The Presumed Villainess Is Being Married Off to the Ugliest Man in the Country – Chapter 11

Chapter 11

I had gained understanding from my family, and my secluded life centered around correspondence with Rudy-sama was passing peacefully without any issues.

It was an afternoon on a certain day when I was thinking that May was already approaching, and I should start preparing in earnest for my journey and marriage, as my confinement would be lifted next week.

Unexpectedly, I had a visitor.


In the reception room of our welcoming home, even before exchanging greetings, the beloved daughter of the goddess, the presumed heroine, Delina-chan, tightly embraced me.

And standing behind her with a somewhat melancholic expression was Crown Prince Fortunato.

It had been since the condemnation event(?), the two of them.

. . .Well, we are friends and this is an unofficial setting, so formal greetings are unnecessary.

Especially since Delina-chan has become superior to anyone else.

“Long time no see, Crown Prince Fortunato, Delina-sa. . .Delina-chan.”

As I was about to call her Delina-sama, I was met with a cute pouting face, and after giving a rather sloppy greeting, I gently separated Delina-chan from me.

“It’s been a while, Emma-sama. I wanted to come earlier, but I’ve been constantly busy with procedures, training, education, and greetings. . .I’ve been overwhelmed with all sorts of things.”

As I slipped away from her, Delina-chan was gently pulled back by the Crown Prince and said so with a gradually dejected tone.

“Thank you. You’re working hard. I’m really happy that you came to see me despite being so busy.”

As I said that and gently stroked her head, as I used to do at school, Delina-chan smiled happily, and the Crown Prince’s melancholy deepened.

If you favor one side, the other side will be left out. . .Well, it’s fine. I’ll leave the Crown Prince alone.

“Well, let’s sit down for now. . .Oh, Delina-chan, over here?. . .I see. Well, I don’t mind. . .”

As I, a member of the household, prompted them to take a seat, Delina-chan, who was pressing forward without saying a word, ended up sitting on the two-seater sofa next to me, and the Crown Prince sat on the single-seater sofa placed at a 90-degree angle next to her.

. . .It would have been better if they sat facing me.

Perhaps it was consideration not to be too affectionate in front of me, who was once the Crown Prince’s fiancée.

Delina-chan was all smiles, but I wish the Crown Prince’s melancholy would stop.

“Well, then, let’s get to the point. . .Um, what exactly is the matter today? The letter I received said, ‘I want you to see what I can do now’. . .”

I asked, trying to change the atmosphere somehow.

Delina-chan’s face brightened up and she smiled as she answered.

“Oh, right. That’s right! I can use a new magic now! So, before you leave, Emma-sama, I absolutely wanted to show it to you. . .”

“Oh, what kind of wonderful magic is it? Since you came with Crown Prince Fortunato, could it be related to your role as the beloved daughter. . .?”

“Hehe. That’s right, Emma-sama! Just the other day, the goddess appeared in my dream and taught me. It’s like, a kind of pre-emptive magic. . .”

As Delina-chan said that, she glanced at the Crown Prince, who had been completely left out.

“You know about the blessings that Delina and I, as the beloved children, receive from the goddess, right? It’s like a simplified version of that.”

I nodded in response to the Crown Prince’s words.

I knew. The blessings of the goddess were like being invincible, with constant immunity to all status abnormalities and attacks.

The two of them, who would probably survive even if the world were to be destroyed, stood up and held hands, standing in front of me.

“Even though it’s a simplified version, I want to. . .”

Honestly, it felt presumptuous. That’s what I thought.

“Because you are our benefactor!”

“You’ve been inconvenienced by us. Please let us do at least this much.”

“Ah, thank you very much. . .”

Overwhelmed by their words and smiles, I expressed my gratitude.

“Well then. . .”


“Shall we begin?”

With those brief words exchanged, His Highness and Delina-chan, still holding hands, began to pray.

“For our dear friend, Emmanuella.”

“For our beloved benefactor, Emmanuella.”

“For the blessings and protection of the goddess. . .”

In perfect unison, the moment they spoke those words, a pink light emitted from Delina-chan enveloped my entire body.

It felt warm and had a slightly refreshing scent.

The pleasant light gently absorbed into my skin and disappeared.

“How is it? How is it? Did I become more adorable just now?!”

As I couldn’t take my eyes off the light that vanished, Delina-chan, who had somehow returned to sit next to me, asked with a proud expression.

Since I didn’t feel any sense of dignity from her now, I was tempted to casually interact with her like I used to when we were at school. 

Indeed, Delina-chan just now was incredibly mystical.

“You looked very beautiful. Thank you.”

As I bowed my head, Delina-chan puffed up her cheeks.

“Please stop with the formal language! And I want to be praised more than thanked!”

“Well, without explaining the effects, there’s nothing to praise, right?”

“Oh, that’s true.”

Delina-chan, who was calmly pointed out by His Highness, clapped her hands.

“Thanks to that, Emma-sama won’t die so easily anymore.”

“Huh, what’s that? It sounds scary.”

Delina-chan had an extremely triumphant look, but I trembled more than I expected because I had been given something with a significant effect.

“Delina, your explanation is too vague. . .Um, let me explain. Miss Emmanuella will automatically return to her previous state when she is in a life-threatening situation, ensuring that she won’t die.”

“That’s. . .well, it seems like I’ve been given something quite remarkable.”

I trembled again at the explanation from the Crown Prince.

What a relay. Even though this is a world with magic, I’ve never heard of something with such a powerful effect.

“Well, it’s not that big of a deal. There are quite a few restrictions on it. First, it can only be used on someone we genuinely care about. Also, it seems that it won’t work if the person receiving it doesn’t have abundant magical power, even if it’s cast in advance. But with Emma-sama, both of those are not a problem. And finally, a kiss from someone you love is necessary.”

Delina-chan said in a light tone.

Wait. Wasn’t the last part a bit strange?

“. . .A kiss from someone you love?”

I wanted her to tell me it was a lie. While thinking that, I asked, but Delina-chan nodded as if it were obvious.

“Yes. In order to return to the previous state, it’s necessary to put the body into a deep, deep sleep once. And the goddess said that without a kiss from someone you love, you won’t wake up from that sleep.”

“. . .Why?”

“Something like, ‘There’s no point in being resurrected in a world without someone you love,’ the goddess said.”

“Well, it’s quite a theory of the goddess of love. . .!”

As I groaned, Delina-chan laughed heartily.

It’s not a relay, it’s a revival (otome game style). . .!

“It’s true. If the state of deep sleep continues for too long, it’s natural that you’ll weaken. Worst-case scenario, you might stay like that. That’s why it’s better to inform the people around you for emergencies. Delina and I can explain it as well.”

His Highness calmly said, and I asked him.

“That’s very kind of you, but the part about ‘someone you love’ seems like quite a high hurdle. . .Can it be parental love or something like that?”

“I don’t know about that, but since it mentions a kiss, it’s likely to be a love relationship. However, it’s better not to activate something like this if possible. Personally, I think it’s meaningful for the people around you, and even more so if it becomes widely known.”

“Ah, like a symbol of reconciliation. . .”

I see, that’s appreciated.

It’s probably best not to think too much about what happens after the blessing is activated if I don’t come close to death. 

What’s important is that “I have already been forgiven” by the beloved daughter of the goddess and even received her blessings. It’s truly appreciated that there’s a reason to spread this to those around me.

“Thank you, Delina-chan. It’s amazing that I can use such a wonderful magic!”

I expressed my heartfelt gratitude and praised her as she requested, gently stroking Delina-chan’s head.

Delina-chan laughed happily, and the expression on His Highness’s face lost all expression.

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