The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 97


“It’s been a while since we had a meal together, just the two of us.”

Alma’s voice is lively.

Luke and Alma were at 【Golden Twilight】, a popular restaurant in Mercapolis.

The cuisine was excellent, and their apple pie was so famous that it was renowned even in St. Arrogas.

“We’ve been so busy lately. I thought it might be nice to indulge ourselves for a change.”

Luke smiles as he cuts into a large platter of Mercapolis’ specialty dish.

For the past month, Natalia and Sicily’s business had been extremely busy, with Luke and others helping out.

They traveled back and forth to the village of Crete, procuring wine, labeling it, and delivering it to various clients.

They had to sell discreetly, so they couldn’t hire help and had to manage everything themselves.

After finishing stocking and labeling the Crete village inventory, they finally had free time once everything was ready for shipment.

Sicily and Natalia went out for drinks together, while Leah went back to her hometown in Crete village.

Thus, Luke and Alma, left alone, were enjoying a rare date.

“But it’s good. Natalia and Sicily’s business is going well, and this will surely help Crete village prosper.”

“Yes. Maybe our coming here had some purpose after all. Right, Luke?”

“Exactly. If Crete liquor becomes popular, it might reduce prejudice against beastkin. That alone gives our visit here plenty of meaning.”

“Right. . ., hey, more importantly, Luke. . .”

“Initially, it was just helping Sicily, but this journey has been truly wonderful! We might have even learned a bit about master’s past. . .”


Alma grasps Luke’s hand, which is passionately engaged in conversation.

“Alma, is something wrong?”

“Luke, we’re having a meal together now, just the two of us, right?”

“Yes, it’s been a while, and I’m really enjoying it.”

“Me too. We’ve always been with others this past month, hardly ever alone together. That’s right, isn’t it?”

“Indeed. We were either preparing shipments at Falx-san’s warehouse or heading to Crete village.”

“Right. We finally got some time after a month, and with Sicily and Natalia out, and Leah-chan back in Crete village.”

Alma’s grip on Luke’s hand tightens.

“So. . . that means. . . tonight, we’re finally alone together after a long time. . .”

“Ah. . .”

Luke finally understands what Alma is implying.

Alma’s ears turn crimson as she looks down, her gripping hand slightly sweaty.

Heat rises in Luke’s cheeks.

“So, the moon is beautiful tonight. How about we go back to the inn early after dinner and enjoy it together?”

Alma nods slightly to Luke’s suggestion.

The two leave 【Golden Twilight】, arm in arm.

The streets are still bustling with people as it’s early evening.



As they were about to pass through a narrow back alley, they saw someone beckoning from the depths.


Covered in a gray robe, Luke recognized it was Pit from the slight movement of his body.

“What are you doing here? Are you with the 《Blue Sky Hawk》?”

Pit’s face, revealed upon removing his hood, was tense with anxiety.

“Be careful. They are targeting your business.”

“The 《Blue Sky Hawk》? Why would they involve themselves with us?”

“I must go now. But return to the warehouse immediately. They have hired people to destroy your liquor!”

With that, Pit turned on his heel.


Luke held his shoulder.

“I can’t let you go.”

In an inconspicuous stone warehouse on the outskirts of Mercapolis, originally owned by Falx but now serving as Natalia’s warehouse and sales base for Crete liquor.

Now, several shadows approach the warehouse, blending into the night.

All in black, their faces covered with black cloth.

“Bro, that seems to be the warehouse.”

One of the men whispered softly.

“Just smash everything inside for 100 silver coins. Easy job.”

The men in black moved silently towards the warehouse, skillfully broke the lock, and entered.

“Breaking bottles will make noise. Let’s finish quickly before anyone notices.”

“Too late for that.”

A voice came from behind them.


Surprised, they turned to see a figure standing by the door they just entered.


As the voice spoke, light filled the warehouse, blinding the men.

“You! Why are you. . .”

“That’s my line. This is private property, you’re not allowed here.”

The figure at the door, Luke, responded in a calm voice.

“It’s not a mistake you’re here at this time.”

“Shut up! Back off if you don’t want to get hurt!”

The men readied their clubs.

“That’s my line.”

As Luke spoke, one of the men was sent flying.

He crashed into the wall near Luke and fell unconscious.


The men were confused about what happened.

Attacked? But who could make a person fly sideways like that?

Hesitantly turning around, they saw a gigantic suit of armor, several meters tall.

“Wha. . .?”

The men stood dumbfounded as Alma, clad in Demonstration Armor, approached.

“It was you. . . who interfered with me. . .”

Anger was evident in her voice, understandable even to the men.

Why? Why is this monster angry at us? Did we do something to it?

“Just when I was finally spending a night with Lukeeee!!!”


Alma’s scream merged with the men’s cries into the quiet of the night.

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