The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess – Chapter 20

The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess

Chapter 20

I looked over Anna’s entire body. Then I found something that looked like a scar on her right foot. When I looked closely, it wasn’t a scar, but a clump of flower petals.

“Anna, I’m sorry for touching you without permission.”

I said that and gently touched her right foot. Then the flower petals crumbled and a small dent appeared on her foot.

“…A flower doll.”

I heard about it in my spirit studies class during my student days. Spirits with plant attributes can create anything using flowers, grass, and trees.

When they become powerful spirits, they can even create flower dolls that look like humans and deceive people.

It was almost like a legend, and I had completely forgotten about it until now. However, Anna is a saint who can see spirits. Even if she borrowed the power of such a powerful spirit, it wouldn’t be strange.

“Is Anna possibly still alive…?”

I felt hope burning in my chest. Perhaps Anna escaped somewhere using the doll as a substitute. Maybe she’s living happily in a faraway place.

I found light in the midst of despair, and tears fell from my eyes again.

I closed the lid of the coffin back to its original position. It would be better not to tell anyone about this. If it were discovered, there was a risk that Anna would be taken back.

I decided to go look for Anna. 

I just want to see Anna’s healthy figure at a glance. No, to be honest, I’m thinking that she should come with me to my hometown.

Every time I see Anna being treated unfairly in the church, I wish I could take her somewhere else.

Ever since my older brother, who was the heir, left home with a woman from a foreign country, my father has been urging me to quit the knight order and take over the family business.

If Anna nods her head, I want to live peacefully together in my hometown.

However, I don’t ask for much. As long as Anna is alive and well, that’s all that matters.


One day, while preparing to arrange my knight duties to search for Anna, a new saint arrived at the church.

Her name was Roseline Ferrier. She was a striking woman with red hair and golden eyes. She was the daughter of the Marquis family.

Her name quickly spread throughout the city . Many knights also praised her beauty.

I didn’t think of her as either good or bad. However, with the arrival of a new saint, I felt lonely as if people’s memories of Anna were being overwritten.

However, gradually my feelings towards her turned into disgust.

It seems that Roseline is only interested in wealth and power. Even though she would fly to famous nobles and wealthy merchants without being invited, she would only glance coldly and leave when commoners suffering from injuries or illnesses visited the church. 

What’s disgusting is that everyone worships her despite her attitude.

Everything she does is well-received, and many people praise her as a wonderful person. 

Perhaps it’s wrong for me to criticize Roseline for using her abilities for personal gain since she wasn’t born with the intention of becoming a saint.

Even so, I couldn’t accept that she was being praised when she wasn’t even doing one-tenth of what Anna did for the people every day.

On the day I went to the church to receive blessings, surprisingly, Roseline approached me.

Since Anna wasn’t there, I asked a nearby Plume to cast a blessing spell on me, but Roseline offered to cast a stronger spell.

I declined since there was no reason for her to cast the spell twice. 

However, even though I thought I was being distant, she chased after me from behind. When I told her that I found her annoying and disliked her attitude, she raised her eyebrows and shouted.

“What’s wrong with pursuing my own self-interests? Just because I happened to be born with the ability of a saint, does that mean I have to serve unconditionally?! Let me tell you, even if I do that, no one will appreciate it. They will soon take it for granted and complain if I don’t meet their expectations. Do you expect me to endure such treatment?!”

At the time, I denied it, but her words stayed with me in my heart.

I thought Roseline was a woman who didn’t think about anything. However, after hearing those words, maybe that wasn’t the case.

There must be some reason why she ended up living a calculating life.

If I have the chance to meet her again, I’ll apologize to her quietly. 

I hope that opportunity comes before I leave on my journey to find Anna.

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