The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 62

𝐋𝐮𝐤𝐞 𝐒𝐮𝐫𝐛𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐲

Luke’s artificial eye houses a spirit.

This spirit, however, is an artificial one created from Luke’s soul.

By separating a part of his soul to form the spirit, Luke’s analysis becomes purely factual, without any personal bias.

Nevertheless, its power is so immense that he usually keeps it suppressed.

Now, Luke has fully unleashed it.

The world before his eyes rapidly loses color.

His emotions fade, focusing all abilities solely on defeating Behemoth.

To Luke’s eyes, everything now appears as numbers.

His own body, the world, and even Behemoth.

“Rotate 15 degrees to the left.”

As he dodges, Behemoth’s foot comes crashing down where he was.

“Five meters above, thrust two meters deep.”

The Adamant slime sword deeply pierces the side of Behemoth’s forelimb.

The blade inflicts severe damage to Behemoth’s internals.

Of course, this isn’t enough to kill Behemoth.

The wound Luke inflicted is healing rapidly.

However, Luke’s assault doesn’t stop.

He continues to strike at Behemoth’s vulnerabilities, dealing consistent damage.

Although Behemoth is said to have inexhaustible stamina, it is not immortal.

Every wound steadily drains its strength.

“If I keep attacking like this, Behemoth will be incapacitated in two weeks.”

Likely, by then, only Luke will be standing here.

There’s not even a hint of hesitation in Luke’s mind.

Defeating Behemoth here and now is the most efficient way to minimize damage.

With a scream, Behemoth’s horn emits light.

Though it’s down to one, it can still fire magical power bullets.

“There’s a wall of magical power there. Using it as a shield will open up more vulnerabilities.”

Without hesitation, Luke dives into the area where magical power is concentrated.

“It’s coming this way!”

A murmur rises among the soldiers.

They watch Luke and Behemoth’s battle in stunned silence.

Luke’s battle was so inhuman.

It was as if he knew Behemoth’s attacks from the beginning, dodging them and targeting the seemingly weakest point.

His movements were so perfect that there was no way to intervene.

And now, in the midst of it all, Luke suddenly rushed into the midst of the soldiers.

Following him, Behemoth prepares to fire its magical power bullet.

“Block it, everyone deploy defensive magic!”

Gunter Weise shouts out.

But it’s clear to everyone that it’s futile.

The overwhelmingly destructive magical power bullet is fired.


Alma, in the new Demonstration Armor, intercepts the magical power bullet.

Enduring the nearly disintegrating impact, she manages to deflect it.

(Luke, is this what you intended?!)

Amidst the shock, Alma recalls Iris’s words, struggling to maintain consciousness. 






“You know, Luke, despite how he looks, is really fragile.”

Iris said this to Alma when they were alone together.

“There will definitely come a time when he loses himself. When that happens, he’ll end up hurting not just himself, but those around him too. I don’t really mind, but I hate the idea of Luke getting hurt.”

Iris’s ruby-like eyes stared into Alma’s.

“When that time comes, it’ll be you, Alma, who has to stop Luke.”


“I’d like to do it myself, but as you see, I can’t move. So, I’m entrusting it to you.”

“But, how?”

“You do it… like this.”

Iris then pinched Alma’s chin and kissed her on the lips.

“Wha! What are you doing!”

“What am I doing? I’m entrusting my energy to you. Don’t be so flustered over this little thing.”

“It’s not like I’m flustered… but why?”

“As I said earlier, when Luke loses his mind, you’ll have to hit him with my energy. That should bring him back to his senses.”

“Hit him with it… how do I do that?”

“Well… mouth-to-mouth is the most effective, I guess.”

“M, Mouth-to-mouth?!”

“If you don’t like it, just touching his body is also fine.”

“I don’t dislike it at all! Bring it on!”

Alma shouted, spreading her arms wide.

“What are you doing?”

“If you’re offering, I wouldn’t mind two or three more times.”

“Don’t get carried away.”

Iris pushed Alma’s face away.

“Anyway, when Luke becomes overwhelmed by his own power, I’m counting on you.”

(So this is what you meant, Iris!)

Alma stripped down to minimal armor.

The new Demonstration Armor was already at its limit after several attacks from Behemoth.

It was just getting in the way, being so bulky.

“Luke, wait for me, I’ll bring you back!”

Alma started running.

Dodging rocks flying through the air from explosions, she ran towards Luke, who was fiercely battling Behemoth.

As she ran, Iris’s words echoed in her mind.

━━But be careful. To the Luke in that state, you’ll be nothing more than an obstacle. You might even risk your life. I’m asking you, knowing that. If you’re not prepared, don’t do it━━

“I’ve been ready for this for a long time!”

Alma leaped.

Luke, who was in the air, turned around.

His eyes were void of any emotion.

Like a machine in human form.

Luke aimed his adamantine slime sword at Alma.


Luke’s movement, as he tried to thrust his sword, paused for a moment.

A dull sound echoed across the sky.

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