The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess – Chapter 11

The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess

Chapter 11

Rose and I, who had transformed, were led to the reception room.

The bishop looked at me with a puzzled expression for a moment, but when he noticed the diamond necklace and gold bracelet I was wearing, he immediately smiled and said, “Please have a seat.”

“I apologize for coming here suddenly. I am Roseline of the Marquis Ferrier family. This is my older brother, the head of our family.”

As I said this with a smile, the bishop gave a vague smile and looked at us as if trying to figure something out. There is no such thing as the Marquis Ferrier family. He must be confused by the fact that we said a name he has never heard of, even though it should be Marquis.

“Excuse me, but is Roseline-sama from this country?”

“Yes, that’s right. Haven’t you heard of the Ferrier family?”

“Sorry to say, but I haven’t heard of it…”

Rose reached out her hand towards the bishop as he was about to speak. A light floated from Rose’s hand and flew towards the bishop.

“Oh, you’re Marquis Ferrier’s Ojou-sama. I know her well.”

The bishop said with empty eyes. Rose and I hid our almost-laughing faces and looked at each other.

Rose apparently has the ability to hypnotize people and make them believe any absurd lie as true. With this, in the bishop’s mind, I became an Ojou-sama who was raised in the prestigious Marquis family. 

“What brings the Ferrier family’s Ojou-sama here?”

“Well, I suddenly feel like my magical power has increased recently. Also, I can see spirits now, even though I’ve never been able to see them before.”


The bishop’s eyes widened. It was natural for him to be surprised. Those who can perceive spirits are so rare that only Anna and Noemi were found after more than ten years of searching, and they work as saints in the church.

“Yes. Isn’t it a rule that those who can see spirits work as saints in the church? That’s why I came here.”

“That’s appreciated. However, the Marquis’ daughter doesn’t have to choose to work in the church…”

“I want to use my ability in the right way since I received it.”

Saying that, the bishop nodded hesitantly.

“Shouldn’t you show some evidence that you can see spirits?”

“Yes. Can I take the test that everyone who works in the church takes?”

“Of course. Let me administer it.”

When I nodded, the bishop brought something like a birdcage from the next room. I looked at it with nostalgia.

I took this test when I came to the church with Anna. At that time, the inside of the cage was faintly glowing, and it looked like there was nothing inside, but now I could clearly see its form.

“Can you see anything inside this cage?” 

The bishop asks me that question.

I stare into the cage intently.

It was a boy with blue hair. He was staring at me with a displeased expression. His semi-transparent wings, like Rose’s, were torn in places.

“I can see it. it’s a little boy spirit.”

“W-What. . .”

“His hair is blue. His eyes are green. He’s wearing a suit like a human and a cute coat. However, his wings are torn, and his face has many scratches. He must have struggled a lot inside.”

The bishop was looking at me with wide eyes. Meanwhile, the spirit in the cage also looked surprised and was looking at me.

“C-Can you really see it that clearly?”

“Yes, I can see it well.”

“I can’t see it at all. However, what you just said matches the characteristics of the spirit in the cage that the saint fifty years ago told us about.”

As I was about to nod to the bishop’s words, an unpleasant thought crossed my mind. Did he say saint fifty years ago? No way…

“Bishop, are you saying that this spirit has been trapped in this cage for fifty years?”

“Huh? Yes. It has been passed down in our church for generations as a test to distinguish saints…”

“Don’t be ridiculous! It’s unacceptable to trap a spirit for fifty years just for that! Let him out right away!”

As I shouted, the bishop became flustered and said it couldn’t be done that easily. I was completely amazed. When I was Anna, I couldn’t even see the spirits’ forms, so I didn’t know that the spirit inside was so battered and trapped like this.

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