The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 95

𝐆𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐩𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐞

“What’s up, big sis, you’re back again? Just so you know, no matter how much you pitch, I’m not buying.”

The restaurant chef frowns upon seeing Natalia.

“Heh heh heh, are you sure you can say that? Just so you know, this time I’m a bit different.”

Natalia, with a smug smile, pulls out a Falx authorization card from her bosom.

“This time, I come as a representative of the Condor Chamber of Commerce!”

“What? That old man is still alive?”

“Alive and kicking, very energetic. This time, the Chamber of Commerce head specially sent me to sell a product. This shop has been a long-time associate, so he instructed me to greet you first.”

“You have a way with words.”

Sicily admires in a low voice.

“Tch, I owe that old man from the past, can’t just dismiss this. Fine, come in.”

The chef indicates the door of the shop with his chin.

“What is this?”

The chef’s eyes widen after taking a sip of Crete wine.

“Unbelievable, this is Crete wine? Compared to this, every other liquor in this shop is like muddy water.”

“This is made with a new method. The details are a secret though. How about it? Don’t you think this will be popular?”

“Well, maybe it’s good enough for us to deal with. Let’s see. . . How about trying one, no, three bottles?”

“Unfortunately, this is still a prototype, so I’ve decided to limit one bottle per shop. Contact me if you need more. Bye!”

“H, Hey, wait a. . .”

Ignoring the chef trying to hold her back, Natalia leaves the restaurant with Luke and others.

“. . .Yesssss!”

Natalia and Sicily do a high-five as soon as they step outside.

“Yes! It’s clear now, this will sell! It will definitely sell!”

“I knew it! I knew it! Alright, let’s keep selling like this~.”

Alma smiles wryly watching the two excited.

“But only one bottle per shop. . . wasn’t that a bit harsh? I get that they were rude before but. . .”


Natalia and Sicily’s voices overlap.

“Just so you know, it’s not because they were mean. That kind of response is everyday business in sales.”

“Exactly, and now is the time to sell. One less bottle here means ten less in the future!”

“Exactly, Sicily, you get it!”

“Of course!”

The enthusiasm of the two knows no bounds.

“Well, let’s calm down a bit. We’ll scare everyone at this rate.”

Luke starts walking, holding their hands, slightly embarrassed.

Passersby look over, wondering what’s happening.

“But at this rate, we’ll run out of stock quickly. Looks like we can expect reorders.”

“Of course, it has to be!”

Luke and the others head to the next shop together.











The sound of five people clinking glasses echoed throughout the tavern.

“Wow, I’ve never tasted such delicious sake before!”

Natalia, having emptied her glass, exclaimed with joy.

“Can you believe we sold out in one day! Is this a dream? Could this actually be a dream?”

“No way it’s a dream! If it were, things would be even more unbelievable! If this were a dream, by now we’d be filthy rich!”

Sicily joined in, laughing heartily.

It was no wonder the two were so excited.

The fifty bottles of liquor brought from Crete Village had all sold out by early afternoon.

With more than just one or two additional orders placed on the spot, they already had over a thousand backorders.

“Who would have thought it would sell this much. This was totally unexpected.”

“Me too. I knew the liquor was good, but. . .”

“Same here. I never imagined our village-made liquor would receive such a response.”

“Honestly, I anticipated it.”

Surprised, Luke, Alma, and Leah looked at Natalia, who waved her hands in the air.

“To be frank, the liquor here is awful. The Liquor Traders Union, taking bribes from both distilleries and liquor stores, turns a blind eye to the corruption, leading to a decline in liquor quality. Everyone’s fed up with the poor quality.”

“Just as Falx-san said, this must also be Clavi’s influence.”

Luke sighed.

The Liquor Traders Union, under Clavi’s control, was rampant with adulteration and counterfeits, as Falx had mentioned.

Perhaps they cooperated, foreseeing this.

And indeed, the response to Crete liquor proved it to be true.

“By the way, Falx-san is opposing Clavi, but is that okay? Won’t he be interfered with along the way?”

Falx had once formed a faction to oppose the nefarious Clavi.

However, outmaneuvered by the politically stronger Clavi, he was betrayed by those under Clavi’s influence, losing all his wealth.

Barely managing to retain his Mercapolis trading license, his grudges from those times still lingered, hindering his ability to conduct business properly.

“That’s definitely a possibility. That’s why we’re not using master’s name when selling at the store.”

Natalia twirled a skewer.

Sicily followed, biting into a bone-in meat.

“We only put Natalia’s Knightly Chamber of Commerce name on the sake labels. They’ll probably catch on eventually, but by then, it’ll be too popular for them to openly crush. Once it’s popular, they can’t just shut it down.”

“You thought that far ahead.”

“Of course! In business, haste is to be valued! It’s a basic principle!”

Natalia and Sicily, arms around each other, raised their glasses.

“To our further victory!”

“To victory!”

The sound of glasses clinking echoed once more in the tavern.

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