The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 61


Luke’s fireball didn’t cause significant damage to Behemoth, but it seemed successful in drawing its attention. 

Showing an irritated expression, Behemoth charged towards Luke. 


Luke quickly leaped to the monument and reactivated the temple’s sealing function. 

Magical power ropes entangled Behemoth again. 

“We have only five minutes! Evacuate before that!”


The soldiers attacked Behemoth once more. 

“Luuuuke! Why did you save me! Are you saying you’re stronger? I won’t accept it! I won’t!”

Gale could only glare at Luke with eyes filled with hatred. 

(Why! Why can’t I defeat him! There’s no one who can beat me in magical power or swordsmanship! I’m supposed to be the strongest! Am I inferior to him!)

Dark emotions began to overflow from within Gale’s heart. 

Gale, experiencing jealousy for the first time, was unaware of it. 

However, Gale couldn’t admit to these feelings. 

To admit them would be to deny his past self, akin to killing himself. 

But the emotions welling up in his heart were becoming uncontrollable. 

Anger and hatred, jealousy and despair filled Gale’s heart like sediment. 

These intense emotions ignited a new fire within him. 

“I won’t accept it… I will never accept it!”

Gale felt a mysterious power rising from within. 

Ironically, the newly awakened emotion of jealousy had awakened a hidden power in Gale. 

“Five minutes! Everyone evacuate!”

As Luke’s voice echoed, the magical power ropes shattered. 

(We must immobilize Behemoth before its next attack!)

However, Behemoth didn’t move. 


Surprised by the turn of events, Luke hesitated, just as Behemoth’s horns emitted light. 

“No way!”

A magical power bullet was released instantly. 

Though the bullet had low power, focusing on speed, it was strong enough to destroy a belfry of the temple. 

“This is bad!”

Luke’s face turned pale. 

The destruction of the belfry would significantly weaken the output of the magical power ropes that bound Behemoth. 

In a rush, Luke ran towards the monument, as a shadow leapt over his head. 


With a powerful cry, the shadow slashed at Behemoth. 

Behemoth’s thick skin, which repelled all weapons, was easily torn apart. 

“Prince Gale?!”

It was Gale, wielding the holy sword Banisher. 

“Hahaha, I feel power surging! This is my true strength!”

Gale, standing boldly before Behemoth, laughed loudly. 

Luke watched Gale with wide eyes.


The quality of Gale’s magical power is completely different from before.

The Holy Sword Banisher, now in his hand, is so overwhelmed by Gale’s magical power that it can hardly maintain its shape.

“Could it be… is that the true power of absolute domination?”

Gale’s unique magic, absolute domination, is a spell that manipulates the target at will, but its essence lies in drawing out the inherent power of the target through domination.

And if the essence of the sword, the power to cut, is drawn out to its limit, it can easily slice through even a divine beast.

Now, Gale has truly made the Holy Sword Banisher worthy of its name.

“Hahaha, hahahahaha! Is this the real power of absolute domination? Amazing! This is incredible!”

Laughing loudly, Gale brandished his sword at Behemoth.

“With this power, you are no match for me! Be a testament to my strength!”


Along with a roar, Behemoth’s horns emit a dazzling light.

“Think again!”

Gale leaped.

With a flash of lightning, one of Behemoth’s horns was sliced off and flew through the air.

“Now you won’t be able to shoot your magical power bullets! This is the end!”

Confident of victory, Gale swung his sword down at Behemoth’s forehead.

The impact shattered the Holy Sword Banisher.


Gale was dumbfounded, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

At the same time, his body suddenly became heavy.

“My magical power… it’s depleted.”

Luke, watching from below, muttered with a look of despair.

True absolute domination indeed possesses tremendous power.

However, if a human attempts to wield power comparable to a divine beast, it’s inevitable that they will pay a price.

Gale’s immense magical power was drained in just two strikes.

“Damn… so close…”

Motionless, Gale saw Behemoth’s face looming over him.


Immediately after, Behemoth swallowed Gale.


Flora’s scream echoed through the air.

“Damn it!”

Luke sprinted forward.

Behemoth’s throat was moving.

Gale hadn’t been completely swallowed yet!

With the Adamant Slime blade flashing, Luke slit Behemoth’s throat vertically.

He reached into the cut and dragged Gale’s body out.


“Alma, please take care of him!”

Handing the limp Gale over to the approaching Alma, Luke confronted Behemoth once more.


It seemed that Behemoth now recognized only Luke as an enemy.

Growling with anger, it glared at Luke.

Luke quietly exhaled.

“Alma, take everyone and evacuate as far as possible.”

“L, Luke… what are you going to do?”

Alma asked with a trembling voice, sensing the extraordinary atmosphere.

“I am… about to defeat him.”

Luke brushed back the hair that had fallen over his left eye.

His prosthetic left eye emitted a flame-like light.

“Artificial spirit circuit, release.”

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