The Presumed Villainess Is Being Married Off to the Ugliest Man in the Country – Chapter 28

Chapter 28

“In the evening, around 4 p.m. if I recall correctly, Emmanuella-sama came out into the hallway outside her bedroom and informed us that dinner was unnecessary. When asked about her condition, she said, ‘I just ate a little too much for lunch.’ After receiving our understanding, she immediately returned to her bedroom. Until that point, I believe she was undoubtedly safe.”

“On that day, Lilyria-san had not yet returned, and Emmanuella-sama requested that no one else enter the room for a while, so I don’t know what happened inside the room after that. However, I don’t think there were any signs of external intrusion into Oku-sama’s room, which is located deep within the mansion.”

“We, the guards, were always stationed outside on rotation. The garden is also patrolled by security. I was outside the door, but around 11 p.m., I suddenly felt a strange and unnaturally quiet atmosphere. I called out to Oku-sama from outside the door, but there was no response. When I knocked on the door quite forcefully and it didn’t make any sound, I became convinced that a sound-blocking magic was being used.”

“Considering the possibility that Oku-sama used magic for a peaceful sleep, the first ones to enter the room were the two of us maids.

. . .We discovered Emmanuella-sama collapsed on the floor, covered in blood, unconscious.”

“There was immediately a big commotion, but upon closer inspection, Oku-sama had no external injuries and appeared to be sleeping. However, at that moment, I could faintly see a peach-colored light surrounding Oku-sama, but it disappeared as soon as the room lights were turned on. The others said they didn’t see anything like that and dismissed it as a mistake. . .”

“As there was a knight among us who was skilled in healing magic, we quickly called for that person, and then a high-ranking priest from the temple, to examine Oku-sama. Both of them diagnosed that Oku-sama had no physical ailments and was simply sleeping. However, no matter how much we called out to her, she did not regain consciousness.”


Upon receiving the news of Emma’s collapse, Rudy, riding his horse through the dark night alone, narrowly passed Lilyria and Callan, who were on their way back in a carriage.

The day after Emma lost consciousness, in the mansion where everyone gathered, Emma, who was covered in blood and had her room searched, unable to use her room due to the destroyed key, was carried into Rudy’s bedroom, where she slept.

Upon receiving reports from those in the mansion, Rudy, with a solemn expression, shared and organized information with the three of them.

“Most likely, Emmanuella-sama was on the verge of death. Judging from the bloodstains on her dress and in the room, it seems that her thick blood vessels in her neck were cut.” 

Emma was on the verge of death once.

At Lilyria’s shocking conclusion, the remaining three were astonished.

However, only Rudy, who noticed that she currently had no external injuries, despite sleeping, asked while looking pale.

“Currently, it appears that she has no injuries. Could it be that Emmanuella herself treated them?”

“No, there are also eyewitness accounts of a pink light, and that pink girl―excuse me, Baron’s daughter Delina Larkspur-sama. . .Oh, right, she became the adopted daughter of some Marquis family for the sake of marrying the Crown Prince. Anyway, it seems that the blessing of the beloved child of the goddess was activated.”

“A blessing. . .?”

“Oh, didn’t Callan know? Emmanuella-sama has received a blessing, so she won’t die even if she’s killed. She automatically recovers. Currently, she is in a deep sleep to recover her body.”

Upon Lilyria’s words, Rudy, who knew the information but had doubts due to his lack of faith, and Callan, who learned for the first time, both sighed with admiration and relief.

“However, she won’t wake up if we leave her like this. A kiss from a loved one is necessary.”

But then, looking straight at Rudy, who is considered her loved one, Lilyria asserted while meeting his gaze.

Rudy, on the other hand, averted his gaze and persistently argued with Lilyria.

“I have heard that, but. . .is that really true? It’s difficult to consider kissing an unconscious person as gentlemanly behavior. It feels resistant to do it without certainty, or rather, it feels too absurd. . .”

“The pink light has disappeared, and she has probably already started recovering, but Emmanuella-sama is still not awake. Shouldn’t we follow what we’ve heard? Besides, the boss of the pink girl is the goddess of love, right? They can solve everything with ‘the power of love,’ those guys and their associates. According to the goddess, it doesn’t mean anything if she comes back to life in a world without a loved one.”

“Truly a theory of the goddess of love. . .!”

Lilyria laughed through her nose as she groaned and held her head.

“Well, Emmanuella-sama said the same thing. Now, Rudy-sama, I would like you to kiss Emmanuella-sama as soon as possible. . .”

Seeing Lilyria pause her words, Rudy looked at her with a puzzled expression, and Lilyria sighed.

“First, we need to investigate why she ended up in this state.

Was Emmanuella-sama attacked by someone. . .or did she attempt suicide? If we don’t know the cause, we don’t know if it’s right to wake her up immediately, or rather, if we can wake her up.”

The atmosphere in the room froze at Lilyria’s harsh words.

Without paying attention to it, she calmly continued her speculation.

“If it was suicide, I can only think of her despairing about her love for Rudy-sama as the cause. That love may have already been shattered. If that’s the case, you won’t be able to wake Emmanuella-sama.”

“S-Such. . .”

Staring at Rudy, whose complexion turned pale, Lilyria continued.

“You should have realized it sooner. . .Well, the love that the goddess of love speaks of may also refer to familial love. In case you’re not enough, it would be better to have the Duchess come here as a backup.”

“Callan, quickly contact the Duke household. If it turns out that Emmanuella-sama’s near-death experience was caused by an external enemy, it would be bad if it becomes known that she is still alive. But since you have an excess of magical power, you should be able to easily send a letter while covering it up, right?”

Ignoring the speechless and bowed-down Rudy, Lilyria gave instructions. Callan immediately nodded and began writing a letter to the Duchess.

“Rudy-sama, this is not the time to despair. Be cautious. If the cause was indeed an external enemy, we must eliminate it promptly. It is an incident that occurred in the absence of both Rudy-sama and Lilyria-san, who are capable individuals. I don’t want to think that there was a lapse in security, but there are parts that cannot be strongly denied.”

The old butler tried to encourage Rudy, but Lilyria had a sarcastic smile on her face.

“There were no signs of anyone entering Emmanuella-sama’s bedroom. There were guards outside, after all. Or perhaps, is there a way to enter that room without anyone noticing?”

“Well. . .”

“There is.”

“Eh, is that so?”

Taking over the speechless butler, Rudy asserted, causing Lilyria to widen her eyes in surprise.

“The room that Emmanuella was using is the main bedroom of this mansion, the room of the successive Margrave couples. There is a hidden passage for emergencies. By using that, it is possible to enter Emmanuella’s room without anyone noticing.”

“Well, that may be true, but that passage itself is kept secret, and only the successive heads of the household know the way and can open it. . .”

The old butler tried to refute Rudy, who was revealing more and more.

But instead of being interrupted, Rudy continued.

“Oh, that’s right. In other words, among the living, it’s me, Emmanuella, and. . .my mother.”

“No way, the previous Oku-sama is estranged from this family! Naturally, your father has erased the registration of her magical power. . .”

“I think so too. However, it is a fact that she knows the way. And perhaps, my father thought that my mother, who despised this house so much, would never come back. . .or maybe, he wished for her to come back someday. The possibility that my father left that open is something I cannot deny.”

“Even so. . .”

Lilyria stopped the persistent butler by tapping his shoulder and spoke directly to Rudy.

“Let’s put aside the registration issue. We don’t know if this so-called mother would do such a thing. As long as the passage exists, there is a possibility that someone forcibly broke through. Anyway, we should first confirm whether that passage was used or not.”

“That’s right. There is a possibility that some traces remain. Let’s investigate Emmanuella’s room first.”

“I will check the exit side of the passage.”

“I will accompany you to Emmanuella-sama’s room as well. I know best if her personal belongings have been tampered with. Callan, you stay here and finish contacting the Duchess. And protect Emmanuella-sama’s life at all costs.”

As Rudy stood up and the old butler followed him, Lilyria commanded Callan.

Callan nodded with a sense of awe at being entrusted with the person she admires more than anything, leaving behind Emma, who continues to sleep. The three of them headed towards their respective investigations.

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