The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 98

𝐀 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐲 𝐥𝐮𝐫𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭

“What is this?! Was there a fight to the death?”

Miranda Coles, the squad leader of the Mercapolis Security Brigade’s West District, grimaced at the gruesome scene upon receiving the report. 

The walls of the modest stone warehouse were stained with blood, and men lay motionless around it.

The only ones unharmed were a young man and woman.

“Could it be, you two took down all these people?”

“I’m sorry. . .”

“Are you saying you did this?!”

Miranda was astounded by Alma’s apologetic demeanor.

It was hard to believe that such a frail woman could thoroughly beat down strong men.

“Pl. . .please help. . .”

A man, regaining his breath, asked Miranda for help with a trembling voice.

“Please, I’ll do anything. . . just spare my life. . . ah!”

The man’s face contorted in fear upon noticing Alma.

In a semi-frenzy, he clung to Miranda.

“Help me! I beg you! Don’t let that woman near me! She’s a devil! Save me!”

“Could it be. . . is it true. . .”

Miranda was left in shock.

“So, it’s like this. You were using this place as a warehouse to sell something called Crete liquor, and you were on guard because you suspected business rivals might interfere.”

“To put it briefly, yes.”

Luke kept silent about Pit’s presence.

He decided it wouldn’t benefit Pit to talk about it.

He made it seem like they had coincidentally received information about the attack.

“But. . . is it really possible to take down eight thugs bare-handed like that?”

Miranda seemed unconvinced.

“I’m so sorry! Really sorry.”

Alma continued to apologize profusely.

“You might not know, but those guys are famous failed adventurers around here. Even a group of big men is no match for them.”

“That’s because we’re adventurers too.”

“You guys are?”

“Yes, we came from St. Arrogas. We’re also provisionally registered as adventurers in Mercapolis.”

Luke said this, showing his registration to Miranda.

“I see, it’s indeed a registration from here. Your name is Luke. . . and Alma Bastille. . . As adventurers, you could fight them. . . right?”

Miranda nodded while looking at their registration.

It seemed more like she was convincing herself than being convinced.



“Anyway, I guarantee the safety of both of them. If necessary, you can also check with Falx Condor, a merchant.”

Natalia, having heard the commotion, came back and appeared in front of Miranda. 

“No, that won’t be necessary. I’m well aware of your identities and I wouldn’t doubt the heroes who caught the criminals.”

Miranda returned the registration card to Luke with a smile. 

“But, could you come to the Western District’s security station tomorrow? It’s too late tonight, but I would like to hear the full story tomorrow.”


Although he replied, Luke was uncertain about her real intentions. 

What exactly does she want to know? 

Could it be that Clavi has even involved the security team?

No, if that were the case, she would have caused trouble right here. 

Moreover, there was nothing suspicious in Miranda’s behavior. 

Her actions were natural for a member of the security team. 

Luke decided to comply with Miranda’s request for the time being. 

“Then, I’ll leave their treatment to us. They will be judged fairly according to Mercapolis law, so rest assured.”

Thus, Miranda and the security team took the men away. 

Watching the now quiet warehouse, Sicily murmured anxiously. 

“What was all this about. . .”

“Who knows, but this makes it clear that someone dislikes us. We should be more cautious than before.”

Luke looked up at the wooden crates stacked in the warehouse. 

They were supposed to be cleared in about a month, but it seemed they couldn’t let their guard down until then. 

“We should take turns keeping watch at night. I’ll do it tonight, so everyone else can rest.”

“Oh. . . my night is ruined. . .”

Alma’s sad voice echoed emptily in the warehouse.










“It failed?!”

Runker barked from the bed.

The half-naked prostitute beside him startled awake.

“I, I just checked. Seems like the 《Black Dogs》 have all been caught.”

“Damn it!”

Runker, irritated by Gustav’s report, ruffled his hair in annoyance.

“What do we do, Runker? If they find out it was us. . .”

“That won’t happen. They’re used to this sort of thing. They’ll just feign ignorance and pay the penalty. However, we must hurry and pay it off before they decide to deal with the guards. Damn, what an unexpected expense!”

The glass Runker irritably knocked off shattered, creating a loud noise.

“Given the situation, we can’t just intervene now. No choice, we must report to Clavi that we’ve failed. This wasn’t a big earning anyway, let them suffer for all I care.”

“Yeah, right, it was a waste taking such a trivial job. That’ll show Clavi!”

Gustav remained a mere supporter of Runker.

Gustav, who disliked deep thinking, had decided to leave all complicated decisions to Runker and Leslie.

It had worked well so far, so it should be fine this time too. . .

“Exactly. More importantly, there’s not much time until the demon beast activity. That’s more important to us.”

Runker, having calmed down after his outburst, reached for his glass, only to click his tongue when he realized he had thrown it to the floor.

“Hey, slave, bring a replacement glass quickly.”

He called to Pit, who should be beyond the door, but there was no reply.

“Hey, what happened to that slave?”

“?He wasn’t here even when I arrived.”

The two exchanged glances.

“What does this mean?”

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