The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 84

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐤𝐢𝐧

“Me? But don’t you guys need the money?”

“That’s true. But. . .”

Kick scratched his head and smiled sheepishly.

“I just did as Luke-san told me. It’s more like Luke-san defeated it, not me. You might think I’m being pretentious, but it doesn’t seem right for me to accept this.”

Saying this, Kick offered the cyclonite to Luke.

“We need money, but that’s our problem. Please don’t worry about it, Luke-san.”

“Kick. . .”

Luke’s gaze fell upon Kick, whose face showed no trace of hesitation.

There stood not a sullen youth from the world before entering the dungeon, but a man brimming with confidence.

“Damn, if you say that, how can I just accept it?”

Sighing, Bolz stepped forward.

“Luke-san, what he says is right. It’s only proper for you to take it. Indeed, we desperately need it, and the old me would have been delighted to keep it. But we’ve changed.”

Bolz placed his hand on Kick’s shoulder.

“Both he and we have changed through conquering this dungeon. No, it was you, Luke-san, who changed us. If we accept it now, I feel like we’ll return to our old selves. So, please, you take it.”

The beastkin behind them nodded in agreement.

“Understood. I accept it gratefully.”

After a moment of silence, Luke nodded and took the cyclonite.

“Then, I will take responsibility for this cyclonite.”

Saying so, he created a sword and split the cyclonite in half.

He then offered one half to Runker.

“This, I give to you.”

“Lu, Luke?!”

“Luke, why?”

Alma and Sicily looked at Luke in astonishment.

The beastkin also watched Luke in surprise.

Runker glared at Luke with a flushed face.

“. . .What do you mean by this?”

“As you see. Since the dungeon conquest was a request from you, the 《Blue Sky Hawk》, having this means you can complete the dungeon conquest procedures.”

“Is this some kind of pity?!”

“Not at all, it’s a deal. In return for acknowledging you conquered the dungeon, we’ll also recognize the Cyclops slayers as both you and the beastkin. Of course, we’ll leave a record.”

“I see.”

Sicily gasped as if realizing something.

“What does that mean?”

“It means Luke is trying to make them admit that the beastkin defeated the Cyclops.”

Sicily explained quietly to a puzzled Alma.

Even if they obtained the cyclonite, negotiating with the guild or merchants was necessary for cashing it in.


However, it was hard to believe that 《Blue Sky Hawk》 who wanted to acquire cyclonite, would readily admit to it.

Known as heroes in the city, they likely wield significant influence over guilds and merchants.

They could interfere in some way or claim legitimate rights.

Luke decided to offer both the dungeon explorers and cyclonite as bait to 《Blue Sky Hawk》 before anything else.

Of course, 《Blue Sky Hawk》 could stubbornly dismiss these and insist on their own achievements.

But getting them to admit would take considerable effort.

After all, such external conflicts would become prime gossip in the city.

For the prideful Runker, such scandals would be the most undesirable situations.

That was Luke’s aim.

If they were blinded by immediate gains, the fact that the beastkin defeated the Cyclops would remain on record.

Then, even if the beastkin possessed cyclonite, forcefully taking it would become difficult.

“You. . . are you testing me?”

Runker glared at Luke with eyes filled with hatred.

Of course, Runker understood Luke’s intention.

And also that there were no other options.

“Runker, we don’t need to listen to them! That’s ours!”

Gustav, regaining consciousness, raised his voice fiercely.

“I agree with Gustav. 300 gold coins, 300! We can’t just let it slip away.”

Ethel was already in a battle stance.

Her eyes shone with desire.

“No, we should listen to them. We shouldn’t waste time on this.”

Leslie prioritized gaining returns without spending much.

“Be quiet for a moment.”

Runker continued to glare at Luke irritably.

To forcibly acquire cyclonite, they would need to kill everyone present.

Letting even one escape would certainly lead to trouble.

The beastkin could still be managed, but Luke and the other two were troublesome.

Luke was still manageable, somewhat knowledgeable in magic but could be overcome by four.

However, Alma, who overpowered the Cyclops with bare hands, would not be easy to defeat.

And Sicily, among the three yet to reveal her true strength, was unreadable even to Runker’s eyes.

Hence, she appeared as the most eerie presence among the three.

“. . .Understood. We’ll accept your proposal.”

After a period of silence, Runker reluctantly nodded.

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