The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess – Chapter 21

The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess

Chapter 21

I woke up feeling depressed. Despite my feelings, it was bright and sunny outside the window.

Yesterday’s conversation with Roland-sama had been weighing heavily on my mind. What would he think if he knew I was Anna? Would he be disappointed?

I sighed and got out of bed. I had to get ready for the day.

I sat in front of the vanity and picked up a brush.

“. . . Huh?”

I opened my eyes wide at my reflection in the mirror. My red hair had turned brown in some places.

“Roseline—What’s wrong with your hair?”

“Rose. . .!”

I looked at Rose with pleading eyes as she approached me.

“Part of my hair has turned brown. It’s just like Anna’s hair color.”

“Ah, maybe the contract is about to expire.”

“Contract expiration. . .?”

When I asked, Rose said nonchalantly.

“There is a limit to the contract. If you use too much magic, the contract will expire and you will return to your original form.”

“What. . .! You didn’t say anything about that!”

“Because you didn’t ask. . . Was it a problem?”

Rose looked puzzled.

Of course it’s a problem. What if I return to my original form while I’m still in the church? However, Rose remained calm.

“What should I do about my hair? I can’t go out like this.”

“Leave it to me. Dyeing it should solve the problem.”

Rose said so and brought a large number of roses from somewhere and put them on my head. The roses melted like ice on my hair and dyed it red. 

When I looked in the mirror, my appearance had returned to its beautiful red-haired form.

However, upon hearing the new information that using too much magic would break the contract, my heart was completely unsettled.


After that, I became more careful about who I used magic on.

Even if the contract is broken, the magic that I could use during the Anna era can still be used. However, the strong magic that I gained from contracting with Rose cannot be used anymore.

If there is a limit, I cannot use it on just anyone.

When I asked if I could contract with another spirit when my contract with Rose ended, it seemed impossible.

Rose, who was originally by my side as my guardian spirit, seems to have a very good compatibility with me. That’s why my appearance changed and my magical power increased when I made a contract with her.

In other words, after my contract with Rose ends, I cannot gain strong magical power again by contracting with someone like Luca.

Recently, power outages like the one that happened on the Day of Blessings have been happening frequently.

Every time my magical power stagnates, I look at my hands helplessly. The time I can spend as Roseline may be running out. Limited magical power must be used carefully…

At such a time, an incident occurred in the city.

A large fire broke out at a palace where nobles were holding a party. Unfortunately, Prince Virgil was among the guests.

As many people as possible were dispatched from the church to the scene. The Bishop asked me to go to the scene as well. 

While on the move, the Plumes looked at each other with anxious faces.

Looking around, I suddenly realized that Noemi was not with us. What happened to her when her fiancé, Prince Virgil, might have been involved?

However, such questions disappeared in an instant when we saw a terrifying sight ahead.

The palace was burning with bright red flames and gray smoke rising, exposing some of the burnt walls and pillars. The flames were still not extinguished, and we could feel the heat just by approaching.

A firefighting team made up of water magic users was trying to put out the fire, but it was still raging.

In front of the palace, sheets were spread out, and many people with burns were lying down. People who seemed to be residents of the city were desperately cooling down the injured and wrapping them in bandages, but it seemed that first aid was not enough.

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