The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess – Chapter 7

The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess

Chapter 7


When the bishops left the room, the coffin was enveloped in complete silence.

The space inside was narrow, and I couldn’t even move my arms. My eyes had become accustomed to the darkness, but all I could see was the wood grain of the coffin.

The feeling of despair welled up inside me when I realized that I would have to stay like this until I died.

There should still be enough air, but the closed-off situation made me feel suffocated. Not only psychologically, but also because I thought that eventually there would be no air left and my body trembled.

However, I knew that I had no choice but to endure it.

I wished my life would end soon. If possible, I wanted to die in my sleep. My wish was in vain, and my consciousness remained clear.


A long time seemed to have passed. I didn’t know what day it was, but it felt like two or three days had passed.

Surprisingly, it seemed that there was still enough air, and although I felt suffocated, it seemed that there was no need to worry about dying from lack of oxygen for a while.

At first, I felt so hungry that my stomach hurt because I hadn’t eaten anything, but now I seem to have gotten used to it and don’t feel much pain.

However, I couldn’t get used to not being able to move my body at all. My head was filled with impossible wishes like wanting to stretch out my arms and legs outside.

While thinking that I wanted to die soon, I forcibly closed my eyes to calm my clear mind.

Before closing my eyes, I felt a small light pass just above my face. 


Days passed without any changes except for occasional lights passing by my face, which seemed to be spirits. 

Although it felt like a week had passed, I was still alive in this small coffin. I wondered if there was an air hole somewhere. 

Moreover, I haven’t eaten anything since being put in the coffin. They say that you can survive for a while without food as long as you have water, but I haven’t even had a drop of water, and I didn’t understand why I was okay. 

Feeling depressed, I concluded that being trapped in this inconvenient space made time feel longer than it actually was. 

It might be a long time before I am released from this place. 

“Seriously, that person is such an idiot. If you flatter them a little, they’ll volunteer to be a human sacrifice.”

My body jumped at the sudden sound of a voice. How many days had it been since I heard someone’s voice? I listened carefully to the voice.

“You’re in a coffin while still alive, right? I would never do that.”

“Me neither. While alive, we’re treated like maids doing chores all the time, and when we die, we’re used and killed. It’s a miserable life.”

“Exactly. I would never do something like that.”

Laughter echoed outside the coffin. I recognized the voices. They were the two who always followed Noemi-sama around and worshipped her among the Plumes. 

“Even so, Noemi-sama, it worked out well for you.”

“Yes! It’s really great that the engagement with Prince Virgil was decided without any problems. But if Anna-san hadn’t shamelessly clung to the position of fiancée, Noemi-sama would have become the fiancée as a matter of course.”

“When the engagement between His Highness and Anna-san was decided, I couldn’t bear to see Noemi-sama. She must have been in pain, but she behaved bravely…”

“Did His Highness propose this time too? He suggested that if they used the disaster as an excuse and made Anna-san a sacrifice in the sacred ritual, No one would complain if Noemi-sama became the fiancée instead.”

“That’s right. The bishop was also very supportive. After all, if they perform the sacred ritual in the church, we can receive a lot of rewards from the royal family.”

“Even so, Noemi-sama hesitated until the end because she felt guilty. I really thought she was a kind person.”

I couldn’t understand the meaning of their words halfway through.

Still, I repeated their words in my head many times and desperately tried to accept the unbearable truth.

…Am I to be sacrificed for Prince Virgil and Noemi-sama to become engaged? Will I be killed for such a thing? 

I know that no one will mourn my death. However, I thought I was going to die for the sake of the country. I never imagined it would be for such a selfish reason…

“But, is it really necessary to go this far to break off the engagement? Noemi-sama is a saint, so it’s okay for the prince to marry her if he likes her.”

“There are some high-ranking nobles who oppose it. They believe that the prince should marry the most capable person to bring glory to the country.”

“Even if they talk about capability, it’s not just about having the power to see the light of spirits, which may or may not be true.”

“Some people value that ability. I don’t understand it, though. Noemi-sama is superior in beauty, education, and family background.”

I could only listen to their voices.

Even if I wanted to escape now, there was nothing I could do. Still, I tried to push up the lid of the coffin with my hand, but it didn’t budge.

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