The Presumed Villainess Is Being Married Off to the Ugliest Man in the Country – Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Today, I finally arrived at the mansion where Rudy-sama resides.

“At least until the wedding is over, Rudy-sama and I will have separate bedrooms, right. . .?”

As I was guided to my own bedroom, surrounded by lovely and elegant furnishings, with the bright sunlight pouring in through the large window that was prepared for me, I muttered in astonishment.

“Yes. This is also a request from the Duke Baytree family, and we understand that it is necessary. Rudy-sama’s appearance, well. . .I think it will take some time to get used to.”

Father, you’re saying unnecessary things. . .!

The butler of this house, who was introduced to me earlier, seemed hesitant as he said that, and I almost let out a sigh, but I managed to hold it back.

Certainly, Rudy-sama is too handsome, so it might take some time to get used to! But they say you get used to a beautiful person in three days and get tired of them, ah, maybe it means because he’s too ugly. . .? That aspect is not a problem at all. . .?

“There are only two keys to this bedroom. One is for Miss Emmanuella herself, and the other is for someone trustworthy in case of emergencies. . .perhaps Lilyria-san would be suitable to hold it.”

As the butler handed me the two keys and I stared at them absentmindedly, he declared to me with a firm expression. 

“While Rudy-sama is the master of this mansion, we all prioritize the safety of Emmanuella-sama. We absolutely do not allow anyone to approach here, so please rest assured.”

Huh. No, no, no.

Just earlier, we even went through a simple oath to the gods and submitted documents to the country. We should officially be husband and wife by now.

To exclude the husband from the wife’s bedroom for the reason of safety. . .?

. . .Isn’t the reason of safety absurd?!

Are they treating Rudy-sama as someone who might harm me?! Certifying the master like that?!

Is that acceptable, Margrave Santorina family!

No, it’s not acceptable!. . .Or so I thought!

There’s no choice.

Even if it makes me seem improper, I have no choice but to appeal from my side.

That I don’t mind. That I don’t consider it a harm to be with Rudy-sama like that.

“Well. . .I do trust you, and if it’s Rudy-sama, you can come whenever. . .”

Saying that, I gently returned one of the keys that was given to me to Rudy-sama.

Rudy-sama, with a vacant expression, received the key as if he was seeing something unbelievable, then looked at the key, looked at me, looked at the key again, and finally opened his mouth.

“. . .We always have guards around the outside of the bedroom, including outside the window. I don’t think it’s necessary to have someone stay awake inside the room.”

“Why would it come to that!. . .Ahem, excuse me. Where, exactly, is the wife who calls her husband into the bedroom to ask for someone to stay awake?”

Oh no, the cat’s out of the bag!

Feeling like it’s all in vain, I managed to put on a facade and asked Rudy-sama.

“Well, here? I don’t have any other way to be of service. . .And, no matter how anxious you may be, you shouldn’t say that it’s okay for a man who is in love with you to enter your bedroom.”

I was being seriously admonished by Rudy-sama, and it gave me a headache.

What? Should I just barge into Rudy-sama’s bedroom and try to seduce him?

Would he finally understand my true feelings if I did that?

But if his room is also locked and I can’t get in, it would be incredibly embarrassing. Actually, I don’t even feel like I can do such a thing. . .

I guess I have to try to say it more clearly.

“. . .No, that’s not what I meant. . .I mean, it’s okay for you to come in that sense. Rudy-sama and I are, after all, husband and wife.”

“Let’s conquer the castle after all.”

As I fidgeted and mumbled in embarrassment, Rudy-sama suddenly said something incomprehensible.

Huh. Why. 

“Miss Emmanuella, I don’t know how the king managed to persuade you, but your feelings are more important than anything else. In fact, I cannot forgive the country that has pushed you to such a desperate resolve. Please wait. We will destroy anyone who dares to harm you. . .”

“Stop, stop, sto-o-o-op!”

I shouted to stop Rudy-sama, who was about to say something dangerous with a determined and dangerous look in his eyes, and the butler who silently followed behind him.

No treason against the nation!

Well, if the nation itself were to disappear, that would be a revolution! But that’s not the issue here!

Although I managed to stop their movements and words, Rudy-sama still had a look in his eyes that seemed to harbor a frightening determination. I attempted to persuade him.

“Weren’t you supposed to understand that I want to live peacefully here?! I mean, well, I’m. . .yes, a successor! It’s not good for my reputation to be married for years without having children. And I don’t want any strange rumors to start because of that. . .!”

When it was with the Crown Prince, I didn’t care, but if there were rumors about being at odds with Rudy-sama, even just rumors would make me cry!

Yes, this shouldn’t be considered improper!

After hearing my words, Rudy-sama nodded once and smiled gently with calm eyes. 

“Miss Emmanuella, you certainly have a strong sense of responsibility. However, there’s no need to burden yourself so much. After all, I’ll just be laughed at with sayings like ‘a colorless seed won’t grow.’ Besides, our family has a tendency to marry late and not have many children. And when humans are faced with both ugly and beautiful things, they tend to judge that the ugly things must be bad. So, your reputation won’t be affected at all.”

W-What’s that!

What’s that!

“I will punch anyone who belittles Rudy-sama! I mean, it’s been happening since earlier, calling me Miss Emmanuella, Miss Emmanuella! We’re already married, so please address me informally! How low do you think of yourself and how distant do you intend to keep yourself from me?!”

As I angrily shouted, Rudy-sama flinched in surprise.

He continued to stare at me, lowering his eyebrows in a troubled manner, and hesitantly opened his mouth.

“In that case. . .I think you should address me informally as well, Miss Emmanue. . .Emmanuella. Or rather, feel free to interact with me without forcing yourself. Just like before, please talk to me comfortably.”

Damn it.

I’m glad he called me by my name informally, but it’s clear that my act of pretending to be a lady has been completely exposed. . .! Well, it was bound to be exposed! 

“. . .Even if I reveal my true self, won’t you be disappointed or disillusioned, Rudy-sama?”

“Your honest self is also very lovely. Our wish is for you to live freely here.”

Although I knew it was futile, I asked, and he answered with a beautiful smile, leaving me captivated.

“Um, then, if you’ll excuse me. . .I’ll stop holding back, so Rudy, um, please don’t hold back either. So, you don’t have to use honorifics. . .”

“No, a goddess should be revered. It’s easier for me to talk this way.”

Before I could say everything, he firmly rejected me with a serious expression. What’s that?

Well, um, if it’s easier for him to talk that way, then it’s fine, right? Or is it?. . .Well, whatever.

I took a deep breath as if shaking off everything and made my declaration.

“. . .Rudy, as Lilyria said, I’m not ladylike at all, and quite barbaric. So, I didn’t come here for the sake of the country or any noble ideals. I’m here because I love you regardless of appearances, and I want you to hold the key to my heart.”

My face feels hot. I think my actions and words were quite improper.

But still, it seems to be the basis for arguments like ‘my safety’ and ‘it takes time to get used to,’ and I absolutely want to dispel the misunderstanding that ‘Rudy Santorina is the ugliest person in the country, so naturally, marriage and married life with such a man would be undesirable.’ 

No matter what others may think of me, that is one thing I will never allow.

“However, it’s not appropriate for someone like me to have this key. . .!”

I gently held Rudy-sama’s hand as he tried to return the key to me, enclosing the key within his hand.

In that instant, he trembled and blushed, just from our hands touching. I can’t imagine any danger in that reaction. We both feel our faces growing warm.

“Don’t say that my beloved Danna-sama is just. . .something. Besides, who else besides a husband should have it?”

“. . .Is Emmanuella truly have feelings for me?”

“Y-You’re the one saying that! And the way you said it, it sounds like you think I already have someone else in my heart, even though I just got married. . .”

“Yes. That is an unavoidable fact.”

Rudy-sama, who was being questioned by me, admitted with a dark expression.

There’s no helping it!

Arranged marriages are just like that. There may be such thoughts. In fact, many openly have lovers.

But. . .

But still. . .!

“. . .I won’t forgive it.”

I muttered in a low voice, so low that even I was surprised, and Rudy-sama looked at me in surprise.

I glare up at his bewildered expression, his face so perfectly handsome, and firmly drive my point home.

“Our marriage was decided for the sake of the country. You may have decided to take me in for the sake of the family and lineage. However, whether it’s a political marriage or whatever, a husband and wife are husband and wife. I want you to have only me in your heart, and I will have only you in mine. Any woman who approaches Rudy-sama, I will knock them down one by one.”

I declared in polite language, with the intention of emphasizing that I am the supposed villainess. Well, I can’t call myself a “young lady” anymore since I’m already married.

Anyway, as the so-called “villainess who tormented even the beloved child of the goddess,” I am determined to eliminate any romantic rivals.

With that determination in my gaze, Rudy-sama, who is the target of my stare, inexplicably blushes.

“Um, I-I’m fine. My heart, everything, belongs to you. In fact, Emmanuella, you are the first woman who has come this close to me. . .”

Oh, now that he mentions it, as I held the key, questioned him, and stared at him, I ended up in a position where I was sticking to Rudy-sama. Is that why his face is red?

“. . .When you lifted me up that day, we were quite close, weren’t we?”

As I tilt my head, Rudy-sama, still with a red face, answers while averting his gaze from me.

“That was an emergency escape from the battlefield, a rescue operation. A-Also, it’s the first time someone has come from my side. . .’It’s impossible to pursue someone for their wealth, and it’s too much to engage in a romantic relationship,’ I’ve been told. And there have been times when I’ve been spat on due to various entanglements, because of my extreme ugliness.”

What, that. Even if it’s considered ugly (in terms of color), that’s just. . .

I don’t know what to say to Rudy-sama’s sad story, so he weakly smiles and continues to speak. 

“I will devote myself sincerely to Emmanuella. I will never betray you. But in the first place, there is no woman who would approach me. Even my own mother, upon seeing my extreme ugliness when I was born, was shocked and ran away without ever holding me in her arms. . .”

Alright, it’s a mother-in-law war (physical). Even if I have to use magic, I will defeat her.

My murderous intent flares up towards one of the enemies who has finally been identified as someone who made Rudy-sama sad.

“Let me add that my previous statement was not meant to imply that Rudy-sama is tolerant of infidelity or that it was intended to insult Emmanuella-sama. When Rudy-sama’s mother left this house, she had a lover by her side, holding hands. It’s infuriating for us servants, but both Rudy-sama and the previous lord, as well as society, treat it as ‘inevitable because he is so ugly.’ “

Oh, I see. It’s indeed a mother-in-law war (physically).

In a calm but voice filled with quiet anger towards Rudy-sama’s mother, the butler informed me of the facts, and my murderous intent grew stronger.

Rudy-sama’s appearance complex is not just deep-rooted, it’s more like a trauma at this point.

It’s no wonder his self-esteem didn’t develop properly, and it’s understandable that he became distrustful of people.

How many times has he been hurt, how many times has he felt despair?

From this completely resigned state, how can I make him believe in my love?

It’s not as simple as defeating the root of all evil (Rudy-sama’s mother). 

Well, even if it doesn’t have any particular meaning, I’ll definitely knock her out if I find her. Absolutely.

. . .Well, as Lilyria said, I’ve come to understand that it takes time to believe.

To make him understand as soon as possible, I have no choice but to be straightforward and go all out.

I make up my mind and put it into words.

“. . .I’ve decided. I’m throwing away shame and hesitation. Rudy, from now on, until you understand my feelings, I’ll chase after you without any pretenses, abandoning all acts of being a spoiled noble lady, and I’ll confess my love to you with all my might.”

“. . .Huh?”

With Rudy-sama looking somewhat dumbfounded and the butler with a surprised expression, I smile mischievously and make my declaration. 

“Be prepared. I love you, Rudy Santorina. I really, really love you. I won’t give up until you believe it!”

For now, let’s consider it a success that I’ve closed the distance enough to call him by his first name and forcefully handed him the key to my bedroom.

But from now on, I’ll get even closer, and someday, hopefully by our wedding nine months from now, he’ll understand that we’re truly in love with each other.

Even if he’s disappointed in women, there’s no way I’ll let him give up on me.

Not on Rudy-sama, nor on the other people in this house.

With that determination, my life in the Margrave household begins.

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