The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess – Chapter 12

The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess

Chapter 12

Since the bishop showed no signs of releasing the spirit, I decided to ask Rose to use her hypnosis from earlier.

“Is that okay? Hurry up and release this spirit. I will take care of it.”

“However… No, I mean, yes! I understand! This spirit should be with someone like Roseline-sama.”

“That’s right. Spirits should not be confined by someone like you.”

The bishop, with empty eyes, nodded repeatedly in agreement.

He lifted the cage and placed it on his lap, and the spirit inside looked up at us with a wary eye.

When I said, “Nice to meet you. From today on, I am your master,” the spirit turned its eyes away.

Afterwards, the bishop explained the rules of the church that I already knew.

Since I was able to clearly see the spirit during the test, I will be treated as a saint.

I also learned that there is another saint in this church named Noemi.

“Noemi is the daughter of the Count family and is loved by everyone in the church.”

“Oh, I’d like to meet her.”

“Shall I call her here? Hey, you Plume over there.”

The bishop called over a nearby Plume and ordered them to bring Noemi. A few minutes later, Noemi arrived.

“Noemi, sorry for calling you out so suddenly.” 

“No, Bishop. What can I do for you?” 

“Well, a new saint is coming today. This is Miss Roseline Ferrier. She can see spirits.”

The bishop happily announced it, and Noemi’s eyes widened. Her face immediately twisted into an unpleasant expression.

Perhaps she thought she had finally gotten rid of the other annoying saint and become the only one, but now a new woman who could see spirits had appeared, making her feel annoyed again.

However, Noemi’s twisted face was only for a moment, and she quickly approached with a friendly smile.

“I’m Noemi. Nice to meet you, Roseline-sama. Please feel free to ask me anything if you have any questions.”

Noemi extended her hand and said so. I returned the smile but didn’t take her hand.

“Well, you’re a lovely person. You’re also a saint, right? That means you can see spirits.”

I asked even though I knew the answer.

“…I can’t see spirits. But I know that they are flying around me. Sometimes I hear the sound of wings or whispers.”

After briefly stumbling over her words, Noemi said with a smile.

“Well, that’s amazing too.”

As she showed an exaggerated surprise, Noemi breathed a sigh of relief.

“Nice to meet you, Noemi-san. I don’t know anything about the church, so please take care of me.”

Saying so, Noemi nodded and said “Of course.”

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