The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess – Chapter 6

The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess

Chapter 6

Ten days later, the sacred ritual was to be held.

The location was a room at the back of the temple that is usually closed off. I was made to change from my black church clothes into a pure white dress and was given a bouquet that matched the dress. Then, I entered the room.

I couldn’t help but think that I looked like a bride, and a dry laugh escaped me.

There was a large window at the top of the room, and sunlight was shining in. Contrary to my expectations, the room was quite bright.

The bishop and Plumes who had already gathered in the room were all smiling and looking at me.

It was such a peaceful atmosphere that I almost forgot that I was about to be put in a coffin and killed.

However, when I saw the sturdy white coffin behind the bishops, my heart suddenly became heavy.

I slowly approached the bishops.

“Anna, I want to express my sincere respect for your decision. You made a good decision.”

“…If it is for the people living in this country, then my life is trivial.”

“Excellent. I am proud that a saint like you is here.”

The bishop said that and applauded. The Plumes followed suit, and the room was filled with loud applause.

At that moment, there was a sound of the back door opening.


It was Noemi-sama who appeared. She seemed to have hurried over and was breathing heavily. 

Beside her was Prince Virgil, my fiancé. Come to think of it, I wonder what will happen to our engagement now.

If the bishop recommended it, there shouldn’t be any problem.

However, I feel a little resentful that they didn’t allow me to break off the engagement when I asked before.

As I was thinking about that, Noemi-sama ran over to me and tightly held my hand.

“Anna-san, this is goodbye. I’m going to miss you…”

“Thank you. Only Noemi-sama would say something like that.”

“I’ve been worried about what happened before. You know, after that gathering, I said that if you refused, the responsibility would fall on me. I thought you might be worried about that because you have a strong sense of responsibility…”

Noemi-sama bit her lip sadly. She’s so kind to me, even though I’m like this…I remind myself of that.

“No, it was my decision. Please don’t worry about it.”


“Anna, can I talk to you for a moment?”

The prince next to Noemi-sama said with a serious expression.

“What is it?” 

“There’s something I have to tell you. Because you became a human sacrifice, Noemi became my new fiancée.”

“Well, that’s good news. She’s much more suited to be your partner than I am. Congratulations.”

“I’m sorry. Your sacrifice will never be in vain. I swear to create a good country.”

The prince said that with a serious expression. Noemi also nodded strongly beside him.

Some of the Plumes were moved to tears by this touching scene.

“…It’s time. Let’s start the ceremony.”

The bishop said solemnly, and the ceremony began.

The bishop read long prayers.

After the prayer ended, several Plumes carried me and slowly put me into the coffin. As soon as I looked up at the ceiling from inside the narrow coffin, I felt my body stiffen, sensing that the end was near.

“Thank you, Anna. I won’t forget your devotion.”

The bishop said that and closed the lid of the coffin. My vision turned black, and I couldn’t see anything.

I heard a click as the lock closed.

That was the sound of me being separated from the world.

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