The Presumed Villainess Is Being Married Off to the Ugliest Man in the Country – Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Let’s organize the situation.

Um, it seems that my letter was either switched somewhere or I unintentionally used a local idiom without knowing, or perhaps rumors of a version where I’m going through a terrible ordeal have reached this place, leading them to believe that I want revenge against the royal family, Delina-chan, or the temple. Is that right?

I have no idea what caused this misunderstanding, but for now, it’s bad that they think I want revenge. Very bad. That’s like a crime of treason.

I have absolutely no outrageous ambitions like that, and I have no intention of putting Rudy-sama in danger.

We can investigate the cause later, but for now, we should quickly clear up this misunderstanding.

“Well, first of all, Delina-chan and I. . .we’re actually quite good friends. We attend the same academy and teach each other things. We call each other Emma-sama and Delina-chan. Just recently, she gave me a special blessing before I set off on my journey.”

To convey that I have no intention of opposing Delina-chan, who would be the last person I should make an enemy of, I began explaining from this point.

However, Rudy-sama frowned uncomfortably and muttered in a low voice.

“To take away the fiancée of a close friend and exile her to a remote region. . .that’s quite wicked. Perhaps it would be best to burn both them and the temple that worships such a person?”

“Don’t burn them! Um, well, since everyone already knows about this, I’ll just say it. The relationship between me and Crown Prince Fortunato, well, it had already grown cold. We were originally engaged for political reasons, and we’ve known each other as relatives for a long time, so we never had any romantic feelings for each other. Therefore, I don’t feel any bitterness about him being ‘taken away,’ or rather, I honestly don’t even feel like he was taken away from me.”

In response to Rudy-sama’s alarming statement, I desperately continued to explain. It was dangerous. It was a dangerous statement that almost made my long-used cat disguise cat want to leave in an instant.

“But the position of the queen, the most esteemed woman in the country, is more suitable for Miss Emmanuella, don’t you think?”

In response to Rudy-sama’s serious expression, I couldn’t help but respond with a dry laugh.

“No, it’s just that there was no one else suitable, so I agreed to it. I myself don’t really desire such a grand position. It comes with responsibilities, after all. Besides, the social scene is ruthless, and the palace is the epitome of that. I’m not very good at that kind of thing. . .”

No, really. If I were deemed unsuitable for that position, I would be quickly dragged down. At least, I was terrified.

If, like Delina-chan, just being there is enough to be valued, then there would be many allies and I would be safe.

Oh, yes, I’m really glad that Delina-chan chose the Crown Prince. . .

As I found myself lost in thought, Rudy-sama nodded in response.

“I’m not good at socializing either. . .Well, in our case, we have some distance from others, and it’s not desirable for the lord to leave this region, so we’re generally exempt from that. However, Miss Emmanuella is beautiful. There will still be many people who would like to invite you.”

Beautiful, yes, because of my hair color. It’s true that before I was put under house arrest, I received numerous invitations. Honestly, it was troublesome.

But, I’m also a decent magician, so maybe I can become someone who can contribute to the defense of this region in the future. . .?

“If I were to focus on the defense of this region, there would be no problem if I decline, right?”

When I asked with anticipation, Rudy-sama nodded as if it were natural.

“That’s only natural. We have always been like that in our family.”

“Then I’ll do that! Fufufu, it’ll be much easier.”

“. . .Um, we don’t have anything that interesting here, so if you get bored, feel free to go out and have fun, okay?”

Rudy-sama said those words with a worried expression as I became excited about the prospect of avoiding things I’m not good at.

“Fun? Like going on a picnic or a long ride with Rudy-sama? Ah, actually, I’ve always admired the adventurer profession! It would be great to go on a hunt together for a famous demon beast!”

Even though I said it with excitement, for some reason, Rudy-sama seemed taken aback, his posture crumbling, and he looked genuinely confused.

“Huh? Um? Well, is it enjoyable for you? I mean, if someone like me is by your side, wouldn’t it be a burden. . .I mean, if you consider me as a military asset, then of course, I will do my best.”


Hmm? Did I say something wrong. . .?

As Rudy-sama and I exchanged puzzled looks, I heard a heavy sigh from behind me, Lilyria.

“Let me explain. Emmanuella-sama has a peculiar sensibility. Perhaps due to being raised among brothers, despite being born as a noble lady, she has a rather commoner-like and unexpectedly uncivilized demeanor. . .Anyway, it is a fact that Emmanuella-sama is not fond of extravagant things, so being a Margravine suits her better than being a queen.”

It’s true that I haven’t completely shed my commoner traits from my past life, but isn’t “uncivilized” a bit too harsh?

Well, never mind. Yes, being a Margravine suits me. That’s what matters. Thank you for saying that, Lilyria.

“Yes, that’s right. That’s how it is. So, I don’t have any thoughts about breaking off the engagement with His Highness. I actually think it’s good that I came to this land. Therefore, revenge is unnecessary. Is that all right so far?”

“. . .Miss Emmanuella seems too kind, but well, it’s fine. Revenge is unnecessary. I understand.”

Reluctantly, Rudy-sama accepted it, though it seemed like he had some reservations. I let out a sigh of relief.

That’s good. No treason charges. Peace is the most important thing.

Now, with revenge being unnecessary.

Why did such a strange misunderstanding arise from that overly excited letter. . .?

To investigate the cause, I cautiously asked.

“Um, Rudy-sama, by the way, you mentioned that you read all of my letters. . .”

While I had written the letters in a state of excitement, it was embarrassing to confirm face-to-face, “Did you read my love letter?” So, as I asked, my voice gradually became quieter, and I’m probably blushing too.

As if my embarrassment had rubbed off on him, Rudy-sama blushed and cleared his throat before speaking.

“Ah, um. . .Well, yes, I read them all. Um, please rest assured. I didn’t have any strange misunderstandings or anything.”

“You did have them earlier. You completely misunderstood. How did you read it in a way that made you think revenge was necessary?”

Ah, the cat has left. I carelessly made a sarcastic remark. Come back, cat.

Although I was quite flustered, Rudy-sama didn’t seem to mind, and while still blushing, he continued to answer my question.

“So, Miss Emmanuella’s letter had a strangely poetic and passionate expression, right?”

“Yes, that’s correct. I’m aware of it.”

“Well, the expressions were so intense that one might misunderstand that she has feelings for me. I thought she must be cornered or something.”

. . .Huh?

Cornered? No, it wasn’t a misunderstanding, and it wasn’t just like that. In fact, it was simply a letter overflowing with my genuine affection for you.

“Well, um, I understood that it also meant ‘the item you sent the other day was quite good.’ And based on your explanation earlier, I now think it meant ‘I desire a quiet and stable life in the Margrave territory.’ However, because she used such passionate expressions excessively, I thought it was encouraging me, saying ‘The current situation is very difficult, so please help me. Use your power that I have praised you for, for my sake. . .’”

As I remained dumbfounded, Rudy-sama continued to explain with a bashful smile.

How adorable. No, that’s not it.

Cute. No, wait.

What was that?

Huh? What was that?

“Why did you interpret it like that?! Do I come across as so condescending?!”

Finally able to speak, I asked in genuine frustration, but Rudy-sama just tilted his head in confusion.

“Why even ask why. . .Because it’s obvious that there’s no way someone like me would be liked by others, especially young women. From a higher position, or rather, Miss Emmanuella is actually above me!”

With a refreshing smile, he asserted, and I felt dizzy.

You, you!

No way! Someone with such a charming smile! There’s no way they wouldn’t be liked by young women!!

Go to modern-day Japan! With Rudy-sama’s looks, he would be incredibly popular just by existing, and someone like me wouldn’t even stand a chance!!

Oh, what should I even explain first?!

“Oh, I apologize. You haven’t had lunch yet, have you? Let me prepare it right away.”

Rudy-sama, who seemed to mistake my dizziness caused by anger and confusion for hunger, went outside to give instructions. I couldn’t muster the energy to stop him. I still haven’t fully grasped the situation.

My letter, was it being interpreted in such a twisted way. . .?

Well, that’s why they’re sending such an excessive force of knights. . .

Ah, this appetizer is delicious. . .I wonder what kind of mousse it is. . .

Wait, no!

As I inadvertently took a bite of the meal that was promptly served, my consciousness finally returned.

“Um, Rudy-sama, I’ll be straightforward, but I love you. Since that day you protected me from the wyvern, I’ve loved you. In that moment, I fell in love with you.”

It’s because it’s a letter that misunderstandings have arisen.

Believing that, I looked straight at him and made a straightforward confession, but for some reason, Rudy-sama is smiling at me with eyes full of reassuring affection.

“There’s no need for you to push yourself. I am Miss Emmanuella’s faithful servant. I will fulfill any order without needing such sweet words, and I will never betray you.”

“That’s not it! Um, what, what do I have to do to make you believe me?! And, Rudy-sama, why are you the one who seems to worship me so much?!”

Once again, I felt as if a cat had embarked on a journey as I shouted.

“That’s natural. . .because I love Miss Emmanuella.”

Blushing and seemingly embarrassed, but surprisingly smoothly in his words, Rudy-sama said so.

. . .Huh.

It’s mutual. It’s a reciprocated love. If I were to receive a kiss from Rudy-sama, I could come back to life even if I were to die. Well, even if Rudy-sama didn’t have feelings for me, if I were to receive a kiss from him, I would come back from the depths of hell with sheer determination.

“. . .Why.”

“Well, to my embarrassment, it was love at first sight. I couldn’t help but be captivated by how beautiful you are. But then, after actually having a conversation with you, seeing your unwavering strength and sense of responsibility in calmly answering what needs to be done, your determination to protect the people from the crisis of demon beast invasion, it touched my heart. Now, everything about you is precious to me.”

Why, why won’t he believe my feelings, even though we’re supposed to have mutual feelings? But Rudy-sama, blushing and scratching his cheek in embarrassment, answered why he loves me. I feel like his evaluation of me is off, but he’s cute. I love him more, though.

But it seems my love isn’t being believed. Even though we have mutual feelings, the goal seems far away. What should I do?

“Excuse me. Please forgive my impolite interruption. Emmanuella-sama, it will take quite some time for him to believe you.”

At that moment, Lilyria calmly said so.

I think the same.

Confirming my nod, she then bowed her head to Rudy-sama.

“Next, Margrave-sama, if I may be so bold. Emmanuella-sama truly has terrible taste. She doesn’t mind having someone as ugly as me so close to her. You could consider it as her taking meritocracy to the extreme. If Emmanuella-sama says she fell for your sword, then I believe it’s true.”

L-Lilyria. . .!

Regardless of how she said it, tears of gratitude welled up in me at her supportive words, showing that she truly understands me.

“I see. Miss Emmanuella, you were interested in hunting down renowned demon beasts, correct? My sword is also naturally yours. Please make full use of it.”

However, Rudy-sama responded with a resolute determination, as if he were a loyal knight.

It’s no use, I just can’t get through to you. . .! It’s not like I’m only interested in your sword. . .!

Even words from my bright-haired companions won’t work. . .!

“It seems that Margrave-sama can’t imagine how she fell in love with him, starting with his sword skills. Well, I can’t blame you for not believing it. I was cautious for about three years after we first met. Eventually, I realized that ‘this person has terrible taste, and her appearance, which seems to have some deep thoughts, is just for show and she actually don’t think much, or rather, she lack sufficient thinking.’”

Lilyria sarcastically laughed and Rudy-sama tilted his head, leaving me feeling dejected.

So that’s what she thought of me. . .And she was cautious for three years. . .

“Emmanuella-sama, please give up for now. It takes time for people like us to open our hearts to others. We have experienced countless situations that make us want to close our hearts. Even without that, trust takes time.”

Upon Lilyria’s serious words, I couldn’t say anything more.

Yeah. It’s true that it would be difficult to suddenly ask someone to believe in you. 

Besides, the fault lies with this world.

Perhaps due to the correlation with magical power, discrimination against those considered ugly is too severe in this world.

I thought about telling them about my past life, where common sense was different, but that would be too unbelievable.

Since we are planning to become a couple pledging eternal love, I have no choice but to make them believe in me over time.

But still, even these past three months felt like an eternity.

“. . .But, three years is a long time. . .”

“Well, do your best somehow.”

Lilyria immediately cut off my complaint, but surprisingly, she smiled gently at me as if encouraging me.

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