disdainfully.

“So we’re not acquaintances. It seems you’ve taken quite a liking to the stain of my past that I brought into the world.”

“The stain of your past. . .?”

As I tilt my head in confusion at her vague expression, she glares at me with a resentful gaze and spits out her words.

“Will you understand if I put it this way? This place used to be my room. I left a long time ago, but it seems the ‘passage’ remains unchanged.”

“C-Could it be, you’re my Mother-in-law?!”

“You have no right to call me mother.”

Oh, I’ve been told something truly mother-in-law-like.

Well, in reality, she is my mother-in-law. This beauty is probably Rudy-sama’s birth mother, the former wife of the previous Margrave.

Even though I wanted to insult her as a miserable old hag based on the preconceived information alone, her imposing beauty is enough to make me unintentionally refer to her as “Mother-in-law”. . .

Upon closer inspection, her purple hair is not that intense, so she is probably a moderately attractive magician who can control water and fire to some extent in this world. But I don’t have the courage to call someone with this face a miserable old hag.

Considering Rudy-sama’s age, it’s highly likely that she is well past 40, but I can’t even call her an old hag, even if it’s a lie.

“Well, it’s something I don’t want to admit, but indeed, I am the mother of that failure, the colorless Margrave.”

However, the words that come out of my mouth are undoubtedly “miserable old hag”.

“For a person who is supposed to be a mother, to call her own beloved child a failure. . .I truly despise you from the bottom of my heart.”

Even when I glare at her harshly and say that, the beauty just laughs it off.

“I was wed to a man who offered my parents money and power, a man who I found neither lovable nor anything but repulsive. That failure is not the existence I desired.”

“If you are of noble birth, a political marriage is only natural, no matter who the partner is. You should build a relationship based on respect and mutual support, regardless of the person’s character.”

“Oh, how virtuous of you. That’s why I hate you so much. You’re certainly doing well with that.”

To her words, which she spat out with genuine disgust, I immediately retort.

“No, when it comes to Rudy, I married him simply because I love him, without any obligations or entanglements.”

When I was engaged to the Crown Prince, I intended to serve him as a job, without any fluttering feelings, as I mentioned earlier.

“Oh, you have such peculiar tastes. Is it true that you and that person are truly in love, as the townspeople gossip about? By the way, didn’t call me beautiful earlier. . .?”

As if intimidated by my sincere gaze, the beauty said that with a forced smile.

“Yes. I think you are beautiful. Though your personality is the worst, but you have such a wonderful face and figure that even turn that into a dangerous charm.”

“. . .What’s with her? Even though I hate to say it myself, I clearly have an average appearance. . .It’s just sarcastic to be told that by someone with such perfect beauty. . .”

Even though I sincerely praised her, the beauty took a step back, seemingly more confused and terrified than ever.

As if supporting her back, one person in the group gently placed their hand on her.

She shook her head to regain her composure and straightened her posture, then asked me.

“No, it doesn’t matter now whether you’re weird or not. Anyway, I can’t let you live as someone who can marry him. . .Just to make sure, you don’t have any intention of living somewhere far away with someone more decent, like that black-haired Imperial Knight, even if I offer to guide you, right?”

“No, I don’t. I have pledged my unwavering love to Rudy for a lifetime.”

“. . .I see, how unfortunate.” 

The moment the beautiful woman heard my response, an arrow of flames was shot from the crowd. 

“Why should I not be allowed to live? It’s not like you want to return to this mansion, to this room, right?” 

“Why can’t I hit you from a distance! Me returning to this house?! You’re joking!” 

“I am like this, you know? It’s impossible for me not to be able to deflect the magic of a lower-ranked magician. If you have no intention of returning to this house, then why do you try to eliminate me? It’s no longer relevant, isn’t it?” 

While dodging the rapid succession of magic arrows, I asked. 

As for him, he may be a hopeless failure, but he has the ability to earn money. The demon beasts that the lord of this territory deals with can be sold at a high price. His father was also good at paying money. However, with his appearance, he will probably never be able to marry or have children, and he will likely die in an accident when his power declines. In that case, the wealth he has accumulated will belong to me, his mother, right?”

“Indeed, this place seems to be full of danger, but we won’t let Rudy die young. We will protect him. How long do you intend to live?”

I was so exasperated by her selfish argument that I asked with a sigh. 

No, this beauty looks youthful enough to be the same age as Rudy-sama, but her actual age is not like that. Planning to outlive her own child. . .

However, in front of my exasperated gaze, the beauty smirked and smiled defiantly. 

“I actually have a child conceived with someone I truly love. They will be a half-sibling to him. If he dies unmarried, that child has the right to inherit his wealth. That’s why it’s troublesome if he find a wife who can accept him. And having a child would be even worse.”

“I see, I understand. . .”

“If you understand, then give up already! You haven’t been able to counterattack, and all you do is move your mouth skillfully. There’s no chance of winning against this number of people!”

. . .So they found out. 

Yes. I’ve been trying to move multiple times, but my limbs seem to be numb and I can’t move at all. 

For now, I’m able to nullify the magic, but I don’t know how long I can keep it up. And if they bring out blades, I don’t think I can survive against this number of people. 

Despite all the commotion, there is no sign of the guards who should be outside the door coming to help. They have probably been dealt with as well. 

I’m impressed by their thorough preparation. It’s true that there is no chance of winning. 

“. . .Enough.”

Eventually, the beauty said that and stopped the group’s magic, revealing her long legs as she slid them out from the slit in her dress. Attached to her thigh holster was a surprisingly rugged knife. 

She took it out and clenched it, then approached me with a determined step. I tried to wriggle away to escape from her, but my still immobile body simply slid down to the floor. 

“Oh, so you still can’t move. . .I’ll at least give you a quick death, you infuriatingly beautiful woman.”

She said that with a cruel smile as she looked at me, and for a moment, I felt like I could unleash at least one offensive magic spell. 

However, I don’t know the abilities of the remaining five people. 

They might have other preparations as well. 

That’s why I decided to simply accept the blade that was about to strike me. 

For Delina-chan and the Goddess of Love. 

I whispered a small curse in exchange for the preserved magical power, while releasing it towards the woman in front of me. 

(It’s you who I find infuriatingly beautiful, you old hag. 

There are things I’ve wanted to do to you ever since I met you.)

The words I wanted to say, I couldn’t utter them before my throat was torn apart.

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