The Presumed Villainess Is Being Married Off to the Ugliest Man in the Country – Chapter 12

Chapter 12

On the morning when my house arrest ended, the day I was finally going on my journey.

In the hall of Duke Baytree’s residence, my mother’s serious voice and my voice echoing back her words with equal seriousness resounded.



“Don’t smirk!”

“Don’t smirk!”

“If possible, with an expression befitting a proud Duke’s daughter who has made up her mind for the future despite the uncertainties!”

“If possible, with an expression befitting a proud Duke’s daughter who has made up her mind for the future despite the uncertainties!”

What kind of expression is that exactly. . .

“If it seems impossible, then maintain a blank expression!”

“If it seems impossible, then maintain a blank expression!”

Well, yeah, if that’s the case, then somehow. 

As I continued to echo my mother’s words while thinking about such things, I noticed that my father, brother, and younger brother, who had already bid me farewell, along with our household staff, were struggling to hold back their laughter as their shoulders shook.

I understand. I would probably laugh too if I weren’t directly involved.

But Okaa-sama is serious to the core. . .

“Mama will finally convey all the advice that she wants to tell you. Keep it in a corner of your heart and set off on your journey. Now, Emma-chan, repeat after me!” This marked the beginning of my mother’s truly numerous words.

Among them were things like “Be mindful of dressing slightly warmer during the changing seasons to avoid catching a cold!” and “Come back to your family home at least once every six months!” There were also words from my mother, worrying about her child who is about to become independent.

As a Duchess, as a wife who continues to be loved by her husband, there were also things that made me think, “I see.”

In any case, every word shows that she genuinely cares about me.

That’s why I responded earnestly.

Even if there were some things mixed in that made me think, “What on earth is this?”

Even if there were some slightly off advice that made me want to laugh because it was so earnestly serious.

I continued to earnestly echo those words filled with my mother’s love.

“. . .Lastly, if you can just keep this one thing in mind, you can forget or ignore everything I’ve said so far.”

Suddenly, my mother’s voice became quiet as she said that.

Without repeating those words, I waited for my mother to continue.

“. . .Absolutely, no matter what, be happy!”

“Ab-absolutely. . .no matter what, be happy!”

Although my voice became teary as I unexpectedly heard those words, I managed to finish repeating them.

Yes, I will be happy.

I may be the villainess, and in the eyes of the temple and the public, I may still be seen as the wicked woman who bullied the beloved child. But I will definitely be happy.

Because I am the cherished daughter of this wonderful family, who has been loved so much by my mother.

I will definitely show that I can be happy.

“Yes, yes, now that the charade is over, please get on the carriage quickly, Emmanuella-sama.”

Interrupting the somewhat solemn atmosphere, came the cold voice of that maid.

“Oh my, what a farce, Lilyria-chan.”

“Ah, I apologize. However, the scheduled departure time is approaching, so please hurry.”

Without being fazed by my mother, who puffed up her cheeks, the Duchess calmly responded with her name, Lilyria.

Lilyria, who has been living with us since I was six years old and she was ten, is now 22 years old. She has ice-blue hair and slightly darker blue eyes, making her a legal loli.

She has a petite figure and a face that is exceptionally small. Her features are as cute as a doll, but her hair color is light. Therefore, unbelievably, she was abandoned by her family, the Viscount household, due to her unattractive appearance and her poor compatibility with her stepmother after giving birth to the heir. We took her in and protected her.

The Viscount couple, who neglected her to the point where it can be speculated that it stunted her growth, went so far as to claim, “We never had a daughter like Lilyria in our house.” I secretly cursed them with all my might. In this world, losing hair or turning white is a major event, but as a girl skilled in dark magic, I thought I could do it, so I did. 

Well, the result is that no one has seen the Viscount couple in high society since then, so I guess it was probably successful.

Although she is currently my maid, she was brought into our house more as a playmate and sister figure due to those circumstances. She has no reservations when it comes to our family.

And perhaps due to the aftermath of neglect or something else, despite her sweet and adorable appearance, she has a sharp and prickly personality. She only speaks harsh words.

However, she decided without hesitation to accompany me as I marry and move to the distant Margrave territory. She is actually a very good girl. We grew up together, so she understands me well. I like her straightforward way of speaking because it’s easy to understand.

“Once again, I entrust my daughter to you, Lilyria. If anything happens, please inform me immediately.”

“Of course, Lilyria-chan, I’m counting on you.”

Lilyria, who was emphasized by her lady and mother, nodded expressionlessly.

“Yes, yes. If Emmanuella-sama’s mind starts overflowing with fantasies, I will even punch her to stop it. Until she met Margrave-sama and her mind became a garden of flowers, she was a perfect young lady who wouldn’t be embarrassed no matter where she went. Don’t worry.”

“Yes, that’s right. I intended to give you an education befitting a future queen. . .but lately. . .well. . .please take care, Lilyria-chan!”

“Leave it to me.”

The maid and mother are terrible.

Well, since the reliable and capable Lilyria, who is trusted by both my parents, is accompanying me, I’ll assume that everything will be fine. Yes.

After deeply bowing to my parents, Lilyria raised her face and looked at me. Despite her small and adorable cherry blossom-colored lips, which only speak sharp words, she opened her mouth.

“Well, Emmanuella-sama, stop dawdling and let’s go already. Oh, before we go outside, please tighten up that silly expression of yours.”

“I’m sorry, Lilyria. I’ll be careful. Well then, Otou-sama, Okaa-sama, everyone. . .I’m off!”

Even though I had just recited the instructions from my mother a while ago, it seemed that my expression had still faltered. So, I tightened my expression and gathered my determination as I headed outside.

Once I take even a single step out of here, I won’t know whose eyes will be watching me.

Come to think of it, it’s been three months since I last went outside, except for our family garden.

“. . .If anyone tries to hinder Emmanuella-sama’s happiness, this time, I will definitely eliminate them. You just need to walk confidently and be happy.”

I heard Lilyria’s voice filled with determination from behind me, and it sent a slight chill down my spine.

“In this battlefield where I can follow you, there’s no way I’ll let you lose, right?”

Lilyria said with a slight laugh, and my back straightened in response to her words.

Being four years older and born as a noble lady, albeit with little magical power, Lilyria couldn’t attend school with me. 

After my fate was decided, my mother secretly told me that Lilyria was crying tears of frustration because she “couldn’t do anything.”

With the determination of “this time, definitely,” and her reliable words, my tear ducts were slightly stimulated, and the feeling of wanting to be happy, no matter what, welled up within me once again.

“Lilyria, you’re still cute, aren’t you?”

“Are you blind or something?”

“That’s not true! Lilyria is my adorable, adorable, adorable maid, who I’m proud of no matter how you look at her!”

“Are you making fun of me? I may be shorter, but I’m actually much older than you.”

Mixed with a sigh, I was retorted, but I couldn’t help but think she was still cute. This tsundere.

Oh, no. I shouldn’t be grinning like this. Rotten eggs are scary.

So ‘tightening my expression’, plus ‘stimulating my tear ducts a little’, plus ‘the feeling that I absolutely, no matter what, want to be happy’, as a result, at that time, I left the house with, to others, a proud Duke’s daughter expression who had resolved to do it for the country despite having anxiety about the future. I later heard rumors about it.

What kind of expression was it exactly. . .

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