The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 58

𝟓𝟎𝐭𝐡 𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐞𝐫 𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐥

Gale glared at Luke and sneered menacingly.

“This is a perfect opportunity. Follow me.”

Saying this, he turned on his heel and descended the stairs to the 50th floor.

The 50th floor, the deepest part of the dungeon, where a demon beast that once ravaged the Kingdom of Arrogas was sealed.

And there, towering before the group, was the seal.

A massive door, possibly ten meters high, was closed with a log-like bar and wrapped in multiple chains.

People called this the Dragon Lock.

“This is the Dragon Lock. . .”

Alma muttered in a tense voice.

Luke, standing next to her, also looked up at it with a tense expression.

Not because he was overwhelmed by its presence, but because he realized the seal was coming undone.

The chains appeared strong, but were partially torn, and the bar was severely deteriorated.

Moreover, the magical seal was fading more than it seemed.

At this rate, the seal would soon lose its meaning.

They must start the sealing ceremony immediately.

“Hey, what is the demon beast sealed here?”

Just as Luke was about to suggest a course of action, Gale bluntly asked.

“It’s. . . an ancient gray dragon here. A hundred years ago, it appeared in St. Arrogas, and the Arrogas army mobilized all its forces to seal it. . .”

Magus Chief Gunter Weisz answered, sweating profusely.

“Break this seal now.”

“Huh?. . . What did you just say?”

Gunter asked with a bewildered look. 

He couldn’t understand what Gale was saying. 

“Didn’t you hear me? I said to break this seal. Do it now.”

“What are you talking about!”

Luke shouted. 

“The demon beast sealed here is different from the one we encountered earlier! Moreover, this seal is on the verge of breaking. If we don’t reseal it immediately, it will lead to disaster!”

“All the more reason to take advantage of the situation.”

Gale smirked maliciously. 

“It’s because we keep such things locked away that we have to conduct large-scale subjugation every four years. I’ll put an end to this now, so we don’t have to bother with such nonsense.”

“That’s insane!”

Luke yelled. 

“The soldiers are already exhausted! Do you really think we can fight and defeat the Grey Dragon in this state?”

“Don’t tell me what to do!”

Gale barked. 

“How dare someone like you advise me! Hey, break the seal now! I, myself, will slay the dragon. . .”





Without waiting for Gale’s words, a dull metallic sound resonated.

Immediately after, chains thicker than a human torso began to fall.

Not just one, but multiple overlapping chains were severed and kept falling.

The bolt securing the door cracked.

“Hmph, finally broke the seal. Took long enough.”

Gale drew his sword with a fearless smile.

“No. . . we haven’t done anything.”

Gunter replied, his face pale and ashen.


“. . .Too late.”

Luke gritted his teeth.

He knew instantly that the seal wouldn’t last long.

A ritual immediately after their arrival might have been in time.

But now the seal was broken.

The bolt split in two, and the heavy door began to open from the inside.

“Hmph, hmph! In the end, it’s just a matter of me defeating it! Hey, you just watch from there! Don’t get in the way this time!”

Gale, holding his sword, brags to Luke, but seems to be nervous as sweat trickles down his cheek.

Eventually, with a sound like a screeching grind, a gigantic door opened.

The head of a grey dragon, resembling a skeleton, emerged from the darkness.

Tension spread among the alert soldiers.

However, the grey dragon did not move from its spot.

Soon, its head swayed unsteadily.

It then fell powerlessly to the ground.

The object that fell with a ground-shaking thud was. . . the head of the grey dragon.

Its head had been bitten off by someone or something, and it was completely dead.

“. . .What does this mean?”

“Everyone, back off!”

As Gale approached with a puzzled expression, Luke’s voice thundered.

Almost simultaneously, a defensive magic spell being chanted unfurled, and a tremendous magical power missile shot from beyond the door.

The magical power missile, which instantly destroyed the defensive magic spell Luke had cast, veered off in an unexpected direction and created a huge crater in the wall.

“Hey! What’s going on! Wasn’t it just the grey dragon that was sealed? Could it be that this thing was the grey dragon’s prey?!”

Gale was completely taken aback by the sudden attack.

“That is unmistakably the grey dragon.”

Luke responds with a tense expression while beginning his next spell.


“The grey dragon has been devoured. By the being inside!”

Luke unleashed a massive explosion magic spell.

It was the most powerful destructive spell he had ever used, but it dissipated before reaching inside the door.

The magical power of the being inside was too great for it to reach.

Slowly, it emerged outside.

It was as if a vast darkness was coming forth.

Overwhelmed by its presence, the soldiers couldn’t stand and dropped to their knees, staring up in stunned silence.

“What, what is that. . .”

Unconsciously, Gale had also stepped back a few steps.

While trying to suppress his instinct to retreat, Luke muttered.

“That is the mythical demon beast, the divine beast Behemoth, the strongest being that has destroyed many cities and nations.”

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