The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 59

𝐃𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐁𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐁𝐞𝐡𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐭𝐡

Once, Luke was taught by Iris about the difference between monsters and demon beast. 

Monsters transform into demon beasts by absorbing heavy magical essence into their bodies. 

The demon beast transforms into a more powerful demon beast by absorbing a certain amount of captured magic essence or by devouring the inherent characteristics of other monsters.

However, there were demon beasts that far surpassed such demon beasts.

These demon beasts, like Iris and the other demons, came from a different realm and possessed magical powers from a completely different dimension than the living beings of this world.

With just a few of them, they sometimes became mythical creatures, and at times, they even became objects of worship for people and the demon race, so they were called this way to distinguish them from demon beasts.

— Divine Beasts — 

Such an entity now stands before Luke and the others. 

The Divine Beast Behemoth appears like a giant ox or bear. 

It stands 20 meters tall, over 40 meters in length, with two massive black horns on its head and yellow fangs dripping saliva. 

The moment everyone saw it, the thought of death flashed through their minds. 

Except for a few. 

“H, Hmph, I thought it was something fearsome, but it’s just a giant ox! This bumbling brute is perfect for a warm-up!”

One of the exceptions, Gale, shouted with a trembling voice and charged at the Behemoth. 


Without waiting for Luke’s words, Gale leaped high and swung his sword at the Behemoth. 

The sword shattered upon hitting Behemoth’s iron-like fur. 


Before he could react, Behemoth’s horn, swung in annoyance, sent Gale flying. 

Gale crashed into a wall and collapsed. 

“Impossible. . . My sword didn’t reach. . .”

Gale, spitting blood, tried to stand up but was barely able to move. 

Behemoth lifted its head lightly.

The horns emitted light, and a vast amount of magical power gathered.

“This is bad!”

Luke activated his defensive magic.

Even though it was a defensive spell, Luke knew that he wouldn’t stand a chance if Behemoth’s magical power shot hit directly.

Nevertheless, there were many soldiers behind him.

Magical power projectiles were fired from Behemoth’s mouth.


The multi-layered defensive magic, deployed with all his might, was being destroyed one after another.

The magical power projectile that broke through the final layer flew toward Luke and his companions.

However, it was obstructed by a newly deployed defensive magic.

“Is everyone alright?!”

A resolute voice echoed from behind.


There stood Flora, accompanied by Sir Wilfred and Tyrone.

She held a staff with a huge magic stone embedded in her hand.



“I’ve also come to provide support! What on earth happened here?”

With a pale face from the surrounding devastation, they bravely conduct themselves.

“It’s Behemoth. It probably teleported here, attracted by the magical power emitted by the gray dragon. I think the breaking of the seal was also due to Behemoth’s influence.”

“Oh, no. . .”

Flora is at a loss for words upon hearing Luke’s statement.

“Flora-sama, I will buy us some time, please take care of everyone’s treatment!”

“. . .Understood. Please be careful.”

Flora says this and then raises her magic staff.

“Wide-Area Healing.”

The dome of light created by the staff instantly heals those inside it.

“F, Flora. . .why did you come?”

Gale, who was on the brink of death, regains consciousness.

“Prince Gale, I’m so glad. . .”

Flora lets out a sigh of relief.

Gale struggles to stand up, using his sword as a support.

“You. . .step back. . .I’ll handle this.”

“What are you saying! You need to rest.”

Meanwhile, Luke is confronting Behemoth alone.

Luke knows best that they can’t win in a direct fight.

Fortunately, Behemoth hasn’t fully emerged from the seal yet, so there’s only one thing to do.


The ceiling collapses due to Luke’s magic, raining down on Behemoth.

Behemoth shakes its back as if annoyed.

The fragments scatter around like giant shrapnel.

(At least this should buy us some time. Once Flora-sama’s healing magic is complete, we all need to evacuate and regroup. . .)

As Luke is thinking this, Behemoth suddenly shrinks down.

A chill runs down Luke’s spine.

“This is bad!”

Just as he casts another defensive spell, debris explosively bursts from where Behemoth was.


Alma saves Luke in the nick of time.

Alma, transformed into a giant armored figure, blocks the debris with her body.


“I, I’m okay. . .”

Alma, having deactivated her armor, collapses into Luke’s arms.

Luke catches her, and suddenly his vision darkens.

Looking up, he sees Behemoth towering above.

(How did it emerge from the seal so quickly?)

Behemoth glances at them briefly before looking upwards.

Suddenly, it vanishes.

“What. . .it’s gone?”

“It didn’t flee, did it?”

The soldiers are bewildered, not understanding what happened.

Luke feels a terrible premonition.

“No way. . .we must gather everyone here!”

He begins chanting immediately.

“Luke, what’s happening?”

Flora, supporting Gale, rushes over.

“It teleported to the surface! St. Arrogas is in danger! We’re going to the surface too!”

At that moment, Luke’s teleportation magic is activated.

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