The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 85


“Runker! Did you lose your nerve?! If it were us. . .”

“Shut up!”

Gustav’s words of discontent are interrupted by Runker.

“Why can’t you understand that spending time on this is just a waste! Just be quiet and do as you’re told!”

“Okay, okay, I get it. I just thought it was a bit of a shame. Don’t get so mad.”

Gustav, intimidated by Runker’s anger, is visibly cowed.

It was clear to Luke that the power dynamics in 《Blue Sky Hawk》 revolved around Runker.

Therefore, if Runker is convinced, the rest is easy.

“Let’s get started on drafting the document. Sicily, do you have the magic pen for contracts?”

“Of course! It’s a merchant’s essential.”

Receiving a pen and parchment from Sicily, Luke swiftly drafts three copies of the document.

“There, that’s good. The cyclonite from the lowermost layer of the granite dungeon, where we defeated the cyclops in a joint operation with the beastkin, will be divided equally between us. Is this acceptable?”

“Of course.”

Runker responds curtly, frowning.

“Then, as the witness, please sign here.”

Runker pricks his finger with the offered pen.

The dripping blood mixes with the ink, and the signed name emits a faint light.

It’s a magic contract, ensuring the signatory’s authenticity.

Following this, Bolz and Luke sign, handing two copies of the document to 《Blue Sky Hawk》 and the beastkin.

Then, the piece of cyclonite is presented to Runker.

“I’ll keep one copy for reference. Now, this is yours.”

“Hmph, such an unnecessarily detailed procedure!”

Grabbing the cyclonite, Runker turns on his heel roughly.

“Let’s get out of here quickly! I’m sick of this dungeon and the beastkin!”

The return journey was uneventful, and they were able to leave the Granite Dungeon that day.

“It was a mistake to include you in our group. Never show your face to me again. I’ll report this to Lord Clavi. Don’t even dream of doing business in Mercapolis!”

“Heh, if I ever see that face again, who knows what I’ll do. Be careful on moonless nights!”

“A foolish choice indeed. Now, it’s impossible for you to do anything in this city. I advise you to stop struggling and return to your country.”

“Luke, I thought we could get along. Well, that’s that!”

Leaving with these parting words, 《Blue Sky Hawk》 heads back to Mercapolis.

Pit carries all the materials acquired in the dungeon.

The burden is harsh for Pit, who is just past boyhood, but 《Blue Sky Hawk》 pays no heed.

In fact, they kick at the struggling Pit in irritation.

“Hey! Don’t stagger under that load! Damn beastkin, you’re really useless!”

“What a whiner. If you drop even one thing before we get back, no food for you.”

“That’s a good idea! Hey, mutt! You’ll pay for the cyclonite your kin swiped from us! Be prepared!”

“. . .”

Despite the taunts, Pit silently follows the four.





“Terrible. . .”

Watching their retreating figures, Alma was trembling with anger.

“It can’t be helped. That’s what becoming a slave means.”

Bolz muttered heavily.

“Pit has been hard-working since he was a child, and he was well-regarded in the village. But ever since his parents passed away and he was left alone with his sister, he suddenly left the village, and before we knew it, he had become their slave. I really don’t understand what he’s thinking. . .”

“Thanks to that, Leah is also having a hard time. Ah, Leah is his younger sister. She’s still small, but she goes to the city to trade from early morning till late at night.”

Kick was also watching Pit’s back with a complicated expression.

Bolz sighed.

“But after all, it’s a personal issue, so we shouldn’t interfere. More importantly, Luke-san, would you like to come to our village tonight? It’s not much, but we’ll welcome you.”

“. . .Right. If we go back to the city now, we might end up traveling with them, so let’s accept your kind offer. What do you two think?”

“I’m fine anywhere as long as I’m with Luke.”

“I don’t have any objections either. I’m also interested in a beastkin village.”

Alma and Sicily nodded.

“Then it’s decided. We’ll be in your care.”

“It’s us who should be thanking you! You’ve helped us so much, Luke-san, so please let us do at least this much!”

“Our village is called Crete Village. There are just over a hundred villagers, all beastkin. We’re a poor village, but our brewing is quite something, so please be sure to have a drink.”

On the way back, Kick continued explaining proudly.

“Alcohol, huh. . . This might be a business opportunity.”

Sicily’s eyes sparkled suspiciously as she listened to Kick’s story.

“But our alcohol doesn’t last long. Even in winter, it only lasts about a month, so it’s hard to sell it widely.”

“Is anyone there? Please help!”

As Luke and the others were walking through the forest, they heard a cry for help in the distance.

“What’s that?”

When they went towards the source of the voice, they found a human mother and child entangled in thick vines.

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