The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 94

𝐓𝐰𝐨 𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐬

“Phew, finally a break. Seriously, ganging up on an old man like that. What a bunch of young rascals.”

Falx stretches with a groan.

The agreement on the sale of Crete liquor was concluded as the day began to wane.

“There’s not much, but you should have a meal.”

“Then I’ll cook!”

Leah stands up.

“Alright, then I’ll show you how to use the kitchen. Come this way.”

Having returned from the kitchen, Falx sinks back into the sofa and looks towards Luke.

“Now then, Luke or whatever your name is, do you have anything you want to ask me? If it’s about this city, I think I can answer to some extent.”

“If that’s the case. . .”

Luke begins to rise from his seat.

He has a myriad of questions.

About the 《Blue Sky Hawk》. Clavi, the beastkin. . . But before that, there was something he needed to do.

Luke takes out a piece of cyclonite from his bag and places it on the table.

“Could you first appraise this for me?”

“Oh. . .?”

Falx’s expression changes dramatically.

“Cyclonite, eh? Haven’t seen one this size and purity in a long time.”

“Master, you know about this.”

“Of course! I originally specialized in magic stones. I’ve seen more than enough cyclonite!”

As Falx retorts to Natalia’s light-hearted comment, he examines the cyclonite closely.

“Hmm. . . Unprocessed as it may be, I’d value this at 150. . . no, 200 gold coins in my estimation.”

“200 coins?!”

Sicily jumps in surprise.

“Such a size of cyclonite has become hard to come by lately. However, I can’t buy it myself, as I don’t have that much cash on hand.”

“No, thank you anyway. Knowing its value will help Crete Village.”

“You plan to use it for Crete Village?”

Falx raises his eyebrows in surprise.

“Originally, this belonged to the beastkin. I just consider myself its keeper.”

Luke explains the situation to Falx.

About how the beastkin defeated the Cyclops, how everyone gained confidence and is trying to liven up the village.

“I see. . .”

Falx sighs deeply after hearing Luke’s story.

“In my youth, I couldn’t stand that village. The villagers were only interested in living day by day, never looking to the future. When I became a merchant in Mercapolis, I was so ashamed of being from that village that I tried desperately to hide it. But now. . . Crete Village is looking to the future, huh. . .”

A clear expression appears on Falx’s face as he murmurs.

“Luke-san, thank you for telling me. It feels like a long-standing blockage in my throat has been cleared. Do you have any other questions?”

“Then, if I may ask, do you know a merchant named Clavi Selfis? Actually. . .”


“Clavi! Don’t you dare mention that guy’s name in front of me!”

Falx suddenly became furious.

“Ah, sorry. It was a matter unrelated to Luke-san. I just can’t keep calm when it comes to him.”

“Sorry, it seems like you have some personal issues, but could you share them with me? Actually, there’s a chance that he might interfere with our business here.”

Luke explained to Falx about his encounter with Clavi.

That 《Blue Sky Hawk》 was on good terms with Clavi, and they too saw Luke and his group as enemies.

“Hmph, ‘Greedy Clavi’ and his henchman 《Blue Sky Hawk》. You guys have certainly caught the attention of some troublesome characters.”

Falx sighed with a hint of pity in his voice.

“Clavi, just saying his name makes me angry. He’s like greed and tyranny personified. He wouldn’t hesitate to trample others for his own gain. There’s no end to the tales of those he’s stripped of everything. I could talk all night about how he’s exploited this city.”

“Ah. . . maybe some other time then.”

“No, let me tell you. I met that guy when I was 20. . .”

Thus began Falx’s long story.

“Hmm, seems like a great haul this time. Excellent, these magic stones will surely sell for a high price.”

Clavi looked over the items on the table with a pleased expression.

They were all brought back from the Granite Dungeon by 《Blue Sky Hawk》.

“Absolutely. It was quite a task this time. I hope the reward reflects that.”

Runker puffed out his chest proudly.

《Blue Sky Hawk》 received direct requests from Clavi, not through the guild.

In a way, Clavi was the sponsor for these professional adventurers.

Thus, all the spoils were to be handed over to Clavi.

Runker took out a cyclonite from his pocket.

“Yes, this time we even defeated the dungeon boss. This must be a real treasure. Worth at least 200, no, 300 gold coins, I reckon.”

Clavi’s eyebrows twitched slightly at the sight on the table, but he quickly looked away, feigning disinterest.

“It’s not that valuable. If it were intact, it might have been worth that much, but it’s damaged. At most, 100, no, 80 gold coins.”

Runker clicked his tongue internally.

(This greedy old man, he knows its value but still undercuts it)

《Blue Sky Hawk》 and Clavi had a mutually beneficial relationship.

With Clavi’s connections and behind-the-scenes work, 《Blue Sky Hawk》 became famous as adventurers, and Clavi expanded his business using their fame.

People flocked to buy Clavi’s weapons and armor known to be used by 《Blue Sky Hawk》, and Clavi’s restaurants always had long queues when it was known that 《Blue Sky Hawk》 dined there.


And then, 《Blue Sky Hawk》 utilized Clavi’s connections and information network to outsmart other adventurers.

However, that too is ultimately just a connection through money.

(Just endure for now, once I’ve squeezed everything I can out of this old man, I’ll cut ties swiftly)

“Haha, you must be joking. Even I, a layman, can tell this cyclonite is of high purity. Adventuring isn’t easy, Clavi-san. Aren’t we partners?”

“That’s right. . . Indeed, you all have been performing well, so I must reward you. . . Ah! I’m about to start selling a new liquor, let’s make it a 《Blue Sky Hawk》 special! This is great. The name will be ‘Cup of the Azure Sky.’ If it becomes 《Blue Sky Hawk》 approved, a part of the sales will go to you as royalties. Let’s start planning the promotion immediately!”

Clavi shouted joyfully and patted Runker on the shoulder.

However, his eyes were not smiling at all.

(These kids have been getting too cocky lately. It might be time to cut them off, but I need to be cautious since they’re involved in my backdoor dealings.)

“Thank you very much! I appreciate your generosity.”

Runker showed a cheerful smile.

The two exchanged handshakes while gripping daggers in their hearts.

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